Passions Update Monday 6/7/04

Passions Update Monday 6/7/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Monday on Passions Whitney, Chad, and Theresa return to the Russell’s house. Chad starts to leave but Whitney talks him into staying for a cup of coffee. Theresa is exhausted but would like a glass of milk. Whitney and Chad leave Theresa alone in the living room while they prepare the drinks. Theresa talks to her self. She is certain she did the right thing by sleeping with Ethan. She hopes her plan of exchange works out perfectly. The door ell rings. Theresa opens to door and sees a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Fox has a very cute smile on his face as he surprises Theresa. Her face glows. Theresa thanks Fox and compliments on how the flowers smell. He felt as if she needed a lift because she has been depressed lately. He can understand why she has been a little gloomy but wonders if he has done something wrong. She feels better about getting Little Ethan back. She has a flashback of her making love to Ethan. He can tell something is wrong with her. He is very gentle while questioning her. In the kitchen Chad and Whitney are making coffee. Chad feels like something is also bothering Whitney. She doesn’t confide in him at first but then explains she is worried about her father. She worries about what TC will do when he finds out Eve’s secrets. Back to Theresa and Fox we see Theresa bawling. She is feeling very guilty for betraying Fox. She is highly upset. She blames herself but hasn’t revealed what she has done yet. Whitney can hear Theresa crying and decides to have a heart to heart talk with her. Fox and Chad leave the room to finish the coffee. Whitney questions Theresa. She doesn’t understand what has come over her best friend. Theresa calls herself a bitch. She feels terrible for all the things she has done. Fox has been nothing but excellent and great support and she was unfaithful to him. Whitney agrees that Theresa has made some terrible choices in order to get her son back. Theresa claims she doesn’t deserve anything from Fox. She has deceived him. He has helped her see her son and defended her to everyone. Whitney agrees Theresa betrayed Fox. Theresa remains in tears. Theresa says she was only trying to be a good mother. Whitney wonders why Theresa is crying if she is strong about what she has done. Theresa only feels guilty because she slept with Ethan. Whitney suggests Theresa tell Fox the truth. Theresa refuses but Whitney tries to convince her to spill the beans. Whitney implies Theresa enjoyed making love to Ethan. Theresa says her feelings for Ethan are back. She doesn’t love him and wants Fox but doesn’t understand what to do. She still has some feelings for Ethan. Theresa decides to tell Fox the truth. She sends Whitney to get Fox. Theresa is so upset. She begins to explain her dirty deeds to Fox. She decides to be honest with him. He is curious yet looks hurt by what she is saying.

Tabithia has a very disturbed look on her face. She can’t see Kay through her magic bowl because she has lost her reception. We only see static when looking into the bowl. She is worried and curious about Kay’s whereabouts. She tries to communicate with Kay but doesn’t have any luck. At this time the scene switches to Charity and Miguel. They are looking for the vicious dog to check on his injuries. They plan on calling the vet to have the dog put out of its misery. They stumble across an injured Kay. Charity calls the ambulance begging for help. Miguel says if Kay doesn’t make it he will never forgive himself. The paramedics arrive. They prepare to take Kay to the emergency room. A police officer also is present. He calls the location a crime scene. Charity explains to the officer she was being attacked by a dog. Miguel was trying to protect Charity from the dog and must have accidentally hit Kay. They had no idea Kay was there. The officer allows them to ride to the hospital with Kay. He realizes Kay is the Chief’s daughter. He tells Miguel to pray for Kay to live or he could be charged with manslaughter. Tabithia finally figures out Kay is hurt. She is beside her self with grief as Kay is her only partner in Harmony.

At the Bennett residence TC and Sam have a physical fight in the kitchen. At this point they are just shoving each other around. The tempers are flaring though. Ivy and Eve break up the fight. They can’t imagine what the men would be fighting about. TC explains how he feels about Ivy. He blames Ivy for coming between Sam and Grace. Sam tries to shut TC up but it doesn’t work. Of course Ivy defends herself and blames Grace. It doesn’t fly with TC he continues to blame Ivy. The men start to fight again. Ivy is happy to hear Sam defended her. TC chimes in making fun of Ivy. Sam tells TC to stay out of his business. At this time TC informs Sam Ivy forced David to return to Harmony. He has a gut feeling Ivy tricked them. Eve defends Ivy to some degree. The phone rings at this time informing Sam to come to the hospital immediately. Charity begs Sam to hurry. While Sam was on the phone Eve was paged by the hospital. Eve and Sam leave. Ivy is told to stay home with Jessica who is sleeping upstairs. TC tells Ivy the conversation is not over but walks out. Ivy sits down to relax with a glass of wine. TC returns to retrieve his keys. He starts in on Ivy again. Ivy talks about how much Sam loves her. She claims she is not up to anything dirty. TC vows to keep his eye on Ivy. He will be waiting for her to make one wrong move. He leaves. She talks to her self. She says if he thinks she is bad wait until he finds out about Eve. We hear a door slam as if TC never left.

In the cave Sheridan and Luis kiss. They talk about the love they shared in the past. We see a short clip of them as Harry and Patience. Luis is feverish. Sheridan wants to see if Antonio is near by hoping he will help Luis get medical attention. He begs her to stay by his side even if he dies he would die happy because of their love. He confesses his love to Sheridan. He explains he never gave up on her even when everyone thought she was dead. They talk about the necklace he gave her centuries ago. In the meantime Hank and Antonio are on the boat searching for Luis and Sheridan. Antonio vows to never give up on Sheridan. They talk about how they looked treasures on the island when they were kids. They were always told Pirates from centuries ago buried treasures there. Once again Antonio doesn’t want to give up on the search for his wife and promises to kill Luis. Back inside the cave Luis and Sheridan kiss. The scene picks up with Harry and Patience. They confess their love. Andrew finds them and a fight between him and Harry breaks out. Patience begs Andrew to spare Harry’s life. She confesses her love for Harry to Andrew. She tries to protect him. Andrew gives her permission to be with the pirate. He never wants to see her again. Antonio talks about killing Luis again. Back to the pirate episode Andrew once again gives Patience permission to be with her true love. He leaves while she kisses Harry. We see someone walk into the cave and shoot at Harry and Patience. The voice is just like Alistair’s.

At the hospital Sam is shocked to see Kay and her condition. Eve makes him leave the room. Miguel and Charity start to talk to Sam as Tabithia looks through her magic bowl. Sam wants to know how Kay was hurt. Tabithia heads to the hospital. Charity starts to explain what happened to Kay. Miguel says it is his entire fault he is the one to blame. Sam pushes him up against the wall. Kay’s blood pressure is dropping. She is barely hanging on.

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