Passions Update Wednesday 6/2/04

Passions Update Wednesday 6/2/04

By Renee
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On Wednesday Passions began with Sam and Ivy. They make a toast to each other while sitting on the couch. They kiss as Faith’s ghost appears. She vows to punish Ivy for destroying her sister’s life. However she has to help Charity first. She begs for help and guidance to see the danger Charity is up against. Sam and Ivy are still kissing unable to see or hear the real Faith. All the sudden we can see Tabithia through a picture frame sitting on an end table. (These scenes jump back and forth a lot so we see several of the storylines together through picture frames acting at TV’s.) Faith notices Tabithia eating popcorn while watching Charity run from the angry dog. She blames Tabithia for taking her life and now doing her best to take her daughters. She also blames Ivy for ruining her family. She yells for Charity as she floats in the air. Looking through the magic bowl we see the dog growling viciously at Charity. Tabithia is so happy she is taking Charity’s life at the same location she took Faith’s. Charity yells for her mother’s help. The dog attacks Charity pulling on her sleeve. She begs her mother for help again. Faith watches through a picture frame and vows to get help from Miguel. She has no powers on Earth. Miguel stands outside of the Bennett’s house. He promised to lend Charity some CD’s. Faith hopes she can notify Miguel to help Charity before it’s to late. We hear Charity calling for help. There are two picture frames on the wall in Charity’s room. We see Charity in one and Miguel in the other. Faith begs a higher power to give her strength to warn Miguel and help Charity. All the sudden the window opens and high wind blows in. Faith screams. Sam, Ivy and Miguel are at the door. They run upstairs to see what is happening. The dog is still after Charity but all the sudden it calms down. Charity is in a woody area. There is a fireplace still standing but the house is burned down. I assume this is Charity and her mothers old home. The dog yelps and runs off. She figures the dog is hurt. We see the dog turn into Kay. Tabithia watches this in her magic bowl. Charity is about to discover its Kay. Miguel rushes into Charity’s bedroom. Faith is in her room also. Tabithia gets Endora to put another spell on Kay. She is a dog again. She chases Charity again. Ivy closes the window. The wind is still very strong. Faith appears again. She is trying to warn Miguel. He decides to wait for Charity in her room. Faith wants revenge on Ivy for what she has done. She walks through Ivy’s body. Ivy feels as if someone walked over her grave. They leave Miguel in the room. He starts to read a book. Faith tries to contact him. She has no power to touch anything though. She tries knocking things over but it doesn’t work. Again she begs for powers from a higher power. A mirror in the room fogs over. She writes Save Charity in the mirror. Miguel sees it, as does Tabithia. Miguel doesn’t know where to find Charity. We then flash over to see Charity running from the mean dog. She is at a dead end. It’s a huge cliff. At the end of the cliff is lots of water. She has nowhere to go. She slips and falls off the cliff. She tried to hang on but had no luck. Tabithia is over filled with joy. She believes Charity is dead.

Liz walks on the pier talking to her self as usual. She is gloating and happy just thinking about destroying Eve. At this time Julian walks up behind her and grabs her by the arm slinging her around. She still has a sassy grin on her face as he damns her. He confronts her about snooping around in his past. He informs her he knows about her talking to the cop that worked the accident years ago. She announces Eve was driving the car not Julian. Julian denies it. Liz read the files on Alistair so she knows the truth. Julian says she can’t prove anything. Liz wants him to confess Eve’s past to TC. This way Eve would be free to be with Julian. She tries to convince Julian to call TC. He puts a stop to her criticism. He will not destroy Eve. Liz says Eve could be happy with Julian. He doesn’t think so. He doesn’t want to be like his father. His mother was miserable because of Alistair. Julian is determined to never be like a monster. Alistair starts clapping and appears. He says Julian is not a man at all. Alistair questions Liz. She tells him to stay out of her business. He doesn’t own her. He swears he owns everyone in Harmony regardless of his or her skin color. She better abide by his rules or else. She slaps him. He will make her pay the penalty for slapping him. She has nothing to hide. Although Alistair whispers in her hear and she runs off very shocked and upset. Seems like he knows something dirty on her. Julian wonders what her secret is. Alistair will not tell him. Alistair announces every citizen in Harmony has secrets and he will use them. Julian is told to go home to his bottle and a maid. He will kill Julian and Eve if their past is revealed.

