Passions Update Friday 6/25/04

Passions Update Friday 6/25/04

By Ariana
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It opens with Tabitha and Miguel talking to each other. Tabitha holds a wine glass in her hand. Miguel says that Kay is torn apart about not getting to have any more kids. Tabitha nods in agreement. Miguel said that he just left the hospital to help with Maria. Tabitha asks if he talked to Charity. He says no but that he plans on it after he feeds Maria. He wants to convince Charity that she isn't to blame for Kay being hurt. He says that she thinks that people suffered because Charity and Miguel loved each other. Tabitha said that she talked to Charity and Charity said the same thing when they were in the hospital and then Charity ran out crying. The baby cries and Miguel hears it from the baby monitor. He says that Maria's awake and asks Tabitha if she sees Charity, to tell her that Miguel needs to talk to her. Then Miguel leaves and Tabitha tells the audience what she's really thinking. Tabitha says that she will make Charity think that she caused all the pain. Tabitha looks out at the window to see how Charity is doing. Charity is sitting on the swing bench with her hand covering the lower part of her face. She's brooding and upset. Tabitha is happy and makes a toast to Charity suffering.

Catherine and Martin are in Puerto Arena, in Mexico. Catherine tells Martin that the "days of reckoning would come." He tells her that they knew they couldn't run forever. Martin tells her that she should be grateful for all the love and happiness they had together and he touches her arms. She reminds him that Alistair has been punishing their children for what they did to him. She tells him that their children suffered because Martin and Catherine left Harmony. He tells her that there was no other choice and that the children would have been hurt more had they stayed there. He tells her that it was dangerous for them and their kids. Martin reminds her that they had to leave because of the secret that they had. The secret is the reason that they can't go back.

Pilar apologizes for falling asleep. Theresa gets up from her chair to sit by her mom. She tells her mom that Whitney also told her to get back together with Fox and find happiness and love and to forget about Ethan. Pilar smiles and tells her that she should listen to her mother and her best friend because they are the ones that know her the best. Pilar tells her to give it another chance. However, Theresa is worried that because she betrayed Fox and tricked Ethan into getting her pregnant to try to make up for her son, that Fox won't forgive her. Pilar tells her to tell him the truth because he might believe her. Pilar tells her to not give up on love for a dream. She tells her that she already lost a lot.

Whitney and Fox are sleeping in the same bed in the hotel, but there is a curtain separating them. Fox is on his stomach while Whitney is on her back looking up at ceiling wondering. She and Fox both can't fall asleep. Whitney pulls the curtain aside so that she can see who she's talking to. She asks him if he's thinking about the woman he loves and he says yes. Whitney sound a little sad. He tells her that he thinks about Whitney all the time and that she's the one that he loves. Whitney is surprised. They kiss each other passionately.

Sheridan hugs Luis. She is overcome and can't believe that Antonio is dead. Sheridan still blames herself. Luis tells her to stop it. He tells her that Antonio chose to be on the plane and took Sheridan away from Harmony against her will. He tries to calm her down saying that she didn't kill him. He tells her that he didn't take it in yet that Antonio is gone. He's just happy that he didn't lose her after they got back together because otherwise he wouldn't know what to do. He touches the back of her neck and says that he won't let anyone or anything come between them again. Sheridan and Luis tell each other that they love each other but Sheridan says that she didn't want Antonio to die because of their love. Luis says that it's too horrible to think about. Sheridan still thinks that Antonio may be alive because after all she survived the boat explosion. Luis says he'd like to think that. The coast guard comes into the room and tells them that he finished the search. Sheridan asks him filled with anxiety if they found Antonio.

Fox was sleeping and in his dreams sees himself and Whitney kiss. Whitney wakes him saying that she was wondering if he were asleep. He said that he was having trouble sleeping but not from her but the burger he ate. Whitney pulls the curtain aside. She says that she feels bad that he came up here to keep her company while Chad was away and there's not even a room for him. I mean he's trying to buy the place for the Canes. He says that that's better because there less "red ink" and that's good when you want to invest in property. She wonders if he still wants to go with Theresa. Fox reminds Whitney that he didn't break it off in the first place, Theresa did but he'd think about it. Whitney says that she told Theresa to be honest. Whitney says that Theresa did make some very bad mistakes but that she deserves to be happy and loved and that Fox does too. They say goodnight to each other. Whitney pulls the curtain closed. Fox thinks that if Whitney were to love him as much as he loves her than Fox would be very happy for the rest of his life. Whitney turns over on her side and sleeps with a happy smile on her face.

