Passions Update Thursday 6/24/04

Passions Update Thursday 6/24/04

By Ariana
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Fox is standing outside the door thinking back to when Whitney said that he was like his father, grandfather, and all his ancestors. She reminded him that his ancestors took away her farm because she was black. He realized that Whitney's afraid that her mom's marriage will be destroyed by Julian. Fox feels stupid for having defended his dad. Whitney comes out and says that she's sorry for saying those things to him. She asks him to forgive her.

Ethan comes into Gwen's room with a bottle of champagne and two glasses in his arms. He asks her to join him. He says that the drinks are to celebrate their future together. Gwen tells him that she has an appointment at the hospital with a new fertility doctor. She says that he's the best doctor. Ethan's confused because Eve said that her eggs weren't "viable." She tells him that she can't accept that diagnosis. Gwen wants a second or third opinion. She wants more than one child. She thinks it's unfair to only be able to have only one child, Sarah. She's jealous that Theresa can give birth to a baby and she can't. She wants to be pregnant. She wants a baby, their baby. Ethan hugs Gwen.

Theresa runs to the hospital to see if her mother is OK. She said she got a call from one of the nurses telling her that her mom was in the ICU. Theresa asks what happened. Her mom is mad that they called her family in when it was only a nose bleed. Theresa tries to tell her that with her blood condition it could be serious. Pilar said that Eve told her that she should stay in the hospital and get checked out to see if anything is wrong. A nurse comes in to look at Pilar's sheet and Theresa asks if her mom is OK now. The nurse says they stopped the bleeding but that Dr. Russell wants her to stay overnight. She tells Theresa that it's not serious and to stop worrying. Theresa says that she doesn't know what she'd do without her mother. The nurse leaves them alone. Her mom tells Theresa that she lost her father when she was very young and that she promised Theresa that she wouldn't lose her mom, too.

Catherine and Martin are sitting on the sofa reading The Harmony newspaper. The headline says that Sheridan Crane dropped all the kidnapping charges. Catherine tells him to put the newspaper away because Pilar would ask why he's reading a Harmony paper when he'd never been to Harmony. He puts it down and tells her that he's happy that Sheridan dropped the charges. Catherine tells him that she's amazed that two of their children fell so deeply in love so many years after Catherine and Martin were in Harmony. Martin hopes that they are as happy as he is with Catherine as he touches her necklace.

Sheridan and Luis are in a room together alone in the place where Luis works. Sheridan and Luis hug each other. Luis is overcome and holds Sheridan's head in his hands asking if she's really OK. He just can't believe that she's here. They were both afraid of losing each other. He said they'd be alright and that he'd never let her go again. They kiss each other passionately.

Whitney asks Fox if he can ever forgive her. He is surprised to hear that because he thinks that his grandfather and his ancestors deserved what she said and more. He tells her that his father didn't deserve it but quickly drops the subject. Fox tells her that he was never angry at her and couldn't be. He understands that she said it because she's upset about what's going on with her mom and his dad. Fox wishes that he could help. He asks if they're still friends and she says yes. Fox says that if they weren't, he'd hate it because he loves spending time talking. Whitney says that he's the only person that she feels comfortable with. He adds of course Chad. Whitney says that she's sorry yet again. "It's just that when my mom and Julian are mentioned, I lose it." He tells her to stop apologizing. She tells him that he couldn't understand how hurt her dad would be if he found out about her mom and Julian. She says that she knows that he thinks nothing's going on, but she says that she witnessed them during intimate situations a lot. Fox tells her to drop it so they won't argue again. They both say OK and hug each other.

Gwen tells Ethan that she is scared of losing him because she can't give birth to their child. Ethan tells her that she's crazy. Gwen says that she feels like she's a failure as a women and she doesn't want to be one as a wife. He says that she could never let him down but she doesn't agree. She tells him that she thinks that God is angry at her because he is depriving her of this gift. Ethan takes her hand and sits next to her on the bed. He says that God can't be punishing her because she's too nice a person. He tells her that God is not taking anything away from her. He reminds her that they are having the baby via Theresa. He tells her that Theresa is having the baby that they made together which is a gift from God and an answer to all their prayers. He touches the back of her neck.

