Passions Update Friday 6/4/04

Passions Update Friday 6/4/04

By Renee
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Friday on Passions Faith watches Ivy choke on a piece of fruit. She wants Ivy to pay for what she did to Grace. Sam finally returns to the living room to find Ivy choking. He tries to dislodge the piece of fruit from her throat. She is unable to talk or move. Sam finally dislodges it. Ivy coughs and becomes unconscious. Faith leaves to do her best to help Charity and Miguel. Sam calls Dr. Russell and explains what happened. Eve agrees to check on Ivy. Sam makes Ivy comfortable by propping up her feet with a pillow. Eve arrives with TC. She puts an ammonia pack under Ivy’s nose. She wakes up. Eve says her body was stressed and the lack of oxygen made her faint. She is fine. Sam saved her life. Sam hugs Ivy and tells her he can’t imagine life without her. They kiss. Eve suggests Ivy chew her food better next time. Sam offers them some coffee. TC goes to the kitchen with Sam leaving the woman alone. They discuss Ivy blackmailing Eve. Eve vows to take Ivy down with her when her past is revealed. She knows sometime somehow it will all be. Ivy doesn’t see how TC or Sam would find out about their past. Luis gave the files back to Alistair to save his mother. Eve reminds Ivy that Liz has it out for her. Ivy doesn’t understand why Eve would bring her down. Why wouldn’t she after her blackmailing her for years? Eve hasn’t had any luck getting rid of Liz but informs Ivy to let her know if she figures out a way. In the kitchen TC and Sam are making coffee. They talk about spending more time together when TC starts in on Ivy. He thinks she is a terrible monster and doesn’t trust her. Sam defends Ivy but TC still criticizes her. Sam reminds TC Grace is the one that left him and it has nothing to do with Ivy. TC has his normal rage and says he will not allow Ivy to hurt Sam. They talk about them being best friends. TC finds out Sam and Ivy made love. He suggests Sam is thinking with his zipper not his head. Sam basically tells him to shut the hell up. They are in a heated conversation. Sam accuses him of having to many hard feelings about Julian and blaming them on Ivy. He calls Ivy evil. Sam says he has no proof of that. TC thinks Julian and Ivy belong together. Sam once again defends her. TC wants to blame Ivy for Grace and Sam’s problems. He grabs Sam by the arm and tells him he can’t move on with Ivy. Sam wont let him talk trash about Ethan’s mom. He sticks his finger in Sam’s face. He doesn’t care if TC trusts Ivy or not. TC calls Ivy poison. Sam tells TC to keep his mouth shut or he will shut it for him.

Miguel yells for Charity who is still being chased by the angry dog. Tabithia watches through her magic bowl. She hopes Kay (the dog) will pounce on Charity and get one good bite before Miguel rescues Charity. Charity screams loud enough Miguel figures out her location. As soon as he yells for her the dog turns and goes towards him. He is standing on a drawbridge. The dog jumps on Miguel causing him to fall. Of course he didn’t fall far as the bridge was small. Tabithia is still cheering for Kay. She wants Charity dead as of yesterday. She wonders how Miguel knew Charity was in trouble. At this time Faith appears to Tabithia. She is the reason Miguel is trying to save Charity. Faith finds out Kay is actually the hound dog. She vows to stop Tabithia from killing her daughter. Tabithia explains the dog may bite Miguel and it would be all Faith’s fault. Looking in the magic bowl we see Charity and Miguel again. Charity wants to hit the dog with a big stick to protect Miguel. He advises her to run away before the dog can attack her again. As soon as those words came out of his mouth the dog runs for Charity. Miguel hits it many times with a stick but this doesn’t seem to help. The dog is full of rage. Tabithia tells Faith to go away. This is the dark version of Family Feud. They argue over good and evil. The dog bites a stick Charity has in her hand. Faith yells for Charity to hang on she will find a way to save her. Tabithia just laughs and shows no worry. Faith begs a higher power from the heavenly angels to help her. Tabithia laughs but then sees Faith is a human now. Faith reaches into the magic bowl and picks up the dog lifting it several feet off the ground. Charity and Miguel are shocked by what they see. They can hear Charity’s mothers voice also. Tabithia and Faith struggle over the bowl. Tabithia tries to pull Faith backwards forcing her to let go of the dog. They both fall backwards, which frees the dog. The dog runs off but returns to attack Charity. Miguel picks up a long metal rod. He hits the dog with it. The dog isn’t phased. Miguel tells Charity he has to kill the dog. At this time the dog runs away and Miguel throws the metal rod at it. We see the dog turn into Kay. She can’t talk but yelps like a dog. The metal rod went into her left side and sticks out on the right side. She can’t get up and is badly hurt. Miguel and Charity hear the dog yelping but do not see it. They decide to take it to the vet. They walk towards Kay. Faith and Tabithia choke each other. Faith falls to the floor. Tabithia gets Endora to zap Faith. She disappears. Tabithia looks in the bowl but cant see Kay yet.

On the island Antonio continues to holler for Sheridan. Hank helps him look for them. Luis is not feeling well. Sheridan insists he needs medical attention. She starts to run towards Antonio but Luis stops her. He just needs a little more time with her and then she will remember their love. She worries about his health if he doesn’t see a doctor soon. We hear Antonio calling her name over and over. We can tell he is getting closer because his voice gets louder each time he calls her name. Luis begs Sheridan for more time once again. Hank and Antonio continue to yell. Antonio is waving a gun around. He swears he heard and seen Luis and Sheridan. He tells Hank he will kill Luis when he finds them. Hank wants Antonio to get a grip again before he does something he will regret. He calls out for his wife again. (Normally when I write the summary I don’t add opinions but I cant help it today. If Hank is a police officer why doesn’t he take the gun away from Antonio or at least threaten to arrest him if he shoots at Luis. The way he is waving the gun around would make me completely nervous. He has a loaded gun moving it around while he speaks. GOSH!) Luis is happy Sheridan is worried about him. Her concern convinces him she still loves him. He says he will die if she leaves him. He explains to Sheridan Dr. Ackland insisted she would remember her love for him if they had time together. This is the reason he kidnapped her in the first place. Sheridan apologizes to Luis but runs off to find her husband. Luis is alone and talks to himself. He thinks Antonio has won. Sheridan loves him now. He has lost. Hank suggests they head back to the boat. Antonio refuses and thinks Sheridan is bound and gagged. Sheridan over hears Antonio threatening to kill Luis. She is worried one of the men will end up dead. She knows Luis needs medical attention. She figures Hank will help her protect Luis. However she returns to Luis without Antonio seeing her. Antonio is yelling at Luis now threatening to kill him. Sheridan helps Luis into a cave. They hide from Antonio. She covers Luis with a blanket. He is getting sicker and has fever. She starts a fire as he is freezing. She says Luis is making her uncomfortable. He thinks she is starting to remember their love. He says soon they will be together. She decides to save him with body heat and takes off her bathing suit. In the meantime Antonio sees footprints but they are erased when a wave washes them away. Finally Hank tells Antonio to stop waving the gun around. LOL. They return to the boat. Antonio promises to kill Luis for the millionth time. Luis and Sheridan are snuggled up. He talks about his love for her and notices she is wearing a necklace he gave her. He talks about their past as Harry and Patience. We see a small clip of Harry and Patience. They are inside a cave similar to the one Luis and Sheridan is in at the moment. Andrew finds them in the cave. They start to fight. We are back to Luis and Sheridan as themselves LOL. They talk about their love and we get to see a kiss between them.

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