Passions Update Wednesday 6/9/04

Passions Update Wednesday 6/9/04

By Suzanne
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Sam prays to God that Kay will survive her surgery. Miguel sympathizes, wishing he hadn't hurt Kay. Sam, a litle brusque, says he understands and goes to see if he can call Grace. Miguel beats himself up to Charity. Tabitha is nearby. Tabitha makes Charity feel guilty by saying that if she had listened to her dead mother and stayed away from Miguel, this wouldn't have happened. Tabitha speculates that Miguel might go to jail if Kay dies. Charity is shocked at the idea as Tabitha goes on and on about how she was responsible for what happened to Kay. Charity starts to blame herself because of Tabitha's words and how Miguel is acting.

Pilar arrives, so Miguel fills her in on how he injured Kay. Sam comes up and fills her in on part of the story. Miguel blames himself, saying that if she dies it's because of him.

An intern offers her opinion to Eve that it was a difficult surgery and says the Bennett family is outside. Eve is tryin to collect herself. She feels bad for Sam. Eve tells Sam and the others about Kay's surgery. Eve assures them that she's recovering but warns that it was a difficult surgery. She says that the next few hours are critical. Sam wants to see her, but she's still unconscious. They are all relived. Miguel thanks Charity for hanging in there with him. Tabitha is peeved so she picks up Endora and leaves. Sam talks to Pilar about Kay. He still hasn't been able to get through to Grace. Pilar consoles him. Sam is feeling frustrated about being an only parent. She knows how that is and relates how difficult it's been. She blames herself for all of her children's turmoil, but he assures her that she's a wonderful mother. After she recounts their problems, he says it's not her fault. She worries that their troubles will never end. Eve informs them that Luis just went into ER. Miguel and Charity have to stay with the baby because babies aren't allowed in the ER. They wonder where Tabitha went. Later, Miguel says he needs to get a bottle for Maria in the hospital. He invites Charity, but she wants to say a prayer for Kay in the chapel. They make plans to meet later. He thanks her again for sticking by him. They kiss. She has a flashback to the evil Faith telling her to stay away from Miguel and also to Tabitha talking about how she must feel guilty about ignoring her mother's warning. Charity wonders if she can be there for Miguel.

Tabitha visits Kay in her room, with Endora. She plans to cast a spell to help her out and also to get rid of Charity. She has Endora zap Kay. Kay's spirit rises out of her body and follows Tabitha out of the room. Kay tells Tabitha she knows what she has to do. Tabitha chuckles to herself that Kay is so much more agreeable this way. They see Charity come out, so Tabitha hides. Charity sees Kay's spirit. Kay tears into Charity, saying she's Kay's ghost and she's dead because of her. Charity doesn't believe her at first. Charity says she's sorry, but Kay keeps yelling at her, making her feel guilty. Kay warns Charity to stay away from Miguel before she costs any more lives. Tabitha cheers her on quietly from her hiding place. Kay yells at her some more and then disappears. Miguel comes back, saying he's been looking for her. Miguel says that he heard from Eve that Kay is holding on. Charity looks confused and asks for confirmation that Kay is alive. He tells her that everything is going to work out and hugs her. She pushes him away and yells at him to stay away from her. Tabitha is happy that her plan worked.

Sheridan has a flashback to Antonio making her choose between Luis dying or going to jail. She regrets what she did, even though it saved Luis. The doctor tells Sheridan, Antonio and Hank that Luis is doing fine; they got him there just in time. Antonio insists that Hank arrest Luis as soon as he's discharged, for kidnapping Sheridan. Hank visits Luis in his cubicle to let him know what's going on. Luis wishes he'd had a little more time with her. He says he was "so close".

