Passions Update Tuesday 4/27/04

Passions Update Tuesday 4/27/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Tuesday Passions episode started at the Harmony courthouse. Ethan and Gwen were the first to arrive for the hearing concerning Theresa having an abortion. Gwen calls the situation a nightmare. She criticizes Theresa for replacing the surrogate. Ethan reminds Gwen how desperate Theresa is to get her son back. She doesn’t want to hear him defend Theresa again. She thinks Theresa’s last stunt has changed their lives for good. She wants the judge to put an end to this horrible nightmare.

Fox and Theresa make their way into the courthouse lobby. Theresa can’t believe Gwen and Ethan are trying to force her to have an abortion. She plans to fight them tooth and toenail.

At Chad’s place Whitney kisses him on the couch. She vows to not let her mother or anyone come between them. They confess their love for one another. Whitney undresses Chad. They make love. Lying on the couch they talk about their relationship. They need to get to Theresa’s hearing. Chad has to set up for the Founder’s Day Dance later in the day. He would rather spend the day snuggled up with Whitney but they need the money. Whitney is glad the one thing she can count on in life is her relationship with Chad. This is the only thing she knows will not cause her pain. They kiss.

In the courthouse lobby Gwen and Theresa face off once again. Theresa calls Gwen a sick bitch! Gwen isn’t fazed by this and gives Theresa permission to call her any name she wants to. Gwen is confident Theresa will not get away with her scheme. However Theresa is certain the judge will not force her to have an abortion but will understand her motive. Gwen reminds Theresa Judge Reilly already knows how crazy she is. They blame each other for their situation. Gwen is hopeful because Judge Reilly has ruled against Theresa in the past. They argue both sides of their case to each other. Both of the women seem full of confidence the judge will rule on their side. An officer informs them there has been a change in the hearing. Theresa thinks this means the judge doesn’t even need to hear the case. Gwen figures he has decided to make Theresa have an abortion. They argue back and forth repeating the same thing over and over. Whitney and Chad arrive. Theresa explains the delay. They are not sure the reason for the delay. At this time the officer notifies Theresa Judge Reilly is ill and will not be able to hear the case. There is another judge to take his place. The hearing begins. Gwen is nervous because Judge Ellis is not aware of Theresa’s past. Of course this is great news for Theresa. Fox tells her to control her Latin temper. Whitney wants Theresa to stay strong. Inside the courtroom Whitney wonders where Rebecca is. Fox says Alistair ordered her to make arrangements for the Founder’s Day Dance otherwise she would have waddled in there by now. They are sworn in. Judge Ellis takes his seat and instructs everyone to do so. He begins by saying he has reviewed the paperwork regarding the case several times. In all his years on the bench he has yet to see a case similar to this one. He doesn’t know where to begin but he will take a stab at it. He starts with Ethan. He wants him to present his case to the court. Theresa interrupts and informs the judge she is representing herself. She wants to question Ethan before he begins his presentation. The judge explains this is highly irregular but so is the case. He allows it. She begins questioning Ethan. Gwen wonders what the bitch is up to. Theresa asks Ethan what type of person he has become. He is not the man she used to know. He was a man that wanted to do the right thing however he has turned his back on her and Little Ethan. He has changed. She was so shocked he did something like this. He went through with the adoption and she figured that was the worst he would do. Now he wants to force her to abort his own child? She can’t believe the child growing inside of her is their baby and they want to have it killed. She questions Ethan on how he could agree to something on this level. Theresa is making this statement in a very low and sweet voice. Gwen is rolling her eyes during Theresa’s speech. How could Ethan force her to abort a child? Ethan tells her she has crossed the line. Theresa doesn’t agree. Protecting your child is not immoral. He wonders why she just didn’t let the surrogate go through with the procedure. Theresa tells him he already knows why. She wants her son back. Ethan confesses his secret to Theresa. He looks at Gwen and then spills it. Once he and Gwen had their own child he planned to give Little Ethan back to her. Gwen’s jaw drops. She can’t believe what she is hearing. He says this was always his plan. He is speaking the truth. However Theresa reminds him Gwen wouldn’t allow it. She spoke to Rebecca and was informed Gwen would have to give consent. Rebecca stated Gwen wouldn’t allow anything of this sort. Ethan is shocked. Theresa claims this is the truth.

Sheridan and Antonio discuss Luis at the cottage. Sheridan paces the floor. She is nervous to know the complete truth about her father’s actions. Antonio is in disbelief about everything Luis claims Alistair has done. At this time Luis walks in. He has proof. Alistair and Julian also arrive. Luis shows Sheridan proof her father had her brainwashed and tried to kill her in the boat explosion. She is devastated and lashes out at her father calling him evil. Alistair and Julian remain silent during this whole confrontation. Antonio and Luis argue over Sheridan. They start to fight but Sheridan intervenes. We see Sheridan sit up in the bed and it is very obvious this was a dream! Sheridan screams when she wakes up. She tells Antonio she can’t handle the wait she needs to find the truth. As Sheridan gets dressed she explains to Antonio she is going to confront her father. He tries to talk her out of believing Luis. He wonders if she actually believes she is in love with Luis and not him. She answers she loves him but is confused. She is going to confront her father. He wants to accompany her but she refuses. She wants to do this alone.

