Passions Update Tuesday 6/22/04

Passions Update Tuesday 6/22/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Fox stands in the room at the Seacliffs Inn, wondering if he should try to take advantage of Whitney or not while she lies sleeping on the other side of the blanket that separates their bed. He decides to be a Crane and go for it. He rips the blanket down and tells Whitney that he loves her. They kiss passionately. She tells him that she loves him, too. He also tells her that Julian loves Eve. This is all just Fox's fantasy. Whitney tells him from the other side of the blanket that she's worried, since the power and phones are out, what Chad will do if he calls and can't get through. He reminds her that she has her cell phone. She asks him to get her another blanket, so he does. Chad phones and tells her that he still will be delayed. Julian knocks on Chad's door, so Whitney gets very upset when she hears who it is. She starts insulting Julian. Fox is a little taken aback by her comments. She apologizes to Fox for what she said. He brings her the blanket. She says she thought she knew Julian, but obviously she was wrong about him. Fox wants to get some cool night air, but she is cold, so he builds a fire. They sit by the fire and he catches up on what she's been up to. They talk about Chad and how things are going with him and Whitney. She talks about singing. She tells Fox that her real dream is to find the perfect guy, settle down and have a family. He asks if, when she pictures the perfect guy, is he African American? She supposes that he is, but she hadn't really thought about it that way. She asks him if he could ever fall in love with a woman of color, and he says he definitely could. He thinks about all the times he's been close to Whitney and we see clips of them together. She is surprised because she pictured him with blonde California-types. He points out that Theresa wasn't blonde. She asks how he felt about the breakup. He relates that it was painful but says it is probably for the best. She says that now he can pursue his mystery woman. He says it's too late because she is already gone and happy with someone else. At her questioning, he relates that she is African American. She is shocked because he is a Crane. She urges him to tell his true love how he feels. He thinks about it.

Eve phones Julian to tell him what Liz is up to. He assures her that he'll keep Liz from finding anyone in Eve's family. He also tells her that he thinks he has a way to get rid of the obstacles that Alistair has put up to keep them from finding their son. She thanks him again for helping her out. Liz comes in just as Eve is hanging up. They start to bicker as usual. Liz phones Molly at Shady Elms to see if she can take Aunt Irma out for the day, but she can't without Eve's permission. T.C. sets up a romantic picnic in the living room for Eve, so Liz is forced to go upstairs. Eve and T.C. share some wine. He tells her how perfect she is. She denies it, but he points out that everyone else he knows has some big secret past. Even Grace had a family she didn't remember. They kiss as Eve looks worried. Liz gets the idea to phone Shady Elms and ask if Eve can fax a permission slip to them, and they agree. The doorbell rings so she gets it. Aunt Irma is wheeled in and recognizes Liz from her earlier visit. Eve and T.C. walk out. Irma starts calling Eve a whole bunch of names like "whore". Eve is stunned. T.C wants to know what's going on. Liz has a big triumphant smile on her face.

Julian and Chad chat briefly about Whitney. Chad tells him that Whitney is very angry because of all the times she caught Julian and Eve together. Julian says Whitney doesn't know the whole story. Chad wants to know, and Julian almost tells him, but says maybe some other time. Julian asks if he can listen in on Chad's work, so he lets him. They chat about Whitney, her singing, and Chad's writing. He wishes he could have made it in show business. He talks about wanting to find his parents. They listen and Chad shows Julian a spot where he's having some problems. Julian suggests he make a couple of little changes, and that does the trick. Chad is amazed at Juilan's ability. Julian talks about his one true love and how his father ruined their future together. Julian remarks that Chad is looking to find his father, but he'd rather forget his.

Luis just misses the Crane jet leaving. He asks the mechanic to call the control tower for him. He argues with the guy at the tower. The guy suggests he come up there, so Luis does. He throws Sam's name around to threaten them. Luis smells Alistair's smoke and then Alistair shows himself. He tells Luis that Antonio is taking Sheridan far away and he can't stop them. Luis grabs him by the throat and throws him up against a wall. He goes up to the control tower. The man there tells him that the pilot did not file a flight plan. They try to radio the plane, but it doesn't respond. Luis yells into the radio for Antonio to bring Sheridan home. Alistair watches the whole thing via camera. Luis has some ideas of how to get them back. He wants to know what places the plane could reach with the amount of fuel it has, and some other ideas. The control tower manager is reluctant to do so much until Luis reminds him that the plane has already broken several laws by not filing a flight plan. Alistair says that Luis has just signed Antonio and Sheridan's death warrants. He presses a button and then the plane explodes as everyone watches.

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