Passions Update Monday 6/28/04

Passions Update Monday 6/28/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Whitney and Fox find Theresa and Chad in bed together (he in his shorts and she in her nightgown) as they walk into the room. Fox and Whitney wake up and are groggy. Whitney quickly explains to Chad what happened as Fox gets dressed. Chad starts to blame Fox for hitting on Whitney. Fox denies it but Chad is angry and starts pushing him. Theresa gets between them and pulls Chad off, reminding him that he is his friend. Fox and Chad argue. Chad asks Fox if he has feelings for Whitney, but Fox sidesteps the question and just says that what Whitney said happened is correct. Chad calms down. Whitney tells him that she was dreaming of him and that it was his arms around her. Chad apologizes to Fox, who tells him to forget about it. Fox starts to leave to see if he can get another room yet; Whitney urges Theresa to go after him. Theresa asks Fox if they can discuss their future. She says that she was wrong to break up with him and wants to give it another try. He says he jut wants to find a room right now. He leaves and she follows. At the check-in desk, instead of asking for a room, he asks for a good place to take a walk. The clerk says there is a path behind the hotel but it might be dangerous right now. Fox goes anyway. Theresa comes up and asks after Fox. The clerk tells her about the path but is interrupted by the phone. She is already gone when he realizes he didn't tell her that it's dangerous. He figures she will be fine. Fox walks near the cliffs, looking down at the ocean. He talks to God, wondering why God would show him the love of his life, only to have her in someone else's bed. He yells at God as Theresa gets closer. She can tell he's upset, but not what he's saying. She says to herself that she doesn't remember being this tired the first time she was pregnant. As she moves closer, her foot slips and she falls off the cliff.


Eve and T.C. finish their romantic picnic and prepare to go upstairs. Liz comes in, saying she didn't mean to interrupt. They make it clear that she is interrupting. She says she just can't get over that picture of Eve with her Aunt Irma and she wonders again if her aunt is really dead. Eve assures her that she is. Liz says she looked on the internet but couldn't find any records of her death. Eve says that's probably because she lived in a small southern town and they don't keep their records on the net. That makes sense to T.C. He remembers that he has a gift for Eve so he leaves the room to get it. Liz and Eve argue, as usual. Eve apologizes again for not knowing that Liz was being raped by her father. Liz still blames her. Liz has a flashback to visiting Irma. When T.C. returns, Eve tells him that Liz has decided to go back to St. Lisa's. Liz can't say anything, and T.C. thinks it's a good idea. He gives Eve a wrapped box. She opens it. It is the first love letter he ever wrote to her, framed. She thinks it's a very sweet gift. Liz tells T.C. out of Eve's earshot that she's not sure when she will be leaving. She says she wants to repay his and Eve's kindness by looking for Eve's relatives. T.C. approves of this idea. Liz thinks she is close to finding one of them but wants to make it a surprise for Eve. Liz phones the rest home to tell them that she is almost ready for Irma to visit.


Alistair is looking at photos and burning them. First he burns Antonio's picture, saying goodbye to him. Then he burns Sheridan's picture. He is about to burn Martin and Katherine's picture when he is interrupted by Julian's entrance. Julian tells him about their plane blowing up. Alistair is unconcerned, which surprises Julian since he lost $50 million. Alistair tells Julian that he blew it up because Sheridan was on it, and so was Antonio. Julian is disgusted that he would try to kill his own daughter. He tells Alistair that Sheridan got off the plane before it blew up, so she's alive. Alistair, angry, throws a glass ashtray at the wall, smashing it and some books. They continue to argue about Alistair trying to kill Sheridan. He reminds Julian that he once tried to do that, too, and that he could go to jail. He reminds Julian about what is hidden in the gazebo. They keep arguing. Eve's name comes up, too. At one point, Alistair says something about the "Lopez-Fitzgerald men", so Julian wonders who he means besides Luis, since Antonio is dead and Miguel has done nothing to him. He gets suspicious and wonders if Martin is still alive. Alistair has a flashback to getting into a fight with Martin when he was about to hurt Katherine, years ago. Alistair won't tell him anything else but insults Julian and warns him that he should go see Eve because her world is about to come crashing down. Julian goes to phone Eve and warn her about what Alistair said.


Luis is still on the phone with Martin, who isn't saying anything, as Pilar and Sheridan watch on one end, and Katherine watches on the other. Katherine whispers to Martin to say hello to Luis. Luis can hear whispering but nothing else. Finally, Martin hangs up. Pilar is certain that it was Martin. Luis and Sheridan are doubtful. Pilar convinces herself that Martin is coming home. Luis phones a cop and asks him to trace the call. Pilar talks about the bond that she had with Martin and that's why she's so certain. She mentions Antonio, so Luis and Sheridan grow quiet and look guilty. She wonders what's going on, but they don't answer. She thinks maybe they are just saying that Antonio is heart-broken, since the two of them are back together. Luis and Sheridan pull to the side; he doesn't want to tell him mother about Antonio yet since she's been ill. The phone rings. The police tell Luis they are still working on it and then they connect him to the number of the person who phoned.


Katherine wishes Martin hadn't hung up. They rehash their problems. She blames herself for what happened in his life. He thinks that his family would hate him for abandoning them. She persists, so he wonders if she wants him to leave her. She assures him that she's just conflicted and they kiss. The phone rings, so Martin answers it with the name of the hotel.

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