In her office Eve talks to Pilar about her lost child. She informs Pilar Luis has some files that will prove all of Alistair’s secrets. This will expose the identity of Julian and her son. Pilar notices Eve doesn’t seem to show excitement. Eve admits she is excited but is worried Julian will be sent to prison once he is exposed. Pilar realizes Julian has been a terrible person and needs to pay for his wrong doings. Eve understands but talks about how much Julian has changed. He is not the same man he once was. His new attitude and personality reminds Eve of the man she loved years ago. She can’t bear Julian going to prison after he has been so good to her. Pilar is surprised as she realizes Eve still loves Julian. Eve admits she is still in love with Julian. She doesn’t see how she can’t love a man that loves her so much. He has been so good to her and would face any punishment for her. She loves T.C. very much. She is caught between loving two men. Pilar is concerned about Eve’s marriage. Eve promises she has been faithful to T.C. and always will. It’s difficult for Eve to stay away from Julian. Pilar is afraid Eve can’t resist going to bed with Julian. Eve vows to stand beside her marriage vows. Pilar wants to go to Theresa’s hearing. Eve doesn’t advise the risk of stress because of her illness. Pilar promises to take it easy. Eve thanks her for being compassionate towards her feelings for Julian. Pilar warns Eve to be careful as he life can be ruined as result of this love.

Alistair sits at his desk as Julian enters the office. Julian pours a drink while Alistair warns him they are running out of time to stop Luis. Alistair is thankful the cops or the feds haven’t been notified at this time. He hopes this is a hint Luis hasn’t decoded the disks. Julian repeats the walls are closing in on them. Alistair can’t believe this is all Julian has to say about the situation. Julian doesn’t know what else to say and wonders if his father would rather him blow his brains out. Alistair tells him he won’t be smiling when they throw his sorry ass in jail. Julian just wants Eve to be reunited with their son. Alistair reminds Julian while he is in jail he can think of Eve making love to T.C. Julian makes Alistair sick to his stomach. Julian is proud of his change. He regrets not standing up to his father sooner. Alistair tells him his biggest regret will be turning on him! Sam walks in and is glad to see Julian and Alistair together. Mr. Crane doesn’t have an appointment with Sam and instructs him to make one with his secretary for a later time. Sam refuses. He is on official police business and doesn’t need an appointment. He wants to discuss their arrest. He thinks Alistair needs to enjoy his precious time because it is running out. Alistair tells him to make his point and get out. Sam knows about Luis finding the files. He is vowing to put them away for a very long time. Alistair tells him if he is not going to arrest him not to waste his time. Sam wants Julian and Alistair’s passports. They are not allowed to leave the country. They hand their passports over slowly. Alistair warns Sam of his power and insinuates he is making a big mistake. Sam remembers his father trying to bring the Crane’s down and says he has waited a long time for this moment. Alistair calls Sam and his father a loser. He says Grace left him because of it and must be having a great time with David. She was tired of being married to a man that couldn’t measure up. She was always stuck in the kitchen but now makes love to David in Europe. This infuriates Sam. He damns Alistair. He reaches over the desk to punch Alistair. OF course Alistair dares him to hit him. He will get him for police harassment. Sam backs off and vows to enjoy taking him down. Sam has the airports and train stations watching for Julian and Alistair. He leaves. Julian knows there is no way out. They are going down. Alistair breaks a glass with his hand. Julian doesn’t see where their evil doings ever got them. They discuss Sheridan and Luis. Alistair says Sheridan has always been naïve when it comes to love. Julian doesn’t agree. She never sold out like everyone else did. Sheridan is very smart because she followed her heart. Alistair doesn’t care to hear a sob story. He is heartless. Julian talks about Eve. Alistair says if Julian would’ve killed Sheridan this would not have happened. During the time he is talking about his attempt to kill Sheridan she walks in and hears this. She screams at them saying Luis is right!

Luis pours him a drink of water. He has four laptops now. He is trying to decode the files. Hank gets out of bed and realizes Luis didn’t sleep at all. Luis informs Hank Sheridan is confused about the proof he showed her concerning the boat explosion. He is trying to get all the files decoded so he can expose the Cranes at the Founder’s Day Dance tonight. He will finally have Sheridan back. Alistair can’t slip out of if this time. Hank hopes Luis will get the woman he loves but understands Alistair is powerful. He is afraid Alistair could have him killed and not think twice about it.


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