Passions Update Tuesday 6/8/04

Passions Update Tuesday 6/8/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Tuesday’s chapter of Passions started at the Bennett house. Liz walks in and confronts Ivy about Eve’s past. She is a bit surprised to find out Ivy knows all about Eve’s secrets. She announces to Ivy the secret will be revealed very soon and her sister will lose dearly. Ivy talks to herself stating Eve is right about Liz and decides to pull one over on her. Ivy admits her hate for Eve while trashing her name. They both agree Eve is a hypocrite. Liz explains her hate for her sister. Ivy talks about her hate for Julian. She realizes he was a victim also and thinks everyone has changed now. Ivy tries to encourage Liz to bury the hatchet with her sister. She goes even farther by saying Eve wants a closer relationship with Liz. Liz agrees to bury a hatchet but in Eve’s back. Ivy says she only wants Eve’s secrets safe for Whitney and Simone’s sake. Liz thinks Ivy and Eve are partners but Ivy denies it. Liz questions her about her dealings with Eve. Ivy declares if she reveals Eve’s secrets Eve will reveal things Ivy doesn’t want told. Liz is happy to hear this. Ivy calls her a nasty piece of work. Liz heads home to see TC since he is home alone. She wants to stir the pot. Ivy stops her by saying she will give her anything she wants to leave Eve alone. Liz giggles at Ivy. The former Mrs. Crane is begging a poor sole like her. Ivy wants to stop her from blowing the whistle on Eve. Liz wants nothing but to cause Eve pain just like she caused her. She wants her rejected and dumped by her husband and children. It’s no skin off her nose if Eve takes Ivy down with her. She sends her wishes to Ivy and leaves. Ivy realizes Eve was right Liz is a bitch.

In the living room at the Russell house Theresa and Fox prepare for a serious conversation. Theresa is about to tell Fox about her sleeping with Ethan but apologizes for hurting him first. She explains her guilty feelings for betraying him. He seems confused and wonders what she could have possibly done to hurt him. She has tears running down her face. She is very sincere with her apology but remains nervous. She doesn’t know how the news will affect Fox or how he will feel about her after the big reveal. In the kitchen Chad questions Whitney about Fox and Theresa’s conversation. Whitney explains Theresa has lied to Fox about something but is about to clear the air. Chad wonders if Fox will lose Theresa. Whitney won’t betray Theresa by explaining the secret to Chad. He understands. She will never do anything like this to Chad. Back to the living room Fox doesn’t understand what is going on. He thought their relationship was going just fine. He includes they were preparing for the future as they cared for each other very much. Theresa agrees. She still cares very much for him. She is weeping and you can tell her heart is breaking during this time. She loves Fox with all of her heart and hope he understands. At this time he is standing during the discussion. He says he is not surprised because he understands how she feels about Ethan. Theresa explains this has nothing to do with Ethan. He really looks confused now. If it wasn’t Ethan then Fox wonders who it could be. Was it a one-night stand? Theresa can’t tell him the whole story because she doesn’t want to jeopardize her plan. He wants to know why she even told him if she couldn’t give details. She tells him he deserves better. She doesn’t want to see him anymore. He thinks she is breaking up with him for some other guy. She explains she wants to be with him but needs to pay the consequences for what she has done. She is focused on someone else and it’s not fair to him. She will totally understand if Fox never speaks to her again but she wants to remain his friend. He says they are not in the sixth grade anymore and he will remain her friend. He looks hurt and sad. He knew how she felt about Ethan all along. He looks at Whitney’s picture and talks about the mystery woman he told Theresa about. He is not happy about the breakup but the adult thing to do is remain friends. They both agree on their friendship and hug. She doesn’t want to lose him. He is the best friend she has ever had besides Whitney. He says she is the first real girlfriend he ever had. She hopes one day they can be more than friends again. He says maybe so. They vow to be best friends. Whitney walks in. Fox decides to talk to Chad in the kitchen. Theresa tells Whitney what she said to Fox. She told part of the truth but not all of it. Theresa felt it was best this way. She can’t give up her last shot at getting her son back. Whitney says it’s a major accomplishment for Theresa to tell part of the truth. Fox is okay with the situation. Theresa talks about the mystery woman. Whitney wonders who the lucky girl could be. Fox explains the breakup to Chad. Fox hopes someday Theresa and him will be back together. Chad encourages him. Fox talks about how pretty and brilliant Whitney is. He tells Chad how lucky he is to have her.