Antonio talks to Sheridan about what Luis did. She protests that Luis wouldn't have hurt her. She tells Antonio that she remembers her love for Luis. She tells him about the past life she recalled on the island. We see a flashback to Andrew letting Harry and Patience go, and then again to Harry dying. She tells Antonio that she has to be honest with him right now about her feelings for Luis. He points out that the same thing happened in the other past life, on the Titanic, and how they got married and raised a family. She talks about how strong her feelings were for Luis. He asks what that means. She talks about how she's had such emotional upheavals lately. She says she loved LUis in the past, but now she loves Antonio. They hug. Pilar and Sam come up, so Sheridan fills them in. They visit Luis, who says he hit his head exploring this old shipwreck. Sheridan explains he had a concussion but will be okay. He says that it is thanks to her. Antonio asks Sam and Hank to arrest Luis for kidnapping Sheridan. They try to talk Antonio out of this, but he refuses to change his mind. Eve comes in, so Antonio tells her that he wants Luis arrested, too. Sam says that he can't arrest Luis without Sheridan's pressing charges. Antonio says she will. They ask her if that's true. She says quietly that she will press charges.


Martin and Katherine take a while together; she has been thinking about their years together and how happy they've been. She's wistful about her children, Julian and Sheridan. She and Martin both think of their offspring as children, even though they're adults. She fears that they will be losing their happiness soon. Meanwhile, a hit man watches them. He tells Alistair that the couple are in his sights. Alistair tells the man that he wants them dead--tonight. Katherine continues to worry that their happiness will be ending soon, and Martin reassures her. She worries what their family would think if they knew they were there together. He reminds her that they left because of the threat from Alistair. She worries they would never forgive them, even if they learned everything. The hit man takes aim but then they move, so he loses the shot. She wonders how their families would react to learning they are alive. He reminds her how terrible Alistair was to her and how her health was at risk living with him. She has a flashback to Alistair chewing her out for how she was dressed, how she looked, etc. He yells at her irrationally as she denies deliberately trying to sabotage her lunch with the governor's wife. Martin walks in on them. He backs out as Alistair grabs her by the throat and threatens him. Back in the present, Martin talks about how he had to get her out of there. She frets that she cost him his whole family. He says that's his only regret, but he'd do it again to save her. They hug. They agree to go home and stop worrying.

Paloma, looking at pictures of her family, wonders why her mother sent her away and not her other siblings. She also tearfully wonders why none of them have visited her and why they didn't want her. Paloma falls asleep and has a dream about livin with the other Lopez-Fitzgeralds, back in Harmony. They are all a happy and perfect family who love her. Pilar and the others go on and on about how great Palmoa and how much they all love her. Then, things turn dark and they move away from her. She yells at them for lying to her and sending her away, never visiting her. She yells that they're horrible and she hates them. Paloma wakes up suddenly, yelling, "Leave me alone!" She is upset by her nightmare. After she lies down, she sees someone in her room and screams. She gets up and runs out of the room, screaming. The man follows. She runs outside and looks around frantically.

The hitman shoots and we hear a woman scream (sounds like Paloma to me).


Alistair looks at a picture of Katherine and talks to her, saying she won't escape this time. He vows she will pay a heavy price for betraying him. Julian comes in. He tells Alistair he's not scared of him any more. They argue. Alistair gets upset when Julian mentions Katherine. He wonders what Alistair meant when he mentioned that Katherine betrayed him. Alistair yells at him that she is off limits as a topic. Julian wonders what Alistair is hiding; Alistair reminds him again not to mention her. Julian tells Alistair what happened with Sheridan and Luis on the island, but Alistair already knows. Julian pledges to help Sheridan remember her love. Alistair points out that he tried to kill her several times. Julian plans to live up to his mother's wishes that he look out for Sheridan. He wants to tell Sheridan that Alistair did brainwash her into forgetting Luis. Julian says he's going to tell Sheridan right now. Alistair laughs and claps at Julian's speech. Alistair tells him to go ahead, but reminds him that he'll lose Eve forever. Julian counters that he's already lost Eve. Alistair threatens to go after Eve in a way that Julian would never think possible. He'll destroy her completely, he promises.

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