Eve opens the door to TC’s shed. She talks to her self about the misery she has caused her family. She has a flashback of Julian telling her he was the one driving the car. She realizes TC would hate her regardless if she was driving or not if he found out she was involved with Julian. TC walks in and hears her talking about him hating her. He wants to know what she is talking about. She dismisses it as nothing. He doesn’t want secrets between them. He has kept this secret from her for twenty-five years. Eve wants to know why he didn’t confide in her. She wants to share the good and the bad times with him. She wants to know why he didn’t trust her. He hugs her and slips out that Liz knew. Eve is upset. She can’t understand why he told Liz but not his own wife. Eve is shocked he confided in a total stranger. He explains it was an accident that Liz seen the car. TC says he is very angry about the accident but also grateful. The accident ruined his life but also gave him his life. If it weren’t for the car crash he wouldn’t have met Eve. She can’t get past the fact he confided in Liz and not her. He suggests she talk to someone. He doesn’t mean a doctor. Liz walks in at this time. TC wants Eve to talk to Liz. He thinks this will help her get over some of her resentment. He walks out. Eve tells Liz to return to her little island and leave her alone. Liz brags about knowing about the car before Eve. She continues to taunt and make her normal threats to Eve. Eve wants her to shut up and starts to cry. Liz says even if her mouth remains shut her secrets will be revealed. Eve says she will never lose anything to Liz and walks out. Liz hopes she can keep Alistair at bay.

Hank and Antonio yell for Sheridan. She yells back but Luis stops her and demands more time to prove she loves him. She thinks Luis sounds crazy with his accusations. Her heart tells her to return to her husband Antonio. At this time Antonio hears Sheridan yell for him. Hank doesn’t hear anything. Antonio swears to kill his damn brother as soon as he finds him. Sheridan is waving her hands and yelling when Luis covers her mouth with his hands. She tries to fight him off. He finally reminds her of his love for her. He tells her about their past life as Harry and Patience. They were also together on the Titanic. He begs Sheridan to listen to him without calling out for Antonio. She has to worry about this lifetime not three hundred years ago. She runs away from Luis. He chases her and all the sudden we hear a fall and they are both passed out beside a huge rock. The dream of Harry and Patience begins at this time. Patience walks in a barn to pick up her horse. She hears a horse but doesn’t see anyone. The horses name is Firecracker. Harry is in the barn also. He swings on a rope and is face to face with her. He wants to convince her to leave with him. She is still wearing his necklace. She calls him mad. He says he is only mad with love. He begs her to be with him. She talks about the life of a pirate. They kiss. Its getting hot and heavy between them. Patience feels faint but tells Harry not to compliment himself. Firecracker goes crazy raring up. He is the wildest and meanest horse ever. Harry can tame him he says. Harry wants to show Patience his world. They kiss again. He will give her freedom. She puts his pirate hat back on him. They start to leave together. Andrew walks in and tells Harry to prepare to die. They pull their swords and fight all over the barn. Patience is nervous and worried about both men. It seems like they sword fight forever. Finally the fight ends for a moment when Andrew catches Harry off guard. His sword is against Harry’s neck. Patience begs Andrew not to kill him. Harry gets the upper hand and the fight continues. The horse goes crazy when Andrew falls into the stall. Patience then begs Harry to help him. Harry calms the horse down by a simple touch. Andrew tries to kill Harry again. Harry kisses Patience and promises to return when she least expects it. He takes off. Andrew wants to know if the savage hurt her. She says he will be back I know he will while she holds the necklace around her neck. Luis wakes up from the dream. Sheridan calls out Harry’s name in her sleep. Antonio yells for Sheridan. She wakes up to hear him. Hank doesn’t see anything but Antonio swears he sees them. Sheridan is waving her hands in the air and calling for her husband. Luis vows to kill Antonio before he takes Sheridan back.


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