Passions Update Monday 6/14/04

Passions Update Monday 6/14/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Liz goes to Shady Elms, a retirement home. The woman there, Molly, introduces herself and tries to sell the place to Liz, thinking that she's looking into it for a relative. Liz says she's there to see one of the residents and claims that Eve sent her. The woman figures that she is there to see Aunt Irma. Liz says that she's Eve half-sister but she has never met Aunt Irma, who is Eve's father's sister. Molly tells her to say hello to Eve but says she's glad that Eve did not come today. Aunt Irma starts shrieking whenever Eve visits and calls her terrible names. Liz is happy to hear that. Molly is called away for a second. Liz tells herself that Aunt Irma is the key to destroying Eve. Liz visits Aunt Irma, who is a very crotchety old lady who yells at everyone. She complains about missing "Days". Molly introduces Liz. Irma is rude so Molly says that perhaps Liz should come back. Liz stops Irma from leaving and says that she was sent there by a very big Days fan: Eve Russell. Irma starts a tirade about how Eve is a whore. Liz smiles and says to herself that she can't wait until T.C. gets a load of this. Liz sits down with Aunt Irma and asks her if she'd like to pay a call on Eve's family. This sets off Irma again.

IN MEXICO: Katherine, who has the newspaper in her hand, tells Martin that the assassin's body was found in the bay but there's no mention of them. He curses Alistair and worries that they can be blamed for the assassin's death. She doesn't know how since he shot himself, but he reminds her that Paloma was grazed by his bullet and it is a small town. She suggests they run again. He gripes about how they had to give up so much. When he says he wants Paloma back in Harmony, safe with the others, she walks in and says something in Spanish. Then she says she will never go back there. She asks them to pick up her pain pills at the pharmacy, so they both go. Someone appears in Paloma's living room after they leave. She says he looks like the man that she dreamed was in her bedroom. He says he is there to look at the hotel because he has some relatives getting married. He compliments her in an oily way. He has a present for her, saying there are no strings attached. It is a beautiful necklace that she admires. She says she can't accept it, but she does anyway. He tells her that they'll meet again very soon, and then he leaves. Katherine and Martin return, so Paloma tells them about the stranger and shows them the necklace. It is a gold necklace with a big C in the same style as Alistair's ring. Katherine exclaims, "Oh my God!" when she sees it. She tells Martin that it is the Crane Industries logo. She figures Alistair must mean to kill Paloma. Martina says he will rip Alistair's heart out first.

IN THE HOSPITAL: Tabitha tries to make Kay feel better about what happened. Kay complains about everything that happened to her, but Tabitha tells her that it was worth it because Charity dumped Miguel. They are gleeful about that. Then, Charity and Miguel walk in with flowers for her, saying that they want to make sure she's okay. Tabitha and Kay's faces look glum. Miguel sits next to Kay and tells Kay how sorry he is for what happened. Tabitha tries to put on a guilt trip on Miguel. She talks about how Kay was in so much pain. Miguel asks Kay how the pain is, so she says it's not too bad. Tabitha grabs her foot roughly so she cries out in pain, so she can go along with Tabitha's plan. Charity asks why Kay was in the woods. Tabitha interrupts to reply that Kay was looking for Charity. Tabitha mentions that Charity and Miguel must have come there together, but they tell them that no, they arrived separately. Miguel explains that he knew how much Charity wanted to see Kay so he brought her in there. Charity flashes back to Kay's ghost telling her what a menace she is and how she should stay away from Miguel. Charity abruptly says she's leaving and suggests that Miguel stay with Kay. Miguel yells after her to wait, but she doesn't.

AT HOME: Antonio tells Sheridan that their plans to go to St. Lisa have been delayed because of Luis' hearing. He wants him to go to prison for life. Sheridan doesn't look happy about that.

Luis sits in his prison cell, looking at a picture of Sheridan. Hank brings Woody in and says he's going to represent Luis. Woody tells Luis that the Cranes pulled strings to move his hearing up to today. Woody says it doesn't look good. Since Luis convinced to the kidnapping, there won't be a trial. Luis asks if Sheridan will be there. When told yes, he says to bring it on. He just wants one more chance to get Sheridan to remember. They think he's crazy and try to tell him how bad the situation is, but he won't listen. He tells them that life without Sheridan is worse than going to prison.

JUDGE'S CHAMBERS: The judge in Luis' case, Judge McFarlane, says to himself that he is going to throw out the case because Luis is obviously being railroaded. However, Alistair is there to blackmail him. The Judge wonders how he got in. Alistair warns him that he'd better send Luis to jail or live in misery for the rest of his life. The judge points out that the case will not stand up for appeal, but Alistair assures him that there will be no appeal. The judge tells Alistair off, saying he's heard that he corrupted other judges, but he is not for sale. Alistair tells him that every man has his price as he hands him a digital movie camera. It shows the judge's son throwing a ball. Then one of Alistair's men comes on the scene with a gun. Alistair tells him that his son will be safe as long as LUis goes to jail. Alistair leaves after issuing another threat. The judge says to himself that Luis is going to go to prison. (uh, he can't call a cop to go protect his son, and another one to arrest Alistair? So stupid...)

