Passions Update Monday 5/17/04

Passions Update Monday 5/17/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita


Sam finds Ivy sitting by herself, thinking about Pilar. He tells her that the drug Alistair got for her is not working. Ivy feels great sympathy for Pilar and her family, particularly Luis. Sam and Ivy are thinking about their own "great love", like LUis and Sheridan's. Sam gets a text message from Grace, and Ivy notices how his face lights up. She says that despite their closeness, Grace is still the only one in his heart. He says of course he still has feelings for Grace, since he thought they were married for 25 years and they had children together. He talks about John and David, and everything that happened. She apologizes for being accusatory. She can't imagine feeling that way about Julian. He says that he really loved Grace; it wasn't the farce that she and Julian had. He dredges up the past more and talks about what he learned from it. Sam talks about how he buried his memories of Ivy by leaving town, then later in his marriage to Grace. She says she did the opposite, remembering every moment with him. He reminds her that they're not innocent teens any more. He gets another text message from Grace. She points out that Grace still loves him because it's the middle of the night where she is. She knows that Grace regrets losing him because she felt that same way years ago. She goes into detail about how she felt. She knows Grace is slowly dying inside, the same way she was. He asks if she honestly believes that Grace still loves him. She replies that she does, the same way she still loves him. He turns away, not knowing what to think. She wonders which one of them he loves. She wishes she had handled things differently. He tells her she shouldn't be so hard on herself. She tells him again that both she and Grace love him. She asks what the text messages say. He says Grace is just asking about the Founder's Day dance and whether the girls went and had fun. Ivy knows that this is just Grace's way of checking to see if Sam went to the dance or whether he was sitting at home pining for her. He agrees that could be right. Ivy goes on again about the past and how she felt, and how Grace felt. It's very sweet, in a way. She quietly wishes he could say he loved her again. She tells him to just get in touch with Grace, as she walks away. He stops her but she runs off, upset.


Eve and Julian talk about how tragic it is that Pilar is dying, with everything Luis sacrificed to get her the drug. They talk about finding their son again. Julian tells her that he's going to stay around the hospital. If Pilar dies tonight, he wants to be there for Eve. A nurse comes out and says there's been a terrible mistake with her patient. The nurse says that the blood that Julian was given was not his own. She assures Eve that the blood matches his and it was safe, and that she will reprimand everyone involved. Julian notes that he has a rare blood type. Eve agrees and says that only a close family member or one of his children would have the same type. She wonders if the person who donated blood was their son. Eve goes to the computer to find some information about the donor. She confirms that it's male. She smiles and says that this could be their son. Julian, not ready to believe that, says that it could have been Fox who donated the blood. Eve gets paged and says that Paloma is fading fast.

The priest reads the last rites over Pilar. Antonio, Miguel, Theresa, Fox, Whitney, and Chad are also there. Antonio says to Miguel that he wishes Paloma was here because he knows that she would like to see her baby sister one last time. Miguel says he left messages for her. Antonio wonders where Luis and Sheridan went. Miguel reminds him that Luis is praying in the chapel. Pilar urges Antonio to forgive Luis and not be mad at him. He looks unsure but she begs him. She tells them to stay close and remember they are blood. She asks them to make sure Paloma knows that they love her. They promise to do so. She asks for Luis, so Fox goes to get him, but Antonio stops him and insists on going instead.

In the chapel, Sheridan is very touched that Luis gave up the proof about the brainwashing to save his mother. She says it reminds her of why she first fell in love with him, so he thinks she remembers their love now. He kisses her before she can set him straight. He babbles on and keeps kissing her. Antonio comes in and sees them. He grabs Luis and throws him across the room. Luis triumphantly tells Antonio that Sheridan will be with him now because she just told him that she loves him. She agrees that she did say that. As usual, Sheridan is strangely silent. Antonio punches Luis, saying she won't be with Luis if he can help it. Sheridan yells at them, reminding them they are in a chapel. Sheridan says they misunderstood her. She loves Luis like a brother-in-law because of the sacrifice he made. Antonio is surprised and asks if he really did that. All Luis cares about is that Sheridan doesn't love him any more. She tells him gently that she doesn't love him in that way. She loves her husband and they're going to stay married. They argue some more, and then the nurse comes to get them to tell them that Pilar is not doing well.