In the emergency room we see Kay unconscious. Eve instructs the nurse to call the operating room. Kay’s vital signs are dropping and she needs an operation as soon as possible. Sam pushes Miguel up against a wall in anger and holds him there by his shirt. He knows Miguel is responsible for hurting Kay but is not aware of the full story. He starts to throw a punch when Charity steps in and begs him to stop. She tells her Uncle it was an accident. He replies by saying it wont be an accident when he kills Miguel. Tabithia has arrived at the hospital also. When she hears Sam threaten to kill Miguel she doesn’t seem to care. She wanted Charity dead but if Miguel dies she will get the same result and credit from the dark side. Charity explains the events of the dog chasing her. Miguel and Charity explain everything to Sam and Tabithia. Miguel didn’t mean to hit Kay they promise. Miguel apologizes to Sam but wonders why Kay was there to begin with. Tabithia assures them Kay must have had good reason. Sam apologizes to Miguel but talks about how much he loves Kay. She is his flesh and blood and he has lost so much already he cant bare to lose anyone else. Eve is transferring Kay to the operating room but before she moves her she crashes. Eve walks out of the room to get Kay’s chart when Sam questions her. She explains she needs an operation and has lost a lot of blood. She tells everyone to pray. Sam begs her to save his daughter. She promises to do everything she can. Charity and Miguel heard the conversation. Charity feels like Kay may die. They blame themselves. Charity talks to Sam about how Eve has saved so many people. Sam is still confused about what they were doing at Charity’s old house. She explains she went to talk to her mother. Tabithia wonders what Faith said to Charity. She explains after speaking to her mother the dog attacked her. The questions then turn to Miguel. How did he know where Charity was? He explains about the message on the mirror. Sam still doesn’t understand Kay’s presence. Tabithia says maybe Kay had a premonition about Charity’s danger. Sam doesn’t buy the story but puts his attention towards Kay. He goes to get some coffee. Miguel joins him. Tabithia talks to Charity. She talks about poor Kay and her life style. She tries to put a guilt trip on Charity. Of course Charity buys it and blames her relationship with Miguel for Kay’s injuries. Tabithia keeps pulling her conniving guilt trip on Charity. She pulls Maria into the conversation to make Charity feel worse. She includes how happy Kay and Miguel where before Charity popped into town and destroyed it. Charity remains silent during this little speech.

Antonio and Hank are still on the boat searching for Luis and Sheridan. Hank tells Antonio searching for someone on a boat in the middle of the night is ridiculous. (I happen to agree. LOL) However Antonio doesn’t agree. He thinks they have to be near. He can’t see Luis taking Sheridan very far against her will. Hank suggests maybe Sheridan wanted to be with Luis. Of course Antonio reminds him of how much Sheridan loves her husband and chose him over Luis. He wishes Luis would honor and accept Sheridan’s choice. Inside the cave Sheridan and Luis are cuddled up in a blanket kissing passionately. We see a clip of Harry and Patience at this time. Patience and Harry are about to run off together when her father shoots Harry. We jump back to real life and they continue to kiss. Sheridan tells Luis she doesn’t want to lose him. They rub each other’s face gently as they stare at each other. We flash back to Harry lying on the ground hurt. Patience thinks at first Andrew shot Harry but finds out it was her father. She runs at him hitting him screaming how much she hates her father. Antonio and Hank continue their search. Sheridan continues to remember her life as Patience. She defends Harry to her father. Andrew admits Harry saved his life. Patience claims to love Harry and only him. He wakes up long enough to confess his love for Patience. She begs him to live. He once again confesses his love for her as she cries. He says he will meet up with her again and dies. Patience tells her father how much she hates him. Back to real life again Sheridan says she couldn’t save him back then but she can now. Luis says he is not going to die. She is afraid he will. She explains they had a past life as Harry and Patience. Luis is happy to hear she has remembered all of their past life. She doesn’t want to lose him like she did many other times and runs for help. She yells for Antonio and Hank. She is holding a burning branch. Antonio and Hank finally notice Sheridan. She tells them Luis needs medical attention. Antonio wants to kill him. He runs in the cave to kill Luis but Hank stops him. He explains to Antonio Luis is very sick. Antonio instructs Hank to arrest Luis immediately. Sheridan yells no and goes to Luis’s side. She is going to protect him. He tells Hank to arrest him again. He asks Sheridan if she was with Luis by free will. She says not exactly. Antonio vows to make him pay either by death or jail. Sheridan has to make the decision. He yells at her either a coffin or jail cell. She tells Hank to arrest Luis. If this is what it takes to save his life so be it. She will press charges against him.

In the operating room they are about to lose Kay as they operate.

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