Passions Update Monday 6/21/04

Passions Update Monday 6/21/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

There is a storm raging through Harmony...

T.C. and Liz tell Eve that the picture they found of a little girl (and an older woman) looks a lot like her. She denies it but they persist. Liz gets the idea to look on the back of the picture, so T.C. does. It reads "Eve and Aunt Irma". Liz and T.C. talk about whether Aunt Irma really died and what other relatives Eve might have somewhere. Eve maintains that she has no living relatives. Liz vows to spend her time finding any relatives that Eve might have. Eve is alarmed at the prospect, but T.C. thinks it's a good idea and even offers to help. While Liz and T.C. leave the room to get wine, Eve phones Shady Elms, the rest home, to see if her Aunt Irma has had any other visitors. The nurse tells her that no, she hasn't. Eve is relieved and thinks that Liz is just fishing. Molly tells the nurse that Liz visited Aunt Irma, but they don't think to call Eve back and let her know.

Chad goes to his studio. He checks his computer and mumbles to himself about how he had to leave Whitney up at the Seacliff Inn so he could come back and work. He looks at a picture of her and is glad that Fox is there to take care of her for him. Later, the power goes out.

Whitney is at the Seacliff Inn. While Fox is out of the room, she sees something on his laptop that alarms her. He walks in and she asks him what it is all about. He is a little annoyed that she's been snooping. She apologizes for being nosy but wants to know why Fox seems to be skimming Crane money to some woman named Mimi. Fox tries to explain but she doesn't give him much of a chance. She yells at him and badgers him, thinking the worst. Finally he tells her that Mimi is a project he's been working on. It is a program for future employees of the Crane resorts, to give day care and other services to the women that work there. Whitney is very embarrassed that she thought he was just like the other Cranes. Chad phones to let Whitney know he is probably going to be at the studio all night because of the problems with the power. He asks her to ask Fox to spend the night at the Inn so she won't be lonely. She does, and Fox agrees. When Fox phones the main desk, he finds out that there are no more rooms available. Whitney insists that Fox stay in her room. He says he will sleep on the floor, but she says that they should share the bed. He is not very comfortable with that idea and thinks Chad will be very angry. She says they can put a sheet up to divide the bed, like they did in the movie "It Happened One Night". He agrees. He looks at his computer while she gets ready to do her nails. He starts talking to her about the makeup and stuff she has in her bag. They joke around about his reputation as a Crane. Then she compliments him, listing all the good things about him. He tells her that he plans to one day change the Crane image. Then the lights go out. They decide to go to bed, since there is no power. He can see her naked body silhouetted through the sheet.

Luis sets up a fire in his room. The chamber maid arrives with champagne that he ordered. He tips her. Luis phones Sheridan but there is no answer. He wonders why she's so late. He chats with the maid about Sheridan. He tells her all about their past lives together. The maid isn't sure what to believe, but she enjoys the romantic tales that Luis is spinning. He is sure that they will grow old together in this life. Luis waits for Sheridan.

Antonio and Sheridan are in his car. He is driving very fast, causing her to worry. They almost hit a tree at one point. Then they hear a siren and think the cops are chasing them, so Antonio speeds up to elude them. He realizes they are not after him, so he loses the cops. Sheridan keeps begging him to let her go and keeps telling him how much she loves Luis, but he won't hear her. He thinks he needs to get her away from Luis' influence. When Luis phones her cell, Antonio throws it out the window. They go to an airport. Sheridan runs out of the car when it stops, but he chases her. He ends up throwing Sheridan over his shoulder and boarding the Crane jet. The pilot is there so Antonio tells him to watch Sheridan. Sheridan tries to leave, but the pilot stops her. He thinks that she is just a workaholic and Antonio is just taking her away for a romantic second honeymoon. She tries to tell him otherwise, but it doesn't work. Besides, he adds, he takes his orders from her father. She realizes that Alistair is behind all of this. The pilot is called away so Sheridan tries to leave, but the door is closed and locked with a combination code. She runs back to the main cabin and uses the phone to call Luis. She tells him what has happened but tells him to send the police and not come himself. She is worried that Antonio will try to kill him. Sheridan is frantic when she phones him. She is interrupted by Antonio, who hangs up the phone. Luis drives fast to try to rescue her.

Outside of the plane, Alistair tells Antonio to take Sheridan far away. He reminds him that he has all those fake passports and he will send him more money. Antonio says that he doesn't feel right about dragging Sheridan off, but Alistair urges him to fight for the woman he loves. Antonio promises to try. Alistair says to himself that he'd better do more than try or else Sheridan might die. Sheridan keeps pleading, but Antonio ignores her. The plane starts to take off. Luis arrives and runs after the jet.

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