Theresa is smiling at her mom. Pilar says that Fox is a wonderful man and that she should take the chance and be with him. Pilar tells Theresa to tell him the truth. Pilar wants her to tell him the reason why she did it. Pilar tells her to say that it was because she wanted to make up for the baby that Theresa lost and not because she wanted to get closer to Ethan. Theresa tells her mom that her feelings for Ethan are coming back. Pilar tells her to let Ethan go because he's with Gwen now and that he thought he was making love to his wife and not Theresa. Pilar urges Theresa to get the courage up to go to Fox. Finally, Theresa tells Pilar that she's going to see him and hopefully he'll forgive her. Pilar says that that makes her feel better. Theresa gets up to use the phone by her mom to call Chad to ask him if he could drive her to the inn so that she could make up with Fox. Chad's glad to do it and tells her that he would do anything for love. He tells her that Theresa and Fox are great together. Theresa tells him that she'll come to the studio and wait until he's finished. Theresa is glowing. Pilar is happy and wants Theresa to find the same kind of love and happiness that she had with Martin. Pilar hopes that once he comes home, she'll have the love and happiness that she once had.

Martin tells Catherine that it's too late for regrets. He says that they knew that the people they loved would be hurt but they had to go especially since there was Alistair. Maria asks where Paloma is. Catherine tells her that she's out with her friends. Maria tells her that her sister is back in the hospital. Martin asks if she's ok but Maria said that she doesn't know but at least her sister is alive. Maria says that she'll pray for her and Martin says he will too. Catherine tells Maria to go upstairs and gets some rest and they'll wait for Paloma and tell her. Maria says goodnight and leaves them alone again. Martin can't believe that this is happening. He's worried about Pilar. She tells him to go see her and forget about Alistair. She tells him that he already found them and tried to kill them. Catherine says that their time together is soon going to be over. She says that they should both go back to Harmony to see their loved ones.

Sheridan asks the coast guard if he found Antonio. The coast guard tells them that nothing was left. The jet had disintegrated. He doesn't know what caused a jet with experienced people on to blow up a few moments after takeoff. The coast guard told them that he couldn't even find the little black box. The coast guard says that he's sorry for the loss. Luis tells Sheridan that the jet explosion was no accident, he says that Alistair did it to kill her and Antonio. Sheridan can't believe that her father could do that to her. Luis says that he's going to prove it. Sheridan hugs him, crying, and overcome.

Tabitha tells Charity that it will take Kay a long time to bounce back. Tabitha says that Kay's hurt that she can't have any more kids. Tabitha puts her hands over her month. Tabitha tells Charity that it's horrible that Kay is barren when she's so young and beautiful. Charity says that it's all her fault. Charity said that she told her that terrible things would happen if she stayed with Miguel but she loved him too much to leave him. Tabitha says that their love is making her blind to Charity's selfishness. Tabitha says that she doesn't want to be harsh but she blames her for Kay and all the pain and suffering in Harmony.

Alistair says that Luis forced his hand to keep Sheridan away from Luis. He tells her that Alistair tried to kill them both and Antonio didn't know about it. Luis tells her that this all started when he convinced Antonio to take Sheridan into Ackland's care. Luis says that Alistair threatened Dr. Ackland that if he didn't brainwash Sheridan into forgetting that she loved Luis then, Alistair would kill him and his family and now Dr. Ackland disappeared. Sheridan thinks it's like the boat explosion and since she survived that maybe Antonio survived this. Sheridan agrees with Luis and thinks that her dad set it up. Luis say that he's sorry for her, his brother and any other victims of Alistair's. Julian warned her that her dad would come after her to stop her from digging up anything about the past. Luis tells her that he will protect her and that he loves her and won't let anyone come between them. She loves him too but is worried about what Alistair will do. Luis tells her that Alistair will have to lay low after this so this would be a perfect time for them to expose him.

Tabitha says that she's sorry for blaming her for creating other people's pain in the town. Charity says that she didn't do anything. However Tabitha tells her that Charity survived the fire that killed her mother and that Charity came into the town. Tabitha tells her that before she came, Harmony was peaceful. Grace and Sam were happy and had a loving family. Kay and Grace were as close as a mother and a child could be. Kay and Miguel were best friends and going to be more until Charity spoiled it. Tabitha said that she's a magnet for evil. Tabitha blames Timothy for dying because he died to save Charity's life. Charity says that she' sorry but Tabitha says that that won't bring Timothy back or repair the rift between Grace and Kay. Tabitha says that Kay will never forgive her mom who wanted Charity to be with Miguel over Kay, her own daughter. Tabitha tells Charity that Sam's marriage was destroyed and so was Sam's family. Tabitha says that after her mom died and she moved in with the Bennetts everything feel apart.

Chad and Theresa are happy that Theresa's giving Fox and her another chance. Chad tells her that he's happy that Whitney is still with him after he didn't tell her that he was married before. He tells Theresa that if Whitney can forgive him for that, then Fox can forgive Theresa for whatever she did. They each hope that Fox will give her another chance.