AT THE HOSPITAL: Eve tells Pilar that she can go home now. Pilar, ecstatic, hugs her. A nurse comes in to give Eve Kay's CAT scan as Pilar leaves. Eve mutters to herself, "That poor girl". Eve greets Miguel as she goes in to see Kay. She asks Tabitha to give her a moment alone with Kay. Kay asks if Miguel can stay; Tabitha leaves. Eve says she has bad news but Kay will get through this. Eve tells Kay that she won't be able to have any more children. Kay is upset and cries. Eve and Miguel try to console her.

Tabitha goes out and tells Charity that she knows Charity finagled running into Miguel. Charity denies it. Tabitha asks when Charity is going to stop trying to pull Miguel away from poor Kay and their helpless little baby daughter. Charity looks at her like she's crazy. Tabitha tells Charity that Eve is giving Kay bad news right now so Charity'd better not make life any harder for Kay. Charity wonders what Eve is telling her. She hears Kay crying loudly.

AT THE COURTROOM: When Sheridan sees the Crane lawyers there, she realizes that Antonio got her father to help move Luis' hearing up. They are surprised to see Paloma there. She's not happy that Antonio is sending his brother to jail. He tells her that Sheridan is his family now and she is pressing charges. He tells her to get used to the fact that Luis is going to jail for a long time. The guards bring LUis in, so Pilar asks for a moment with him. He asks her to pray for him and Sheridan; she kisses him. He asks Sheridan to remember their love. Hank tries to stop Antonio from going over to Luis, but he does anyway. They get in each other's faces and start to fight, so the guards keep them apart. Sheridan yells at them to stop. The bailiff puts Luis in his seat, warning him not to try something like that again. Hank warns Luis to cool down. The judge enters so they all stand. The judge stars; Woody tries to object but the judge shuts him up. He confirms that Antonio is married to Sheridan and remarks that he hasn't wasted any time in wielding Crane power. The three Crane lawyers object, but the judge shuts them up, too. The judge tells them that he plans to ask some questions and hear some witnesses, and then he will hand down his sentence. Luis asks to speak his peace. He says he will waive all his rights for appeal if he can just tell Sheridan how much he loves her. Alistair lurks nearby, gleeful at the prospect of Luis going to jail. There are objections, but the judge lets Luis speak. Woody asks him to take the waiving of rights back, but Luis refuses. He speaks his piece to Sheridan. It's very romantic. He says that Sheridan didn't try to get away from him too hard on the island because deep down she loves him. He tells her that he dreams about her and he knows that she dreams about him, too. He talks about how he thinks about her all the time and then says that Alistair tried to kill what was in her mind, but he couldn't kill what was in her heart. He asks Sheridan to listen to what's in her heart. Luis finishes and she doesn't say anything. Luis prays to God that he got through to her. The judge clears his throat. Alistair steps into the courtroom long enough for the judge to be reminded about his son. The judge sentences Luis to the state pen for 25 years. Woody objects repeatedly. Pilar tells Antonio that he's killed their family. Sheridan apologizes to Pilar, but Pilar says it's not her fault. She asks Sheridan to remind her son what kind of man she taught him to be. They bid each other goodbye. The guards are about to take Luis away, but Woody gets them to let him say goodbye to Pilar. Pilar says a tearful goodbye to Luis, assuring him that they'll find a way to get him out. He regrets he couldn't be out to help her. They hug and say, "I love you". Luis is most upset that Sheridan didn't remember him. He guesses that she loves Antonio more, after all.

Alistair gives Antonio a bag full of money and fake passports. He tells Antonio that with this, Luis and his police friends will never be able to track him or Sheridan down. Alistair watches Luis and Sheridan through the courtroom doors and calls them names. He urges Antonio to take Sheridan as far away as he can. Antonio agrees that there is nothing there for him now. Alistair is happy that his plan worked. Luis yells to Sheridan as they take him away. Sheridan says she remembers, but at first all she can remember is Luis badgering her, and her trying to push him away, and him fighting with Antonio. Then we hear her heartbeat as Luis says "listen to your heart". The flashback clips change to pictures of Luis, then her with Luis, then them telling each other how much they love each other, and kissing, over and over (Great clip show!). She runs over to Luis and says she found him. He was in her heart, just like he said he would be. They kiss and tell each other I love you as everyone watches, some happier than others.


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