The nurse leaves them alone. Theresa tells her mom that she's sorry that she has to go through this. Pilar says that Eve told her that her condition is in remission but her nose is going to bled form time to time. Pilar tells Theresa not to get alarmed. Pilar asks if she talked to her brother but she didn't. Teresa says that she heard that Sheridan is remembering her feelings for Luis. Both Pilar and Teresa feel sorry for the Antonio. Pilar says that the last time she saw him he was very quiet but secretly angry. Pilar says that Antonio has to understand that that Sheridan loved Luis long before she meet Antonio. Theresa says that her mom and her took sides against him. Her mom tells her that it was the only way that they could show how much they loved him. It was also supposed to show how much they would always love him and just as much as they love Luis. Theresa asks if they could talk to him together and Pilar says ok.

Luis and Sheridan tell each other how much they love each other. They tell each other that they both thought that they lost each other forever. Sheridan could only think how cruel it was to lose Luis now when she remembered how much she loved him. He asks her now how she got off the plane before it took off. She says that she will always be grateful to his brother.

Martin and Catherine are thinking about how much things have changed since they ran away. Catherine says that because of what they did to Alistair the children were made to suffer. Catherine says that she doesn't know how to stop him from punishing their children again and again. Martin tells her that he was a chicken for hurting their kids for their parent's sins instead of confronting them. She tells him that, that is what he does. She regrets not taking the kids with her.

Theresa and her mom see pictures of the jet blowing up on the news but since there's no volume on the TV they don't think anything of it. Pilar asks what it is and Teresa tells her that it's more sadness in the world and turns the TV off. Her mom tells her to go home and rest for her and her baby. Teresa says that she's fine just a little tired. Her mom questions her if she told Ethan that the baby is hers and Ethan's and not Gwen's and Ethan's. Theresa tells Pilar that only she and Whitney know about that. Pilar says that it was horrible that she tricked Ethan into having sex with her when he thought she was his wife. Theresa tells her that there was no other way because she couldn't let them know that she miscarried their embryo. She asks Pilar not to tell because she's afraid of what Gwen would do to her if she found out.

Gwen tells Ethan that she's not happy that Theresa is going to give birth to their baby. Gwen tells him that she doesn't trust Theresa because for as long as they knew her, Theresa has deceived them. Gwen is scared that Theresa is going to do something to their child. Ethan tells her that she would never do anything to a harm a child. Gwen corrects herself and says that she thinks that Theresa is going to use the baby against her. Gwen tells him that she's going to go to the doctor. Ethan tells her that he wants to go with her even though it just a preliminary visit because he's her wife. He pours himself a drink and has a flashback back to when she has having sex. He was one the phone drinking, then having sex with someone that wasn't Gwen. Gwen asks if he was ok. Ethan tells her that he is, just he needs to lay off the champagne. He turns off the lights and they go.

Luis asks Sheridan what his brother did. She says that she told him that she loved Luis with her mind, body and soul. She told him that he could take her wherever he wants but her heart will always be with Luis. After hearing that Antonio decided that he couldn't hold her against her will and told the captain to stop the plane. He told her to get off the plane before he changed his mind. Whitney tells Fox that she wants him to be happy. Then she brings up the topic of him coming clean to this mystery woman. He regrets that he ever mentioned it because he says that there was no point in telling her because she's happy with someone else. Whitney asks him is she's really happy. He says that he thinks so and anyway it wouldn't be good to tell her how he feels when he loves someone else. She tells him to move on. But Fox is still thinking about Theresa and how she betrayed him for another guy. He asks her what she told Whitney because they're best friends. Fox wonders if the man Theresa was talking about, was Ethan.