Sheridan says that Antonio is dead because he loved her. Luis tells her to stop punishing herself. Luis's cell phone rings and it's Hank telling him that Pillar is in the hospital. Hank tells Luis that she's in stable condition and that they just wanted her to say there for observation. Luis wants to go and Sheridan goes with him. Luis wonders how he's going to tell his mother that Antonio is dead. I mean she didn't even get over the disappearance of Martin. Luis and Sheridan go out holding hands.

Catherine thinks that they should go back to Harmony. Catherine's worried about Sheridan and Martin's worried about Pilar. Martin tells her that they can't go back because it's too dangerous for them and their kids. Everyone beside Alistair thinks that Catherine is dead and Martin had plastic survey to hide from Alistair. He doesn't know how Pilar would take it. Catherine says that it's her fault and she's sorry. Martin said that they did it together and that he'd do it again. They both have regrets but they don't regret being together. They hold each other. Martin calls the Harmony hospital to find out how Pilar is although it's risky. The nurse sits by Pilar and sees what her blood pressure is. The nurse says that she's stable and her vitals are better than before. The nurse picks up the phone, saying that it's a man and asking if Pilar wants to talk. Pilar says yes thinking that it's Luis. Pilar says hello and when there's no answer, she knows that it's Martin. She sits up in bed and is overcome that Martin is alive. The nurse asks her if she's ok. Pilar cries with happiness that Martin is alive.

Charity sobs that she didn't mean to hurt anyone. Tabitha reminds her what happened to the Bennetts since she came to town. Charity starts to believe that all the bad things happened when she moved here. Tabitha tells her that she has to leave town. Miguel comes outside. He tells Tabitha that he put the girls asleep. He gives Tabitha the baby monitor and asks her is she could check on the kids while he and Charity talk alone. Tabitha listens to them from behind a tree.

Pilar can't believe it. Sheridan thinks that she knows about Antonio because she's crying, but when Luis asks the nurse who his mom is talking to, she says Martin. They both look surprised and Sheridan's eyes are wide open in shock. Martin tells Catherine that Luis is there. They're wondering if Sheridan is there too. Martin hasn't said anything to Pilar but Pilar thinks it's cause he's too emotional at hearing her voice. Pilar gives the phone over to Luis. Sheridan and Pilar urge him on to talk to Martin. Luis says hello but there's still no answer. Martin still says nothing. He just kisses the knuckles that are on the receiver so that they can't hear him and Catherine.

Miguel sits down on the swing bench beside Charity. She tells him to leave her alone and that Maria and Kay need him. Miguel tells her that he loves her. Charity gets up and turns her back to him. He tells her that he's sorry about Kay but that them being together didn't make Kay not able to have any children. Tabitha whispers for Charity to not be swayed and to " be the guilt-ridden girl she taught her to be." Charity says that she's to blame for all the bad things that happened. Miguel says that she's crazy. She tells him that before she got to Harmony it was peaceful, Miguel and Kay were close, the Bennetts were happy and she came and it was all destroyed. Tabitha is surprised to see that Charity was listening to what she told her. Charity blames herself for hurting her family, her friends and him. She wants it to stop. Tabitha is smiling.

Whitney and Fox are sleeping with the curtain up. They have the same dream of where Chad comes and touches Whitney's arm with a rose. Chad says that he will never leave her again. Whitney asks him to have sex with her. Chad's face morphs into Fox's and she asks Fox to have sex with her. They kiss. They take off the curtain while their sleeping so that the could hug each other. Theresa and Chad are almost there. She thanks him for taking her there and encouraging her to go to Fox. She hopes he'll forgive her and Chad says again that they're great for each other and that he'd be crazy if he didn't forgive her. They both can't wait to see how surprised Fox is. Whitney holds Fox even closer so that Whitney's head is right under Fox's chin.

Miguel says that sometimes bad things happen to good people. But she reminds him of the snakes that attached him, the fact that they almost electrocuted themselves when they were trying to put the Christmas lights up, about the avalanche, the prom boat disaster and the warlocks that chased them. She tells him to stop trying to make her feel better. She thinks that Kay and Jessica and he were all happy before she came along. She says that she brought evil here. Tabitha whispers that evil was already here keeping things in charge as usual but that Charity proved a threat over the power they held on the humans and so the battle started. Charity says that she must go away from the town and never come back so that the bad things will stop. She starts crying. Tabitha whispers that she should never come back.

Chad says that he feels sorry that he left Whitney alone but he's happy that he'll be there. He takes his key to open the room saying that they'll find out where Fox and Whitney are in the morning. They open the door and see Fox and Whitney holding each other as they sleep. Both Chad and Theresa are shocked and hurt.

Martin still doesn't answer. He has a flashback to when Luis was a little boy wearing a shirt that said "Purple Pirates" on it. Luis told him that they were the best team ever, his dad and him. Catherine tells Martin to end this and talk to Luis.


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