Passions Update Wednesday 6/23/04

Passions Update Wednesday 6/23/04

By Ariana
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SEACLIFF INN:  Whitney talks to Fox in her robe. Fox is sitting at a table with flowers and a candle. She tells him he's amazing. She's sad because someone else loves him, too. She tells him that she can't think of a woman who wouldn't be happy to love him. He tells her he is in love with a black woman and she wonders if it is her.

MUSIC STUDIO:  Chad finds out that Julian likes Jazz. Julian wishes that things could have been different with "a singer" that he once loved. Julian let her go because his father interfered and he tells Chad, "Don't let the same thing happen to you because where love is concerned, time doesn't heal the pain." He says, "You will always remember who you have loved, no matter what life has to offer." Chad thinks Whitney's mother doesn't want her daughter to follow her example and become a singer. Chad guesses that Julian's singer is Eve.

RUSSELL HOUSE:  Irma tells Eve sarcastically how good a doctor she is. Irma screams out that Eve is a drunk, a slut, and a whore. Eve looks hurt and angry at the accusation. She yells at her to stop. TC asks what's going on and why this woman is insulting Eve. Irma keeps repeating what she said before and telling TC he should be grateful to find out the truth.   Of course, it's all Liz's fantasy.

AIRPORT:  Luis is on the phone with Alistair,  telling him his daughter's plane has been sighted on the radar. Sheridan's father presses a red button and blows up the plane. Luis is distraught about Sheridan's fate.

RUSSELL HOUSE:  Liz has a consent form in her room and plans to forge Eve Johnson's signature. She takes the signature from a canceled check to communicate with the Assisted Living Residence. In Liz's imagination, Eve is weeping.

MUSIC STUDIO:  Julian Crane tells Chad that he loves Eve Russell and asks him not to tell TC. Chad tells him that Whitney thinks Julian is having an affair with Eve.

SEACLIFF INN:  Fox says he doesn't love Whitney. Theresa phones, so Fox excuses himself.  Whitney chats with Theresa, mostly about Fox.  Theresa has nothing to say to Fox and says Ethan is her true love.  Whitney urges her to come up there and patch things up with Fox.  Theresa theorizes that Whitney is afraid to be left alone with Fox.  She thinks Whitney might be attracted to him.  Whitney denies it.  She tells Theresa that Fox's mystery woman is black.  They argue quite a bit about Fox and Whitney is defensive.

AIRPORT:  Luis is sure that Sheridan is alive, even though the man in the control tower tells him no one could have survived. Alistair appears out of nowhere. Luis attacks him and says that if Sheridan dies, he will kill him. He asks him how he can live with himself after killing his own daughter. Some men have to pull him off Alistair as he starts to choke him.  Luis has them call the Coast Guard to look for survivors in the water.

RUSSELL HOUSE:  Liz wants all the bad things about Eve to be known. She hates Eve for abandoning her. She has a flashback: she's is in a corner, hunched over, and her father is coming to molest her. She wants her sister Eve to feel as alone as she did at that time. Meanwhile, Eve drinks with TC and they dance.

MUSIC STUDIO:  Julian urges Chad to stick close by Whitney.  When Chad mentions that Fox is keeping Whitney company at the Seacliff Inn while he's stuck there, Julian chuckles to himself that the Fox is guarding the hen house.  He calls Fox and tells him to leave Whitney alone. Fox tells Julian to mind his own business. Fox tells Julian that he loves Whitney; he doesn't just want her for sex.  Julian can't argue with him since he feels the same way about Eve.

RUSSELL HOUSE:  Liz makes a perfect signature.   Then she phones the rest home to talk to Aunt Irma.  She tells Irma that she is coming to take her out on a visit to see Eve.  She laughs when Irma starts calling Eve names.

AIRPORT:  The man in charge of the control tower sympathizes with Alistair over the loss of his daughter.  After he walks away, Alistair laughs and says that Luis will never find her alive.   On a search boat, Luis finds Sheridan's scarf in the water, and thinks she's dead. Later, Luis returns to the control tower, upset over Sheridan being lost.  The man tells Luis to come with him.  At first Luis thinks he wants him to identify Sheridan's body, so he refuses, but then he goes with him.  The man takes him to a room where Sheridan is sitting with a blanket wrapped around her, wet, but alive.  They hug, overjoyed.

MUSIC STUDIO:  Chad plays the finished version of the music he's been working on for Julian, who approves.  They start chatting again about Julian and Eve's history and how Alistair broke them up.  Julian has a flashback to dancing with Eve.  Chad wonders who could be threatening Eve now.  Julian tells him there are lots of secrets that will come out and could destroy her family.

SEACLIFF INN:  Whitney and Fox sit on the bed together.  She is embarrassed about thinking that he was in love with her.  They talk about it a little.  She is surprised that he is interested in a black woman because of his father and grandfather's attitudes.  They both hope that one day it won't matter what color you are when dating.  He mentions that she doesn't seem to feel that way about Julian and Eve.  She replies that it's not about race; it's about her mother being married.  He suggests that maybe her mom isn't having an affair with Julian and that he is just in love with her.  She starts to get angry and wonders if his mystery woman is married and that's why he's defending his father. She gets very upset and has a long tirade about how the Crane men are no longer slave owners who can just bed any black woman they feel like.  He tries to defend himself and his father, but she gets more upset.

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