Passions Update Friday 5/14/04

Passions Update Friday 5/14/04

By Lisa
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Tabitha previews chaos that will soon visit Harmony:

Tabitha and Kay watch on as Pilar’s condition continues to deteriorate in the hospital. When Kay spots how close Charity is getting to Miguel she asks for help from harmony’s favorite witch, who gives her the simple solution of using their daughter Maria to get Miguel. She then sets off to the hospital with Maria as a sympathy token. Meanwhile Tabitha is alarmed when her magic bowl breaks out in chaos signifying that the “boys in the basement” are extremely upset over something about to happen. With a little help from Endora, Tabitha is able to see what chaos looms ahead for Harmony residents. The return of a mysterious couple taking care of Paloma Lopez-Fitzgerald in South America is what Tabitha sees and panics at the possibility of their return in the summer of 2004. In an attempt to stop the train-wreck from happening, Tabitha makes a phone call to the couple warning them not to return or make any contact with anyone in Harmony. In South America the couple express their regrets for leaving harmony years ago and their guilt of causing the people there so much pain.

The Lopez-Fiztgerald family prepares to say good-bye to Pilar:

Dr. Russell warns the family that Pilar’s condition is getting worse despite the new experimental drug she has been given. After the news Miguel takes it upon himself to contact never before seen sibling, Paloma urging her to return back to Harmony for their mother. As the family prepares to say their good-bye’s Luis retreats to the hospital chapel to pray for his mother in private. He begs God not to take his mother away from their family just before spotting Sheridan. She confronts him over the accusations he made against her family claiming them as lies just to win her heart back. Meanwhile Antonio visits Pilar who has a dying request of her son….to forgive his brother Luis. Father Lannigan later arrives to read Pilar her last rights which causes the family to be overcome with gloom. Outside her hospital room Antonio is now concerned of the whereabouts of his wife and Luis. Distraught over her confrontation with Luis, Sheridan runs into Eve in the hallway and breaks down in frustration over being lied to by Luis. Eve stops her ranting when she tells her that he gave up the proof he had to Alister in order to save his mother. Shocked by his humbleness she returns to the chapel to apologize. She expresses her admiration for the choice he had to make and admits to seeing him in a whole new light. In a moment f hope, Luis asks if Sheridan now finally remembers her true love for him.

Julian will stop at nothing to please Eve:

Eve is shocked to hear of Julian in the hospital with a gunshot wound and rushes to treat him. Upon her arrival she finds that he has lost a lot of blood from his shoulder flesh wound and is currently unconscious. When he awakes he tells her the unspeakable truth of Alister being the one who pulled the trigger after her tried to steal back the CD’s. Despite his current condition he still vows to find their son for Eve’s sake.

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