Passions Update Friday 4/30/04

Passions Update Friday 4/30/04

By Renee
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Friday’s episode of Passions started at Tabitha’s house. Kay has a pity party. She wishes things would go her way just one time. Tabitha is afraid after reading her cards Kay loses Miguel to Charity again. Kay explains Charity and Miguel plan on creating a business together. She damns Charity for trying to stick her claws into Miguel again. This will bring Kay great pain. They continue to discuss Charity and Miguel’s business deal. Kay is upset things are not going her way. She is afraid Miguel will move to another country with Charity and leave her alone to raise their daughter. Kay daydreams about Tabitha’s cats meowing at her, as they smell Kay. Miguel comes in dressed in a high classy suit and doesn’t allow Kay to see Maria because she smells like fish. Charity is acting as Maria's mother. Maria doesn’t like the smell of her mother. They all brag about how perfect Charity is for Maria. They plan to raise her together and away from Kay. This is of course a daydream showing the future of Kay’s life. It pretty much sucks for her. LOL! Finally back to reality Kay vows to keep Charity and Miguel apart no matter what it takes. She has planned to break up their little business deal. She has a plan. She whispers something into Tabitha’s ear. She thinks Kay’s plan is very extreme. Tabitha warns Kay Miguel will never forgive her after this. She doesn’t care. Kay leaves the house.

Charity and Miguel discuss her designs. He suggests she wear the dress she has designed to the dance tonight. They discuss details on starting a business. Miguel wonders if Charity wants to sell her designs to a business chain, the Internet or open a small shop. She knows exactly what she wants and has always wanted. Miguel wonders what it is that Charity wants. Does she mean designing clothes or something else? She hesitates before answering. She finally says it’s all about the clothes. They both want to say something about their love but decide to remain silent. They continue to plan a business together. Charity wishes to herself she was completely with Miguel. Miguel goes over a plan he has created with Charity. He leaves the decisions up to her. He loves her design and says it is very original. He wants her to think big about the future. He wants to see all of her designs. He goes into the kitchen to check them out on the laptop. Charity talks to herself again saying she still loves Miguel. In the kitchen they talk about business again. They can do anything together. Again they keep trying to say something more personal to each other but never do. Kay is eavesdropping outside. She hopes Charity enjoys her time with Miguel because it’s running out. Charity and Miguel are happier than they have been in a long time. Kay looks through the window and vows to ruin Charity. She sees Charity’s sketches on a table outside. She reads the sketch. She understands this is the one Charity is going to wear to the dance. She changes the measurements on the dress sketch.

Liz finds T.C passed out. He fell from a ladder leading to the attic as a result to his knee hurting. She wipes the blood off of his head and tries to wake him. We see T.C lying on the floor but his soul rises. All of the sudden his father appears to him. T.C is a ghost figure but his dad looks more human. During this time Liz leans over T.C’s body. She doesn’t see or hear any of this. His father talks to him about his knee injuries and places the blame on Julian. He also died of a broken heart because T.C’s tennis career ended as a result to his injuries. His father thinks it is high time Julian pays for what he has done! He blames Julian again. T.C says he has tried to settle the score. However his father disagrees and says beating the hell out of Julian every chance he gets isn’t revenge. His father wants him to find proof. He dreamed one day his son would be a tennis star but Julian ruined that. He insists T.C makes Julian pay. T.C has his usual rage and agrees. He jumps back inside his body. Liz thought he was dead but he is fine. He wants to know if Liz seen his father. She didn’t. He has something to do and tries to leave. She tries to stop him. He vows to make Julian pay as soon as he finds him. Liz doesn’t understand what is going on. T.C leaves the house.

Eve and Julian talk at the Seascape. Julian confesses to Eve he has taken measures to protect her. Luis has agreed to help Julian. Luis explained the consequences of the files being revealed. They will learn their son’s identity but Julian will be sent to prison for a very long time. Eve understands her family will find out about her past. She wants to know how Julian is certain she wont lose her family. He gives her an envelope that will guarantee she will be protected. He promises she will be happy for the rest of her life. Eve wants to know what is in the envelope. She finally opens it. Inside the envelope is a confession written and signed that Julian raped Eve. She loved him and will not allow him to go through with this plan. She is crying and very upset. She refuses to allow this again. She is afraid T.C will kill Julian if he thinks he has raped her. Eve and Julian sit and calm down. Julian will be arrested so T. C will not be able to kill him. Eve loved Julian and doesn’t want to accuse him of rape. He feels like he took advantage of her. She takes full responsibility for her actions. They confess their love for each other. Julian tries to convince Eve to go along with his plan. She can’t believe he would make such a sacrifice for her. Julian would do anything for her. He has always felt like eventually they would end up together. She shares his feelings. He hates that he abandoned her and kept them from having a life together. She was the best thing he ever experienced. He has many regrets. She starts to leave but changes her mind. They share a kiss. They want to make love to each other. Eve tells him to follow her. They walk off together. Julian wants to know where she is taking him. She wants to be alone with him.

