Passions Update Monday 7/5/04

Passions Update Monday 7/5/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

This is kinda short today, sorry, but all the main stuff is here.

Liz taunts Eve about how she is going to get her vengeance when T.C. comes in from the other room and meets Irma.  Eve pleads with her not to ruin her life, to no avail.  Aunt Irma keeps calling her names and won't believe she's a doctor or lives in that nice house.  Liz goes into the other room to fetch T.C. Eve, desperately tries to tell Irma how she changed her life and how she has this beautiful family.  Irma is not interested and washes her hands of Eve long ago.  She just wants to get to the casino that Liz promised her.  Eve begs her not to ruin her life.  Liz comes back and shows Eve that T.C. left a note saying he went to the store to get more wine (why would he leave a note when he could have just come back in the room and told her? How stupid!).  They hear a door close so Liz knows that he has come back.

The guy that Julian paid to get info on his and Eve's son is very chatty.  He asks Julian lots of questions about Eve and her family and sort of threatens to spill the beans before they get a chance.  Julian keeps threatening his life and telling him to tell him the name of his son.  Just as he seems about to say it, a car comes out of nowhere and runs the man over as Julian ducks out of the way. The man is dead and once again Julian is frustrated.  The car returns and Julian yells at the person in the car to get out.  The window opens and we see Alistair's cigar.  Julian is shocked, although he shouldn't be, that Alistair killed the man to shut him up.  Alistair does his usual bit of insulting and taunting Julian.  He tells him that Eve is going to need him tonight because her world is about to crash down.  After more arguing with Alistair, Julian rushes off.

Whitney is surprised to learn that Fox is in love with her.  Theresa says it makes sense and they chat about it.  Whitney has a flashback of clips to many times when she and Fox were close together physically and she realizes it does make sense.  She doesn't know how she will feel now with him.  Theresa urges her to just forget about it and stick to Chad.  Meanwhile, Fox and Chad talk, too.  Chad thinks that Fox is in love with Theresa.  He also mentions to Fox about how Julian and even Alistair have been nice to him.  Fox is shocked when Chad tells him about Alistair loaning him money on Valentine's Day.  They go back to the girls and suggest they all have dinner together.  Whitney acts in an awkward way but agrees.

Pilar has convulsions after hearing about Antonio's death.  The doctors and nurses work on her and try to calm her down.  They keep putting an oxygen mask on her face and she keeps knocking it off.  She thrashes around, moaning and groaning, "my son!"  She begs Luis to tell her how he died.  Luis doesn't want to but feels he has to because she is so agitated.  (Wouldn't a sedative work better?)  He and Sheridan tell Pilar that Antonio was on the Crane jet when it exploded.  She guesses that Alistair is the one responsible for it and they confirm that they think that is true.  Pilar has another convulsion.

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