Gwen asks Ethan to wait outside for her. She goes into the see the doctor but Ethan sees Pillar's name on the folder outside the hospital door and decides to come in. He asks her is she's ok. She tells him that Eve wanted her to come in because she had another nose bled. Ethan asks her if it's ok to keep her company but as he turns to close the door, he sees Theresa sitting in the corner with a magazine. Ethan says that he's sorry for barging in. Theresa says it's ok and gets up to be beside her mom. Ethan asks how the baby is. Theresa tell him that she and the baby are fine. Theresa's mom asks if he and Gwen are ok because it's so late. He tells her that she has a doctor's appointment. Theresa asks with whom. Ethan stops and think and tells her that she doesn't know and that he should leave because he's supposed to wait for her outside. When Ethan leaves, Theresa looks hurt but her mom says to stop thinking that just because she tricked him into having sex with her, he's going to like her any better. Pilar tells her to stop thinking about him.

Sheridan says that he doesn't deserve all this. Luis tells her that he could never accept that he was with Sheridan and the only reason that she went with Antonio was because of her father's manipulation. Sheridan hopes that Antonio will find a women who will make him very happy. Luis looks very confused and asks her what she's talking about. Luis asks her if she knows about the plane but she doesn't. He is so shocked and doesn't know how to tell her the news. He asks if she heard the explosion. She said that she heard something but since she was in the hanger, she wasn't sure what it was. Luis said that the jet exploding into a million pieces. She thinks he's still alive. She can't except that he's dead. Luis tells her that he's dead. She just tells him that he's wrong. Luis tells her that the control tower picked it up and that he saw it with his own eyes. He says that there's no way that he could still be alive. She then accuses herself of killing him saying that he wouldn't be in the plane if it weren't for her. Luis tells her that Antonio kidnapped her. Sheridan tells Luis that it was just because of all the things that had happened in the previous months. She said that she knew that either Luis or Antonio would be dead because of her.

Theresa's mom tells her that she's pretty and doesn't want her to be alone. Theresa tells Pilar that she doesn't want to be alone either because she sees how lonely it is for her mother without dad. Pilar said that she wished she hadn't sent Paloma away. Theresa said that that wouldn't have made up for it. Theresa asks her mom why she never dated anyone else. Pilar says because marriage is forever. "You don't trade one for another." Theresa thinks that her dad is dead. Pilar says that there's no proof of that and won't believe that he's dead. Theresa wonders why he doesn't come home. She says that she can't forgive him for leaving them. She says that it's ok for Pilar to forgive him but she never can. She doesn't want anything to do with him.

Martin tells Catherine that they did everything they could to protect their kids form harm. He said that if he would have tracked them down, Alistair would have hurt them before they could get there. Catherine still wishes that would have taken Sheridan because Martin's kids had each other but Sheridan was all alone and Julian was acting like his father. Martin tells her that she had Pilar but Catherine says that she was a servant and that wasn't the same as a mother. He says that they couldn't have know that Alistair would take out his anger for them on their kids. Catherine says that she should have know and protected her but she didn't. Catherine said that all the kids they left behind in Harmony got hurt. She thinks that by thinking about their own happiness, their children have felt pain and suffering.

Whitney tells him that the mystery girl may still harbor the same feelings she had before. Fox asks her if Theresa's over Ethan. Whitney smiles and says that she didn't say that. Whitney says that she wished that Theresa could find a guy that could take her mind off Ethan. Fox thought that he was that guy. Whitney tells him not to be so hard on himself. She tells him that Theresa did care about him. Fox says that she schemed to get pregnant with Gwen and Ethan's embryo when he was still dating her, just so she could get her son back. Whitney tells him how she loves her son but Fox said that he told Theresa he would help her find him but Theresa didn't trust him enough. Whitney tells him to forget it. Fox tells Whitney that she wanted to get pregnant with Ethan and Gwen's baby because so she could feel closer to Ethan. He looks at her when he says, "Imagine how she'd feel if it were her and Ethan's baby and not Gwen's at all?" Whitney just smiles nervously.