In the courthouse Gwen chokes Theresa after the judge ruled in Theresa’s favor. She has a death grip on Theresa’s throat and yells she will kill her. Everyone is in shock! Pilar begs Gwen to spare her daughter’s life. Ethan tries to pull Gwen off of Theresa. Rebecca roots for Gwen to kill Theresa. The judge calls order in the court. Ethan finally gets Gwen off of Theresa. Theresa is coughing and gasping for air. Ethan tries to check on her to make sure she is all right but Fox tells him to worry about his wife he will take care of Theresa. Rebecca reminds Ethan where his loyalties lie. He doesn’t need her to remind him, as he already knows. She disagrees. Theresa sits down and says she is fine. The judge threatens to have Gwen arrested for attempt of murder. Gwen instructs the judge to give her thirty more seconds alone with the bitch and he can call it murder. Ethan tries to calm Gwen and apologizes to the judge for her behavior. Even though Gwen is under a lot of stress the judge informs Ethan she doesn’t have the right to try to kill someone. Ethan understands and implies Gwen also understands. However Gwen goes off on the judge. She can’t understand how he could possibly let Theresa get away with her scheme. Well the judge doesn’t take to kindly to his ruling being questioned. Ethan warns Gwen to watch her attitude. She apologizes to the judge in a hateful and angry way. Judge Ellis instructs her to get her self together and take her seat. Everyone is ordered to sit. Gwen doesn’t but continues to yell at the judge. She goes on and on about each step of Theresa’s scheme to be the surrogate. She is out of control and pissed off! The judge doesn’t care. He sympathizes with her feelings but his order stands as is. He won’t force Theresa to have an abortion and that’s the fact. He has researched surrogacy and realizes her case may be mute. Theresa may not even be pregnant. Theresa worries the judge may be right. Gwen thinks this is great news. Theresa has to be pregnant or she can’t get her son back. Gwen begs the judge to change his mind. He refuses and instructs Gwen to keep her hands off of Theresa. The judge doesn’t approve of what Theresa has done and the court will keep an eye on her. Court is adjourned. Theresa talks to Pilar, Whitney, and Fox. She is worried she may not be pregnant. Gwen over hears her and says she will never get Little Ethan back. Theresa says she is pregnant and will get her son back. Gwen doesn’t buy it. Theresa tells her she must believe she is pregnant or she wouldn’t have gone through with this court hearing. Ethan talks to Pilar about her illness. He promises not to tell anyone but worries. He understands how important Theresa’s mother is to her. Ethan doesn’t want her to worry about Theresa because she is strong enough to get through anything. Pilar asks the Lord to spare her life. Gwen and Theresa continue to argue. Theresa is already nauseas but that may be from staring at Gwen. LOL! Gwen says Theresa can’t stop her from raising Little Ethan. Ethan suggests they leave. Rebecca agrees and they leave. Theresa worries she may not be pregnant. Fox has a plan. He thinks Theresa can get Little Ethan back today.

T.C is walking quickly outside. Liz follows him and thinks he is headed to the park. It looks like to me he is walking towards his shed! When he opens the door Liz is shocked.

Julian and Eve are kissing! They get really hot and heavy. It looks to me like they are in Eve’s office. However I think the writer doesn’t want us to know where exactly they are. This leaves it open until Monday. Is T.C walking to his shed or finding Julian and Eve? Who knows at this point!

At the Crane Mansion Gwen damns Theresa. Rebecca damns Theresa’s family and complains about Pilar’s blood being on her shoes. Ethan wants Gwen to accept the judge’s ruling. She doesn’t see how she can after what Theresa has done. He wants her to show a little compassion. Theresa is only trying to get her son back. Rebecca cant see why Ethan is so concerned for Theresa. Why not be concerned with his wife? Ethan defends himself. He is not on Theresa’s side but doesn’t like to see any mother separated from her child. Gwen tells Ethan to cue the bloody violins. He adds how Pilar is separated from her own grandson. Gwen wonder if Ethan will tell her next he is happy Theresa is carrying his child because it warms his heart. He agrees with the judge’s ruling and doesn’t want Theresa to have an abortion if she is pregnant. He doesn’t want to argue. Gwen says Theresa is not pregnant. Fox and Theresa arrive. They have come to settle the score with Gwen once and for all. I must say Fox and Theresa are glowing. They seem very happy for some reason. Theresa says she is finally getting her son back. Gwen disagrees with that. She tells Theresa to leave or she will call security. Theresa tells Gwen to listen up. She demands her son back right this minute. Gwen says Theresa has lost her mind and calls her a crazy bitch. Theresa has a pregnancy test. She is pregnant no doubt. Theresa demands her son back!


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