Passions Update Wednesday 6/30/04

Passions Update Wednesday 6/30/04

By Suzanne
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Theresa and Whitney sit on a couch at the Seacliffs Inn. Theresa has a blanket over her. Theresa says she heard Fox on the cliffs. She has a flashback to hearing him yell at God about how he loves Whitney. She tells them that Whitney is Fox's love. Chad attacks Fox and they get into a terrible fight as the women scream. But of course, it was all in Theresa's head. She changes her mind about telling them. She covers by telling them that Fox was yelling like Howard Dean (the former presidential candidate). They joke about that. They wonder if Theresa should go to the hospital, but she tells them that she's fine. Chad and Fox leave to get coffee. Whitney says she's impressed by Fox even more now that he's saved Theresa's life. Theresa asks Whitney if she's in love with Fox. Whitney laughs, thinking that she's talking about when they were found in bed together. She assures Theresa that she's in love with Chad. She urges Theresa to reconnect with him, but Theresa says he's in love with someone else. Whitney figures she knows who his mystery woman is, so she begs Theresa to tell her. Theresa instead asks if Fox told Whitney any details about her. Whitney says he just said she was African-American. After some preparation, Theresa finally tells Whitney that it is she, Whitney, that is Fox's mystery woman. Getting coffee, Chad apologizes again to Fox for thinking he was making moves on Whitney. Fox looks uncomfortable. They return just after Whitney has learned the truth.

Eve blows out the candle as she and T.C. clean up after their romantic picnic. She worries about what Alistair has planned against her. He looks at the picture again and wonders about her aunt Irma. Eve worries some more and then drops her wine glass. He wonders why she's upset. She says she's not but hides the picture in the drawer again. She starts kissing him to get back in their romantic mood.

At the rest room, Julian is visiting Aunt Irma, wondering if Liz has visited. Liz is hiding under the bed. After some hinting, Aunt Irma tells him that Liz was there, but then she went through the roof. She turned into a bird and then flew away. She also flirts with Julian a lot. The nurse tells him that he has to leave, so he does. Liz comes out from under the bed. She tells Irma again that they're going to visit Eve. Irma starts yelling "whore" etc. again so Liz puts her hand over her mouth.

Eve phones Julian to see what's going on. He tells her that Liz has not been there as far as he can tell. He tells her that he's having Irma moved tomorrow to another place further up the coast that is nicer (and where Liz can't find her). Eve objects but he insists on paying for it. He gets another call from his private eye, who tells him that he's found information on Julian's son. Julian tells Eve that he's got a lead on their son and they might find out tonight where he is.

Liz takes Aunt Irma to Eve's house. Irma is confused, thinking they were going to Vegas. Liz rings the doorbell. Eve comes out, hoping it might be Julian with her son. She gets upet when she sees Liz with Irma, who starts spouting out the insults. Eve closes the door and starts begging Liz not to do this to her. Liz is gleeful about getting her revenge. She expects T. C. to come out the door any minute.

Julian meets with the private eye in a parking garage. The man insists on counting the money Julian is paying him before he gives him any information. Julian asks for his son's name, but the man just says that his son is already in Harmony. He keeps counting. Julian is nervous that someone might interrupt them and also just plain frustrated at all of the delays, so he grabs the man by the lapels and orders him to tell him who his son is. The man says he will tell him.

Martin and Katherine look at the news story on the internet about Antonio's death. Martin is very upset about losing his first-born son. They know that Alistair killed him and then called to gloat about it. They talk about the past and have a flashback to when they left town. Katherine fights with Alistair about having sex. He wants it but she claims she is too tired, so he grabs her and throws her on the bed to rape her. She screams, so Martin rushes in and pulls Alistair off her. Alistair gets out his gun and points it at them. Martin gets the jump on him, hits him and gets the gun away. Katherine orders Alistair out of her room. They hug. Back in real time, Martin worries about Pilar and how she is taking Antonio's death. There are more flashbacks as Katherine tells Martin what happened after he left. Katherine goes to Alistair to ask him to leave Martin alone because he was just protecting a woman in distress. Alistair already has planned some revenge against Martin. She offers to take Alistair to bed if he forgets about his revenge. Instead, Alistair rapes her right there. Martin is touched and disgusted that she had to do that for him. He has a flashback to when he went back home and saw Pilar. She is cooking his dinner and tells him the kids are out back. They hug. He tells her about what happened and she feels sympathy for Katherine. Back in real life, Martin blames himself for what happened to Antonio. She says it wasn't his fault. She blames herself for not being there for Sheridan and Julian. He gets very angry and says that Alistair is never going to hurt them or their families again. He plans to make him pay. He rants and raves, throws things around.

Sheridan is at the hospital; she looks very sad and tired. A nurse talks to her about Pilar and Antonio, offering her sympathy when she finds out Sheridan is his widow. She tells Sheridan that they shouldn't tell Pilar about her son being dead because the stress might kill her. Later, Sheridan walks by a plaque with a dedication to her mother on it. She wishes she had been around and thinks about her every day. She chats with the same nurse again about Pilar's condition.

Luis is sitting by Pilar's hospital bed. She can tell that something's wrong with Antonio. She gets very upset. He tells her that Antonio is dead. She gets even more upset and asks for her rosary. She reaches for it but falls out of bed. She looks unconscious. He gets her back into bed and yells for the doctor, but no one comes. She seems to have a heart attack and then a seizure as Luis holds her, still yelling for help.

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