Passions Update Wednesday 4/28/04

Passions Update Wednesday 4/28/04

By Renee
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On Wednesday Passions picked up where it left off on Tuesday. At the hearing Theresa continues questioning Ethan. He confesses his secret to return Little Ethan to Theresa after his biological child was born. Theresa shoots this answer down telling Ethan Rebecca has informed her Gwen would never agree to his plan. He asks Gwen if this accusation is true. She looks Theresa right in the face and very sternly says she will never regain custody of her son. Theresa pulls an “I told you so Ethan”. Theresa approaches the judge explaining she had no other choice but to be the surrogate. Pilar walks in and wishes Theresa had an attorney. Gwen stands up and instructs the judge they adopted Little Ethan legally. Theresa was proven to be an unfit mother by the courts. She and Ethan have bonded with Theresa’s son and they love him very much. During Gwen’s testimony Theresa interrupts several times to accuse Ethan and Gwen of stealing her son but Gwen doesn’t miss a beat in her speech. Gwen continues to explain the situation to the judge. Theresa is using her embryo to black mail them into returning her son to her. Theresa sticks to her story as she tells the judge this was her only choice to be a mother to her son. Gwen confronts Ethan. She wants to know when enough is going to be enough. Theresa has ruined their lives many times. She wants someone to put a stop to her once and for all. Theresa had a choice but she made the wrong one. He agrees Theresa made a terrible choice. Gwen won’t allow Theresa to carry their child. This would mean they wouldn’t ever be rid of her. She would be the person who gave birth to their child. She would use this time and time again to come between them. Ethan doesn’t believe Theresa would do anything like that. Gwen accuses him of having blinders on when it comes to Theresa. Both women beg Ethan to take their side. Theresa pleads with Ethan to let his child live. Ethan has made a promise to his wife and he will not break his promise. Ethan begins his case and the judge orders Theresa to take her seat. Before doing so she hugs her mother. Basically Ethan tells the judge the baby Theresa is carrying is his and Gwen’s and wants it aborted. He explains Theresa’s scheme. Theresa doesn’t have anything else to add to the case but asks the judge to allow the baby to live even if it’s parents don’t agree. Pilar looks very pale. Fox, Whitney and Chad worry about her. The judge retires to his chambers to go over the case. He will have a decision soon. Ethan tells Gwen all they can do now is wait. Theresa talks to Pilar and hopes the judge rules in her favor. Everyone waits on the judge to return. Pilar needs to use the restroom. Theresa wants to go with her but she refuses to let her. Everyone seems to be worried about her. Theresa doesn’t want an abortion. Fox tells her they will cross that bridge when they come to it. Whitney thinks they have done this whole hearing for no reason if the egg implantation didn’t work. Theresa is convinced she is pregnant. She has to be in order to get her son back. The judge returns to the courtroom with his decision. Theresa prays it is in her favor.

Sam seems to be standing on the stage being prepared for the Founder’s Day Dance. He has a flashback of Alistair criticizing him and his father. In the flashback Alistair also taunts Sam by saying hurtful things about Grace’s reasons for leaving him. He figures Alistair is correct about Grace’s happiness with David.

At Hank’s apartment Luis continues to stare at the computer screens waiting for a breakthrough. They talk about Luis’s plan to expose Alistair’s dirty deeds at the Founder’s Day Dance scheduled for tonight. (Lately Luis and Hank have repeated the same lines over and over.) They have lunch. Luis wants Hank to keep on eye on the computers until he returns. Hank agrees as Sam arrives. Luis informs Sam he is getting closer to breaking the code and will be finished by the dance tonight. Sam wants the proof to be rock solid. Sam plans to arrest Alistair tonight. They warn Luis to watch his back. Sam has taken their passports. Luis leaves. Hank offers to bring Sam a cup of coffee from the deli. Sam accepts the offer and Hank leaves. Sam receives a phone call from Grace. She is in Italy. The station told her she could reach him at Hank’s. They make small talk but the conversation seems awkward to both of them. Grace uses the kids as an excuse to call. She talks about the scenery. During this conversation you can tell Sam and Grace both wanted to say something to each other but didn’t. It’s as if they were waiting on the other one to confess first. Grace cries as she talks to Sam but covers so he doesn’t notice. They talk about the Founder’s Day Dance. She has always loved this dance. Grace finds out Sam is taking Ivy. She hopes he enjoys his time at with Ivy tonight. She has to get ready for dinner with David. Both of them begin to say something but change their minds. They hang up. This has taken a toll on both of them. Hank returns and gives Sam a cup of coffee. He notices Sam is distracted. He tells Hank about Grace’s phone call. Sam felt like they were both waiting on the other one to make a breakthrough. Hank thinks Sam should have been honest with Grace. Sam says she is the one that left him. She made her choice. She felt like she had to honor her vows. She gets a life Sam couldn’t give her. He feels like he was imaging Grace missing him. He is ready to take Ivy to the dance. He wants to bring back their love. Grace is his past and Ivy is his future.

