Passions Update Monday 5/3/04

Passions Update Monday 5/3/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Monday’s episode of Passions started out with Whitney, Hank, Luis and Chad. Whitney and Chad are prepared to set up the decorations for the Founder’s Day Dance. They notice Hank and Luis is setting up some big screen televisions. Luis explains the use of the TV’s to Whitney and Chad. Luis has the goods on Alistair and will expose him at the Founder’s Day Dance tonight. He will use to the big screen to display the information on the files for everyone to see. This seems to make Whitney a bit nervous. She wonders how Luis received the information against Alistair. He explains his disguise to break into the safe. Whitney is surprised Julian can be ruined by this information. She wants to know if the files contain any information about her family. Luis informs her there are some files on the disks about the Russell’s. Whitney is afraid her mother’s affair with Julian is going to be exposed tonight. Chad says there is nothing she can do to stop it. She wants to stop her dad from attending the dance. Chad reminds Whitney TC will find out regardless. She hates her mother for what she has done to her father. She knows TC will humiliated to hear about his wife’s affair in front of so many people. She leaves hoping to prepare TC for what is about to happen. Chad questions Luis about the information on the files. Luis hasn’t found any regarding Chad at this time. Chad wishes Alistair would have information on his parents.

Eve and Julian continue their heated moment. Someone interrupts surprising Eve. We see Liz and TC opening a door. This scene switches back and forth from Liz and TC to Eve and Julian. We later find out Eve and Julian thought was someone turned on the light switch but in reality the switch is broke. It comes on for no apparent reason sometimes. There was nobody at the door. Liz and TC were actually opening the door to his shed. The writers wanted to keep the viewers in suspense I assume. Finally we learn the truth to the contents of TC’s shed

Theresa and Fox remain at the Crane Mansion. Theresa proves she is pregnant with a pregnancy test. She demands her son back. Ethan, Gwen and Rebecca are also present. Gwen doesn’t believe Theresa is pregnant she figures it is a trick. The odds for an implantation taking the first time are almost impossible. Gwen feels sick as Fox explains Theresa slept with Julian once and ended up pregnant with Little Ethan. Theresa wants to make an exchange Little Ethan for the baby she is carrying. Gwen wants the nightmare to end. She gives a long list of reasons she hates Theresa including Sarah’s death. Theresa replies with a list of things Gwen has done to her. Theresa suggests they can both can be happy and have what they want if they agree on the exchange. Fox thinks the plan sounds perfect. However Rebecca wants Fox to shut up and stay out of it. Theresa promises to take great care of the baby during the pregnancy. Rebecca is nervous during this conversation instructing Gwen to not give in to Theresa. She calls Theresa a black mailing bitch. Ethan wants Gwen to agree to the exchange and make everyone happy. Theresa wants Gwen to hear what she has to say. She just wants Little Ethan back. Gwen understands this is a simple switch and everyone would be happy. She acts like she just might agree to this plan. Rebecca doesn’t want Gwen to allow the exchange and reminds her Theresa killed Sarah. Fox reminds Rebecca she doesn’t have a say in this situation. In fact if she wouldn’t put her nose in their business none of this would have happened. Gwen wants Fox and her mother to remain silent giving her time to think. Of course Rebecca chimes in again. She doesn’t see what Gwen could possibly have to think about. She surely won’t give into Theresa blackmailing her. Gwen says there is only one thing she can do with this situation. She is going to do it also. Theresa is happy to hear Gwen is agreeing to the trade. Theresa jumps up and down with excitement. She hugs Fox and tells Gwen everyone can finally get what they want. She promises once again to take great care of the pregnancy. Gwen tries to interrupt Theresa’s happy dance but Theresa doesn’t listen. She heads upstairs to get her son but Gwen stops her. Theresa agrees and says Little Ethan is probably asleep so she will wait until morning. Rebecca disagrees with Theresa. She doesn’t want her to regain custody of Little Ethan. Gwen puts a stop to Theresa’s excitement quickly. She doesn’t want Theresa sleeping with her son or seeing him. Theresa and Ethan want to know when Theresa can take her son home. Gwen agrees to allow Little Ethan to reunite with his mother as soon as hell freezes over. She calls Theresa a bitch and vows to never allow her near her son again. Theresa insists Gwen isn’t using her head. If she wants her child when it’s born she must return Little Ethan to her. Gwen hates Theresa and won’t allow her to have anything. Ethan tries to convince Gwen to agree. She refuses. She wants Theresa to suffer like she has for losing Sarah. She calls Theresa a bitch again. She will sue Theresa after the birth of the child. She will keep Little Ethan and her child. She will enjoy every minute of torturing Theresa. Gwen will have everything and Theresa will only have stretch marks. Theresa doesn’t believe Gwen can do this and asks Ethan if this is even possible. Rebecca loves Gwen’s new idea. When Theresa questions Ethan about the law in her situation Rebecca tells her he is not her husband but Gwen’s. Ethan informs Theresa Gwen can sue her and would probably win. Theresa was declared an unfit mother so it is very likely Theresa would lose her case. Gwen wants Theresa out of her house immediately. She can’t wait to make Theresa suffer once more. She will remain married to Ethan and have everything leaving Theresa with nothing. Ethan hopes it doesn’t come to that. He wants Gwen to return Little Ethan to Theresa. Gwen refuses once more. Theresa and Fox leave.

