Passions Update Tuesday 6/1/04

Passions Update Tuesday 6/1/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

On Tuesday’s episode of Passions Kay is shocked Tabitha wants her to kill Charity. They discuss ways to get rid of Charity while looking into Tabitha's magic bowl. She explains to Kay they have tried to spare Charity’s life but their plans have failed. Kay seems to believe if Evil Faith will stay sweet and nice Charity will listen to her and stay away from Miguel. Tabitha has her doubts and realizes Charity will never leave Miguel because she loves him too much. They look into the magic bowl and we see Charity hugging Evil Faith. Charity is excited that her mother paid her a visit. Evil Faith tries to talk Charity into leaving Miguel. Charity refuses. Evil Faith yells at Charity showing her evil side again. Tabitha informs Kay she has to kill Charity immediately. She reminds Kay Charity will not walk away from Miguel. Kay hates Charity but doesn’t want to kill her. We see Evil Faith warn Charity to leave Miguel again. Charity is convinced she belongs with Miguel. Kay doesn’t want to kill Charity but Tabitha claims she has a back up plan. Kay wonders what her plan could be. Tabitha informs Kay she will kill Charity. It gets very dark in the house as Tabitha puts a spell on Kay. She has to do exactly what Tabitha tells her no matter what. She is completely and utterly under Tabitha's control. Kay is in a trance and vows to kill Charity. Tabitha takes a bottle of green poison and brushes it on Kay’s teeth. This will kill Charity when Kay bites her. Tabitha says she will not be herself when she attacks Charity. Kay’s teeth glow. Tabitha tells her she is ready. At this time Kay is turned into a dog. Tabitha calls her an impressive bitch. She instructs her to kill Charity. She pets the dog while explaining when the cops find Charity dead they will never suspect a human. The dog appears in a woody area where Charity is talking to Evil Faith. They discuss Miguel again. Evil Faith disappears. Charity begs her to stay but it doesn’t work. The dog is very close to Charity. She yells for her mother to return. The dog growls and jumps on Charity.

In the library Rebecca questions Julian about a phone call. She figures it has to do with Eve Russell. Julian blames the phone call and his mood on business. He stands to lose a lot of money. Rebecca doesn’t want her husband to be stressed and offers to relieve him. She massages his neck and tries to seduce him. She has some new costumes and wants them to try them out. Julian agrees. Rebecca rushes out of the room. She is excited Julian has agreed to her plans. Julian vows to help Eve. She has no memory of the accident.

In the shed TC, Liz, and Eve talk about the accident. TC remembers seeing a shadow and believes someone else was in the car with Julian the night of the crash. Liz loves to hear this! She taunts Eve without TC looking. Eve is devastated. TC doesn’t know who was in the car with Julian the night of the accident. Liz asks Eve if she has a clue to who was in the car. Eve doesn’t answer but Liz keeps asking. TC takes up for Eve. He knows Eve wouldn’t have any dealings with Julian nor was she in Harmony at this time. She came from a good family. Liz gives a little speech while she is very aggravated and full of hate. She looks Eve in the eye and talks about how many scum buckets pretty them selves up to be something they are not. People allow them into their lives and are blind to their true colors. She insists Eve agree with her on her little nasty comments. At this time Eve receives a phone call on her cell. It’s Julian. He notifies her Liz has been snooping around about the accident. He wants to talk to Eve and inform her of some details. She agrees to meet him. Eve explains to TC she needs to check on a patient. He doesn’t want her to worry about his past problems. He is so happy she was there for him afterwards. She helped him deal with his addiction to pain pills. He will always depend on her and her support. This makes her feel very guilty. Of course Liz talks to her self-hoping TC will finally learn the truth. After Eve leaves Liz tries to refresh TC’s memory. He thinks it was one of Julian’s whores. Liz agrees. Liz suggests it was not Julian driving the car. She thinks a woman was behind the wheel. TC thinks Liz could be right. She talks to her self again hoping TC figures it all out.

On the beach Luis lies in Sheridan’s lap dreaming. Sheridan hopes she did the right thing by hiding from Antonio. Luis continues his dream about Harry and Patience. (Luis and Sheridan were Harry and Patience back in the 1700’s). They are standing on the pier Harry asks Patience if she is staring at him because of her interest in him or because she hasn’t seen a pirate before. She thinks he has a high opinion of himself and starts to leave but falls over the pier. He jumps in after her. Andrew stands on the pier yelling to Patience. Harry has saved her life. He lays her on the pier and she coughs up water. She realizes he saved her life and starts to kiss him. Andrew holds a gun on Harry. He wants to arrest him for kidnapping the governor’s daughter. Patience informs him Harry saved her life. Andrew wonders why she defends him. Patience wants Harry set free. He agrees because of his love for her. He tells Harry to leave before he changes his mind. Andrew hugs Patience while Harry watches. Harry talks to himself saying he will meet up with Patience later on in life. Later Andrew talks to Patience about Harry. He wants her to be more careful in the past. He trashes Harry’s name. She defends him and sees him looking from a balcony. She sighs and Andrew decides to see who is there. Patience stops him. She is hungry. Andrew orders the cook to bring her some soup. When he leaves the room she sneaks out on the balcony to see Harry. She warns him he will be killed if discovered. He wants to share the soup with her as he is starving. He knows she will not turn him into Andrew. He pulls her close and gives her a necklace. His father gave him the necklace before he went away. He puts around her neck. He vows to come back and see her. They kiss. Patience hears Andrew and orders Harry to leave. He agrees but promises to return. He admits she has his heart. Andrew wonders why she is on the balcony. She is very happy and content. The scene returns to the beach. Luis is talking in his sleep. He wakes up and tells her they are destined to be together. Their souls are one. We hear Antonio calling Sheridan. She doesn’t remember her love for Luis. He begs her to stay with him. She yells for Antonio.

Eve meets up with Julian in his library. She is upset. She remembers bits and pieces of an accident. She begs Julian to tell her the truth. He announces she was in the car the night of the horrible accident. She breaks down in tears. She wants to know why Julian never told her. At this time Julian reminds her she didn’t know TC at the time of the crash. Although Eve didn’t have a driver’s license back then she was the one driving. She is hysterical. Julian has a flashback of Eve driving his car. Julian lies to Eve saying he was the one driving. She thinks he is just saying that to protect her. He sticks to his story. He was drunk and driving the car. Eve still cries but is relived it wasn’t her driving. They hug. She pushes him away and says their love has cost them too much. He reminds her they have a son. She is depressed over the condition of her life. She feels very guilty and blames herself for every problem she has with her family. She realizes she should put her family first and wants to put an end to these lies. She understands their relationship is destructive. She starts to leave and tells him he will never see her again. She is very upset and demands him to stay away from her. This demand includes phone calls. Julian tells Eve he loves her. She hopes he will never contact her again. She runs out while he begs her to change her mind. He is devastated. Rebecca enters the room. She must have heard it all because she understands it is finally over between him and Eve. He is not in the mood to hear her gloat. She admits she hasn’t seen Julian this way before. She acts sincere and suggests Julian to fight for Eve. She should hate Eve but doesn’t. She envies Eve because she has Julian’s true unconditional love. Rebecca knows she hasn’t and never will. She has made her bed and will lie in it. She settled for money and a name. She realizes now love matters more than she ever imagined. She knows nobody has ever loved her that way. She wonders how it must feel. She sheds a few tears. She tells him goodnight.


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