Pilar's family pleads with Eve to do something, but she says there is nothing left for her to do. Theresa cries and says it can't be happening. Pilar's breathing sounds really horrible, like the air slowly being let out of a balloon. They each prepare to say goodbye. Miguel tells Pilar that they are very grateful for how hard she worked, what she taught them, etc. They are sorry for the times they messed up or didn't listen to her. Julian watches them sadly. Theresa, sobbing, pledges to make sure that Little Ethan knows what a wonderful grandma she was. Pilar wheezes, looking near death.

Fox and Julian share a close moment. Julian remembers when his mother died and how they all felt. He asks Fox if he's donated blood recently. Fox wonders why he asks, so Julian explains that Pilar's blood disease reminds him that he should donate again. Fox replies that he hasn't since he's been back, but he should. Julian agrees that everyone should. Whitney is glaring at Julian, so he leaves. Fox is still suspicious about why Julian asked him that. Eve goes outside and talks to Julian about how upset she is about Pilar. He consoles her. She wishes Pilar could live long enough to see Paloma again. He puts his hand on her shoulder. She hopes they don't die before they get to see their son. They discuss how they can figure out which donor is their son. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney get drinks from a vending machine. He drops his donor card, so she picks it up, not realizing he was a donor. He says that he does so regularly and that everyone should. Whitney wonders if a massive blood transfusion would've helped Pilar.

Antonio, Sheridan and Luis finally make it to Pilar's room. Sheridan draws Antonio aside and tells him that now is not the time to be angry and that he should forgive Luis. Antonio says he wants to make sure that Luis never gets close to her again. She asks sarcastically if he's planning on killing Luis. Miguel says he's sorry that Luis had to give us his chance to get Sheridan back. Luis notes that now he might lose them both. Pilar stops breathing and they all learn close, wondering if she's gone.


A mysterious man and woman are at home in Puerto Arena, Mexico. A group of school girls walk out, so the woman asks where Paloma is. She's told that Paloma is coming along (I think). The woman can't get over the phone call she got yesterday from someone, telling her not to go back to Harmony. She can't imagine who knows where she is. He wonders if she didn't dream it, but she's sure it was real. They debate whether to tell Paloma that her family called. Paloma comes in and asks who called for her. They tell her that someone in Harmony called her. She goes to phone Pilar but gets her answering machine. She is unconcerned. Paloma confers with her friends; they make plans to meet there after changing from their school clothes. The woman tells the man that Paloma should be home with both of her parents. She hopes Paloma hasn't been scarred for life. He says they did the best they could. Later, Paloma and her friends emerge dressed to the nines; they are going out clubbing. The man and woman stop Paloma dead in her tracks just as they're leaving. She turns around and looks guilty. They point out that she's not dressed properly and that her Aunt Maria would not improve. She points out that they aren't her parents and her Aunt Maria is not there. She intends to go out. They stop her again and ask if she shouldn't phone home again. If something's wrong, she should know what it is. She doesn't really care, since they sent her so far away.


Liz and T.C. talk about the car in the shed. She wonders what he can find that he couldn't find before. He doesn't know, but he's determined to find proof. She wonders to herself how she can tell him who caused the accident without setting off his temper (she's worried he might hurt her). He tells her that it's nice of her to be there, especially considering how he acted earlier. He says he wasn't mad at her. He gripes about what would have happened if Luis hadn't given Alistair the CD's back. He vows to get the proof against Julian that he needs. Liz whispers to herself that he doesn't see what's happening right now with Eve and Julian. T.C. tells Liz in detail about his fateful car accident. Liz tells herself that it wasn't Julian driving the car, but when T.C. finds out who it was, he's going to wish it had been Julian. T.C. gets angry again, frustrated about the lack of proof. Liz speculates to herself about how she can get the proof to T.C. without him knowing that she did it.

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