Pilar is hurt that Theresa talked about her dad like that. Theresa says that she's sorry but her mom taught her to be true to herself and this is how she feels. Theresa says that unless he's dead there is no reason for him to have left the family. Her mom thinks that he's alive and had a good reason for leaving them like the reason that Luis told them. Maybe he had to leave because Alistair forced him and Martin had no other choice. Pilar thinks that Martin left to protect the family. Theresa says that she wishes that she had her faith.

Martin tells Catherine not to think the worst of their children's happiness. She tells him that she knows what he's doing but it doesn't work because every time she picks up a newspaper, she reads about some sadness that happened to at least one of their kids. She tells him that she will never forgive herself for leaving Sheridan. Catherine says that they were so sure that they were doing the right thing. He tells her that if she wouldn't have gotten away from Alistair, she would have been dead. She says that she loves him for rescuing her but wonders if it was worth it.

Sheridan asks why this happened. She asks why he had to die when he made the hardest decision of his life. Luis tell her that he wishes that he had an answer. Sheridan thinks that if she hadn't said she was coming back to him he would be alive on the plane. Luis tells her to stop torturing herself and tells her that Antonio knew what the risks were. Luis wishes it didn't happen this way.

Whitney asks Fox if he could give Theresa another try. He said he hadn't called it off in the first place. Whitney asks if Theresa didn't call it off, if they still would have been together and he says yes. Whitney asks if he still has feelings for her. She tells him that she wants him to be happy so she's trying to figure it out. Fox gets off the bed and sits on the chair beside the fire. He puts on his shoes while he talks. He tells her that he does have feelings for Theresa, just the timing isn't right. He says that Theresa's going to have Ethan and Gwen's baby. Whitney asks Fox if Theresa wanted to get back together, would it make a difference. Fox asks her why Whitney is asking him all this stuff. Whitney tells Fox that Theresa's her best friend and that Fox told her that they were good together. He tells her that if Theresa wants to make up, he will. He then gets up, saying that he's hungry. He asks her if she is too and she says yes. He tells her that it's a little late for room service but he could ask the cook if he could grill two burgers for them. She want fries with that. He tells her," Your wish is my command, anything you need." He walks out the door. Whitney calls Theresa's cell phone. Theresa hurries as best as she can to her cell phone so the ringing won't wake up her mom who's sleeping in the hospital bed. Theresa tells Whitney she's at the hospital because Whitney's mom wanted Pilar to stay overnight . Theresa asks why Whitney's calling and asks if Fox is keeping her good company. Whitney says yes and she asks Theresa if she thought about getting back together with Fox. Theresa says that her mom wants that too. Theresa asks if he said anything about her. Whitney say sort of and that he's open for another chance. Theresa asks if he came right out and said it. Whitney tells her that he's proud. Theresa says that because Whitney told her to level with Fox. Whitney asked if Theresa told him the truth about Ethan's baby. Theresa said no but that she did tell him that she wasn't loyal. Theresa then asks what's with Whitney and all her questions. Whitney says that she wants Theresa to be as happy as she is with Chad. Whitney tells her to give him another chance because he's worth it.

Gwen comes out from the doctor and meets Ethan. He asks her how it went. She tells him that it's too early to tell but that the doctor looked over her medical records, took some test and asked her some questions like is your marriage happy and if she was stressed. She said yes to the first and she tries not to, in reply to the second answer. She hopes that the doctor will be able to help them. Ethan kisses her and tells her that nothing would make him happier. He sees Pilar's folder outside the doctor's office on their way out and he see the same image of talking on the phone when he's drunk and having sex with someone who isn't his wife. He looks worried.

Catherine wishes that she could turn back time but Martin said that he would do everything the same as he did it. He takes her hand. He tells her that she had no choice because Alistair would have killed her. Catherine thinks about her children and his and how much they have and will suffer for what Martin and Catherine did to Alistair.

Sheridan says that it's like the bible, Cain and Able just that Luis didn't kill him. She says that she killed him again but Luis corrects her and says that Alistair killed him. Sheridan asks why bad things come from their love. He tells her that they will get through this together. He pulls her close and hugs her. She cries loudly on his shoulder.

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