Eve and Julian are relived the door remains locked. Their secret is safe. Eve’s shirt is unbuttoned. She pulls it to trying to hide herself from Julian. The episode with the light switch made her realize she can’t betray TC. They hug. Eve wants to make love to Julian one more time and she would’ve if the light hadn’t came on. She can’t betray a lifetime with TC. Julian doesn’t want her to do anything she would regret. She loves him even more after him protecting her. She doesn’t want him to go to prison because of Alistair. Julian takes responsibility for his actions. He wanted everyone to be as miserable as he was after he lost Eve. So many secrets will be revealed tonight even the accidental ones. He talks about TC’s accident years ago. He understands tonight at the Founder’s Day Dance TC will know the truth about the car accident. . Eve is aware TC has always blamed Julian for the accident. TC found a car repair bill in a safe in Julian’s library. He tried to kill Julian afterwards. Julian says his car broad sided TCs car before Eve ever met him. He has always felt guilty. Alistair discarded all of the evidence. Julian has carried the guilt for so long. Eve finds out the accident was not intentional. Julian had been drinking. Alistair didn’t want Julian to lose to TC in a tennis match. TC doesn’t know exactly what happened that night. Nobody knows the truth about the accident. Eve knows all the secrets are about to be revealed and TC will kill Julian. He never intended to hurt TC regardless of what his father wanted him to do. It was completely an accident. Julian thinks he will be in custody and TC wont have the chance to harm him. He just wants Eve to be safe and well. Eve can tell everyone Julian raped her and clear her name with Whitney. He just wants Eve to write him in prison and visit him. He is ready to face his punishment. Eve wants him to run. She wants him to leave town. He refuses and wants to leave to prepare himself for the dance. He asks Eve to allow him to hold her a few more minutes. He can think about those few minutes while behind bars. She refuses but he asks her once more. She doesn’t trust herself but would love to stay with him. She has to remain faithful to TC. He kisses her on the cheek and says goodbye. Before leaving he hopes their son will be a great man. He wants Eve to tell him about Julian. He starts to leave but she cries confessing how much she loves him. They share a passionate kiss.

TC slams the door to his shed because Liz keeps following him. He doesn’t want her to see what is inside. It’s too late she already has. Sam is the only person that knows what is inside. He trusts his best friend to keep the secret. Liz is confused. She doesn’t understand what TC’s shed has to do with Julian. She followed him because he was in a rage about Julian and she was worried. He grabs her by the arm and drags her into the shed. He can’t take the chance of her telling what is inside. He seems in his usual rage. Liz begs TC not to harm her. He didn’t want to scare her but wants her to keep his secret. She promises to keep the contents of the shed between them only. It’s a wrecked car! The car has a huge dent on the driver’s side. Liz wants to know the connection between the car and Julian. The car is evidence of all Julian has done to him. He cost him his tennis career and his father’s life. He has waited years to get revenge on Julian. TC cries during his explanation. He is sad his father sacrificed so much for his tennis career. He will kill Julian as a result of this. He has waited years for the proof to make Julian pay. Once he receives the proof he needs he swears to Liz to kill Julian. Julian took away his chance at being a pro tennis player and is responsible for his father’s death. He wanted to end his life at one point. He took a lot of pills and drank alcohol a lot. He cut his arms really bad one day. This is how he met Eve. He will never forget the day Eve caressed his wounds. Somehow she knew his problems. She wanted him to make something good of himself and he has. He is a great coach and married to Eve. They have a wonderful life together. The worst thing that happened to him has brought him the best thing ever. His lovely wife and children are a result of his car crash. He can never get over this accident or put it behind him. One day he found a repair bill at Julian’s. His father told him exactly where he could find it. He has lost it. Liz wonders if his father appears to him often. TC says no. He only appears when Julian is involved. He talks about his love for his family. He is glad he didn’t kill Julian and lose all he has worked for. Liz realizes how much TC actually loves Eve. He makes her promise to keep the secret. She agrees. TC finds it strange that he is grateful for the accident sometimes. He wouldn’t have met Eve or had his beautiful girls. Julian doesn’t have Eve or the privilege of having her children. He never will.

Whitney finds her father. He has just locked the shed. She wants him to play tennis with her. He needs to get ready for the dance but agrees to play for a short period. He wonders why she wants to play tennis all the sudden. She covers by saying she misses their time together. She tells him he can’t attend the dance. He wonders why he shouldn’t attend the dance. His knee has been bothering but he needs to be there for Eve. Whitney begins to tell her father about Luis exposing Alistair. She doesn’t want him to be there when the bomb drops. He says there is no way in hell he is going to miss the dance.

Back at the Russell’s Theresa is upset. She doesn’t know what to do now. Fox wants her to calm down for the babies sake. She doesn’t need to put herself under this amount of stress. She doesn’t care about the baby anymore. Fox corrects her saying she doesn’t mean that. She agrees she will take good care of the baby. She is just disappointed. She has tried many things to regain custody of her son without any luck. Fox doesn’t know if Gwen’s plan to sue Theresa will work. He decides to make some phone calls and get some information that may help Theresa. He leaves the room. She seems to be in some terrible pain. Her stomach is cramping. She yells in pain as she cries. Later we see Theresa in the bathroom. She is sitting on the toilet saying she lost the baby. She is in tears.

Later Luis and Hank talk outside. Luis is prepared to expose Alistair. He needs to get the files from Hank’s apartment. He suggests Hank check on the decoding files. He needs to talk to Liz. Hank agrees. Liz walks up and Luis wants Liz to attend the dance. Since one of the files contains information about the Russell’s he thinks she should be there for moral support. Liz seems to enjoy this information. She agrees to attend the Founder’s Day Dance. She offers to help Luis decode the files. He receives a phone call and walks off. Liz is very happy Eve is about to be exposed. This will destroy Eve and her entire family.


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