Alistair belittles Julian in his office as he worries about being exposed by Luis. They are discussing Sheridan and her love for Luis. Alistair thinks she is stupid and naïve when it comes to love. Julian disagrees. They also talk about Julian’s role in the boat explosion. Sheridan walks in and announces Luis must be correct. As it turns out most of the time Sheridan is talking about something completely different than overhearing the conversation. She noticed Alistair has allowed his assistant to move into her office. Oh but he has made his small conference room into a new office for her. He enlightens Julian to Sheridan’s position over the charity events. Julian congratulates her. Her father suggests her to take the day off. She didn’t pay him a visit to talk about work. He wants her to calm down, as she seems confused to him. She informs him Luis showed her the files proving he was responsible for the boat explosion. He puts on a great act and plays dumb. Sheridan demands to know the truth. Julian tells Sheridan their father wouldn’t admit it if it happen to be true. Of course Alistair denies trying to kill his daughter. She doesn’t want to believe Luis but doesn’t understand why Luis thinks these awful things. She has seen all of the information on the files. Antonio listens outside the door. Alistair says Luis has twisted all his files. He had the information about the boat explosion because he was searching for her. He was only trying to find his lovely daughter. Sheridan seems to be buying this huge lie. Alistair continues to talk about how insane Luis is. She has always understood her father didn’t approve of Luis. He has never hidden the fact that he didn’t like Luis and this is exactly why. He questions Sheridan about her love for Antonio while Antonio eavesdrops from the open door. She claims to love Antonio and be happy with him. Her father doesn’t want her to allow Luis to fill her head with doubts and crazy accusations. She doesn’t need to be a fool and let Luis play games with her life. Antonio hears Alistair call his father terrible names and starts to barge in the office but doesn’t. Alistair continues to talk about Luis being crazy. Sheridan is still confused and doesn’t know what to believe. She runs out of the office. She doesn’t notice Antonio but he follows her. Julian could have blown the whistle on his father but he didn’t. He’s not sure why he remained silent. Alistair says he better be damn glad he did.

Luis arrives at the Cranes. Sheridan runs into him and is very upset. She wants the truth. Is he lying to her or not? He tries to convince her he is not lying. He loves her very much and wouldn’t lie to her about something like this. He understands she is upset and may be hurting but he has told the truth. He swears he has only stated the truth. They sit and continue to talk. Luis loves her and only wants what is best for her. Even if the truth hurts she needs to hear it. Luis knows Alistair won’t admit the truth to his daughter no matter what. He promises to show her more proof. She is upset and crying. Luis tries to comfort her by taking her hand. He will always be there for her. I am sure you can guess what happens next! Antonio walks up and tells Luis to get away from his wife. The two brothers start arguing the same lines they have argued for months now. Sheridan steps between them and keeps them from punching each other. Antonio tells Luis he is tired of fighting with him and is taking Sheridan to Saint Lisa’s. Luis knows Antonio cant handle the fact Sheridan actually loves him. Once again we hear the same repeated lines. Luis wants Sheridan to attend the dance tonight so she can see proof of her being brainwashed. Antonio states they are leaving as soon as they get tickets from the airport. Luis begs Sheridan to wait until after the dance to leave town. He reminds his brother Alistair is responsible for their father’s disappearance. Antonio hasn’t seen proof! Luis tells him to show up at the Founder’s Day Dance and he will have his proof. Sheridan considers Luis’s offer but Antonio refuses. Sheridan walks off with Antonio. She didn’t give Luis a straight answer on attending the dance.

Julian and Alistair continue to talk about Luis. Alistair wants to attend the dance and put on a front that things are normal. Julian doesn’t see the point in this. Alistair reminds Julian they are Cranes. The dance will go on with their heads held high. Julian gets his briefcase and leaves. Alistair makes a phone call instructing someone to meet with him in his office. A man walks in and Alistair refers to him as a captain. He wants the Crane Jet fueled and ready to take off. He will give his destination once they are in the air. The captain agrees to be discreet. They will not use Harmony airport and use bogus flight plan. Alistair says they are leaving the country and not returning. He will need a passport. He opens his desk drawer and pulls out several passports for other countries. He isn’t using his United States passport this time. He tells the man it is not in his reach at this time. The captain leaves. Alistair vows to make Julian take the fall. He has turned his back on his father and will pay the price.

Pilar washes her face in the restroom. She looks in the mirror and her nose is bleeding badly again. She passes out.


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