Passions Update Tuesday 5/18/04

Passions Update Tuesday 5/18/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Sam chases after Ivy (at the beach?); she is still upset and urges him to call Grace. He tells her that he doesn't want Grace, he wants her. He kisses her passionately. He tells her that Grace is all in the past. He wants to move on with Ivy and start their future right now. They kiss some more. Ivy is still unsure about Grace, so he keeps telling her how he feels and kissing her. He suggests they make love right now. Next we see them lying on the beach and kissing.

Tabitha watches the people of Harmony through her big mystical pot. She hopes that her phone call kept that mysterious couple in Mexico. She says if they return, it will rock the town to its core. She wonders what will happen if Pilar dies. Tabitha is unsure as to which situation to handle first, so the dark powers show her pictures of Luis, Antonio and Sheridan, helping her make that decision. She plans to make Antonio do her bidding, to keep Shuis apart.

Paloma is pouting and telling the mysterious couple, Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, that her family sent her away, so she doesn't give a darn about them. She doesn't want to return their call. The man won't let Paloma go out dressed in a short, tight dress and insists that she call her family. Paloma agrees, since she has no choice....but she holds down the receiver behind her back so they can't see she's not really calling. She pretends to leave a message on the answering machine. She agrees to change her clothes. Mrs. Wheeler is worried about how angry Paloma is. They mention "if only Paloma knew" who they really were. They wonder again about the phone call warning them not to go back to Harmony. She thinks that maybe they will have to face up to what they did long ago. He assures her that it was done for love. She still frets. He says that if she really wants to go back, he will. Paloma comes in and wonders why they would want to go there. They say that they want to support Paloma with her family troubles. They admire her more modest outfit. They keep worrying about the people in Harmony and whether Paloma has been scarred by being separated from her family. They go to bed. Paloma is about to leave when she is greeted by a handsome man who comes up to kiss her. She takes off her conservative outfit to reveal the same short, tight red dress she was wearing before. They leave together, laughing.

Eve tries to save Pilar, who is slipping away. She yells for the family to leave quickly as the crash cart comes in. She works to bring Pilar back as everyone watches anxiously. Julian tells Luis how sorry he is. Julian thinks that Luis is right about Alistair brainwashing Sheridan. Luis is depressed because now he will lose his mother as well as Sheridan. Meanwhile, Eve injects adrenaline into Pilar's heart. It works. Eve tells the family that Pilar's pulse is now strong. It seems that the drugs are now working for Pilar and it looks like she'll recover. They are all very happy. Whitney is upset that Julian is there for Eve. Sheridan asks Antonio to put his family differences aside and make amends with Luis, but he won't. Antonio wants to leave and come back when there's no one else there, so he and Sheridan leave. Eve urges them all to go home and get rest after they visit Pilar. Fox mentions Julian to the nurse, and she blabs the whole story about how Julian had a gunshot wound and got the wrong blood, but it was okay because it was a relative. Fox is concerned that Julian didn't mention getting shot, and he wonders who the donor was.

Eve shows a file to Julian that will help them find their son, once she goes on the computer to search. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney talk about his donating his rare blood type to the blood bank at the hospital.

Pilar's other children (except Antonio) visit her; she looks much better and is no longer wheezing. She is a little upset that Antonio is not there. They all kiss her goodnight as they leave to let her get some rest. Miguel thanks Luis for what he gave up to save their mother's life. Theresa thanks him, too. They hug. Luis still has hope that he will someday get back with Sheridan.

Antonio and Sheridan are packing. She says they shouldn't leave while he's still estranged from his family. They discuss it but he is determined to go to St. Lisa's tomorrow.

Tabitha draws on Antonio's picture; a black cat walks out of the picture, and she sends it off to see Antonio. Then she burns his picture, telling him to follow the cat, who will lead him to her flat. The cat goes to see Antonio, bewitching him. Antonio follows the cat (in only his pants, LOL!) in a trance. Sheridan returns, wondering where Antonio is. She hopes he is not out looking for Luis. She hurries to get dressed.

Luis looks at a picture of Sheridan and vows to get her back.

The cat returns home, bringing Antonio. He's a bit dazed (even more than usual!) and wonders why he's there. She says he came there for help. She warns him to keep Luis away from Sheridan and says she will help him get rid of Luis.

Eve and Luis search for their son in the hospital donors' database. Eve worries that if their son is in Harmony, he might mate with one of her daughters. Meanwhile, Whitney is upset as usual about Eve and Julian being together. She worries about what other secrets Eve might have. Eve finds that there is a privacy lock on the donors so she can't get the information she wanted. Chad and Whitney kiss.

Fox tells Theresa what he's worried about (with Julian and the blood donor). He's worried that some bastard kid of Julian's is out there. Fox could lose everything if he's no longer the sole male heir. He rants to Theresa about how he used to have to compete to Ethan, but lately he's been the golden boy. He worries what will happen now if Julian has another son. She tries to reassure him, saying that Julian wouldn't give his fortune to someone who wasn't a full Crane heir, and that Alistair wouldn't approve, either. Fox feels better about that.

Luis is awakened by Sheridan pounding on his door. He is half-asleep and she is frantic, worried that he's alright. Tabitha shows Antonio that they are together at Luis' place. Luis is touched that she was so worried about him. He says it's because he's the one she really loves. As usual, she tells him that she's in love with Antonio and plans to stay with forever. To change her mind, Luis grabs her and kisses her as Antonio watches through the bowl.

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