Passions Update Tuesday 5/11/04

Passions Update Tuesday 5/11/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the Crane Mansion

Ethan makes love to Theresa, who is wearing a blonde wig and pretending to be Gwen. Theresa hopes Fox forgives her. She just wants to get pregnant again so she can use the baby to trade it for Little Ethan (but, gee, then it would be her baby, too...)

In her limo, Gwen learns that her flight is delayed, possibly canceled, so she decides to go back home. She is anxious to get home to warm his bed. Her driver is very outspoken, asking Gwen about whether it's been a long since she's had sex with her husband. Gwen is reluctant to discuss it, but the woman goes on and on about how women worry about their husbands, so Gwen spills her own insecurities about Theresa. They chat about husbands and keeping them happy. Gwen decides to phone Ethan and let him know she's coming home. Theresa keeps Ethan from answering the phone by keeping his hands and mouth busy. Gwen figures he must be checking on Little Ethan. The limo driver suggests they stop at a store and get some whipped cream, which means Gwen laugh. She says she just wants to go straight home. Gwen goes home; the limo driver comes in with her, admiring the house. Gwen thanks her for the nice girl talk. The woman starts to leave but asks if she's okay. Gwen is just having bad feelings about Theresa, so she puts on a positive attitude. The limo driver leaves but says to herself that she wouldn't be surprised if Gwen's husband is in bed with Theresa right now. Gwen heads into her bedroom.

At the Blue Note

Miguel and Eve hover over Pilar, who lies on the floor. He begs Eve to save her life as he struggles with the idea that Pilar might die. There are ambulance sirens in the background. Eve directs Ivy to hold Pilar's hand while she goes out to the ambulances. Ivy talks to Pilar sweetly about how much Pilar means to her, despite all the arguments they've had. She tells Pilar that she is very important to her and she needs to hold on. Ivy has a speech about Pilar and how strong she has been. She begs her not to die.

Eve fills T.C. and Liz in on what happened and where she's going. T.C. sees Alistair's men near the computer so he goes over to watch them and make sure they don't steal the CD that Luis decoded. Liz asks Eve if she's really going to the hospital to help Pilar, or if she's going to see her lover one more time before her secret comes out. They bicker, as usual. Liz says that there is more dirt than Eve knows on those CD's, including some things about Julian. Eve looks worried.

Luis has a gun on Alistair. He swears he will kill him if he doesn't give Pilar the experimental drug. Hank and Sam tell him to knock it off and not to do anything stupid. Luis reluctantly gives up his gun. Luis insists on speaking to Alistair alone. Alistair taunts Luis that he has to decide now whether to get his mother the help she needs, or to expose Alistair's secrets. Luis discusses the terms of the deal with Alistair. Luis asks Eve to check out the Vartin Project to see if the drug there could help Pilar (to see if Alistair is lying or not). Luis goes back to debating what to do, with Alistair chatting to him about it. Luis will not be able to prove that Alistair brainwashed Sheridan if he gives Alistair back the CD's. Luis tells Alistair to leave and he will let him know what he decides. Alistair jokingly asks him to accept his condolences because either way, he will lose one of the women he loves forever.

Pilar regains consciousness after they put her on the stretcher. Luis and Miguel talk to her. She says she will miss them so much, but they don't want to hear her say goodbye. She goes out again and they take her away to the hospital.

Sheridan and Antonio argue about Luis for the umpteenth time.

Beth asks Alistair what the progress is on his secrets being exposed. Alistair insults Edna and then tells Beth they can't be seen together, so they maneuver it so they are close together but sitting in different places, so it doesn't look like they are conspiring. He tells her that he doesn't know what Luis will do. He instructs Beth to subtly tell Luis what a wonderful woman Pilar is and remind him how much he loves her. Beth is confused but agrees.

Sam consoles Ivy, who is upset about Pilar. Ivy prepares to come clean to Sam, worried that other secrets might come out.

T.C. offers his sympathy about Pilar. T.C. talks about the death of his own father, who died of a broken heart after his car accident. When T.C. talks about crippling Julian, Luis says he thinks Alistair is the real villain and points out how he made Sheridand and Julian suffere their whole lives. T.C. pats him on the back for exposing Alistair. Luis thinks to himself that he wants to save his mother, and Alistair might help him do that, but at what price? He and Sheridan exchange looks. T.C. wonders to Liz how his life will change when the crane secrets come out.

Whitney talks to Chad, thinking that her mother is probably kissing Julian. Chad doesn't think so. He points out about Luis' mother being sick. He hopes his own mother is somewhere being well and in love like he is. He kisses Whitney's shoulders.

Luis asks Sheridan not to leave yet, but Antonio doesn't want to hear what he has to say. Luis tries to tell Antonio about Pilar, but he keeps yelling at him. They argue as usual about Sheridan. Ivy and Sam are interrupted by hearing their shouts, so Sam goes over to stop them from fighting yet again. Inexplicably, no one tells Antonio about Pilar, and they all go back inside, leaving Antonio and Sheridan there. Luis asked Sheridan to stay, so she tells Antonio that something is telling her they should stay.

At the Hospital

Miguel and Charity arrive; he asks Eve about Pilar and whether she's dying. Eve brushes aside his questions and suggests they go visit Pilar. Miguel sits by Pilar's bedside and tells her how much he loves her. Charity is there standing behind him.

Eve chats briefly with Julian about what's going. They realize that if Luis gets that drug for his mother, they may never find their son. They hug. Eve phones and finds out that Alistair was right about the drug. Eve and Julian wrestle with their dilemma. Eve says that if she lies to Luis, they will still find their son. They discuss it. Eve gets a call from Luis, asking her about the drug. Eve tells him that she needs more time to assess the situation. Luis is frantic. Eve and Julian continue to discuss what the right thing to do is. Luis phones again, so she tells him that the drug can probably cure Pilar.

Back at the Blue Note

Alistair shows Luis his camera/phone that has a link to the hospital, showing him Pilar's hospital bed. He asks him to think what it will do to his siblings and whether he can put his own selfish needs ahead of them. He tells Luis to decide. Luis decides that he will give Alistair the CD's if he helps his mother. Alistair jokes that he hasn't heard the word "please". Luis says he makes him sick and he just better save his mother. Alistair agrees. Luis looks at Sheridan and swears that he will be with her someday.

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