Passions Update Monday 4/26/04

Passions Update Monday 4/26/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Monday’s episode of Passions sounded off at the Bennett residence. Ivy expresses her excitement to Sam for the upcoming Founder’s Day Dance. Sam has invited her to the dance. She comments on the luck of men and their wardrobe. They can wear a tuxedo but woman have to have glamorous gowns for these events. She doesn’t want to wear the same dress twice among the same company. Of course in Harmony every event entertains the same company. She needs to buy another dress. Sam hopes she can find something under one hundred dollars because this is all he has until his next payday. Ivy decides she doesn’t need a new dress. She is thankful she is attending the dance with Sam regardless of what she wears. They kiss. They talk about each other’s happiness. They are both excited about the dance. The conversation is taken to the next step when Ivy discusses her marriage to Julian. Sam apologizes to her for her terrible marriage but promises to make this the best dance event ever.

Charity stands on Tabitha’s porch staring through the window at Miguel. She hates to see him so sad. She has a flashback of a conversation she had with Ivy about not giving up on your dreams. She wishes she could believe her and Miguel would be together but she cant. She remembers her deal with death. However she also recalls Father Lonigan explaining God wouldn’t punish a child in this way. She starts to knock on the door but hears cats meowing. She hides. It turns out Kay as returned from a hard days work at the cannery. She must smell fishy again because the cats have a fit over her presence. Charity wonders what has happened to Kay to make the cats act this crazy. She doesn’t want to bother Miguel and leaves. Inside the house Miguel wants to know what happened to Kay she is soaking wet. She wants to take a shower and promises to deliver great news afterwards. We hear Fluffy-attacking Kay.

Ivy and Sam hug as Ivy begins to shed happy tears. Charity interrupts. Ivy tells her Sam has invited her to the Founder’s Day Dance. She wants Charity to invite Miguel. Charity knows Miguel is very busy with Kay and Maria. He probably can’t afford the tickets. Ivy insists on Charity inviting Miguel. Sam wants to make some ice tea but Ivy offers. She can’t possibly mess up tea. Sam goes over some paperwork upstairs. Ivy continues to try convincing Charity to invite Miguel. She reminds her Miguel loves her not Kay. Charity agrees. She is heading over Tabitha’s to invite Miguel to the dance.

While Kay takes a shower Miguel works on his laptop. Tabitha informs him Maria is down for a nap. He is glad to hear this, as he needs some quite time. Tabitha talks about the commitment of having a child. At her age she tires quickly. She makes a comment that back her days in Salem things where different. Miguel catches on to her mentioning Salem and questions her. She has stated in the past she resided in Harmony her whole life. She covers by saying she must be remembering something she read in a child-rearing book. Endora uses her magic to receiver her baby bottle. Miguel doesn’t notice. Kay returns in a robe. She wants Tabitha to do something about Fluffy attacking her on a daily basis. Kay announces she has won two tickets to the Founder’s Day Dance. Miguel is happy for Kay but suggests she invites someone besides him. He can’t afford a babysitter but Tabitha offers. Kay has dreamed about taking him to the dance for a very long time. She tells him about diving into a bath of fish guts to get the tickets. Miguel agrees to attend the dance with Kay! As you can imagine Kay is very happy! Charity walks in and she wonders what they are celebrating. Kay tells her Miguel has agreed to attend the dance as he date. Charity covers by saying she wanted to make sure Kay was all right. She noticed how wet she was when she returned home from work. She leaves after Miguel asking her twice to visit.

At the cottage Antonio is sound asleep while Sheridan lies in the bed awake. She has a flashback of Luis offering her proof of her brainwashing. She gets out of bed. She says she must do something very important instead of just lying in bed. Antonio remains asleep.

Luis and Hank discuss decoding the secret files. Luis remains in front of the laptop while pledging to sit up all night if that is what it takes to bring down Alistair. The computer suddenly breaks another code on the disk labeled Sheridan. He has proof Alistair put a bomb on their boat trying to kill them. It’s right in front of his face. Luis can’t wait to expose Alistair at the dance. They hear someone walking towards the door. Luis turns out the lights while Hank pulls his gun. They yank the person inside the apartment. They find out its Sheridan. Hank decides to give them some privacy. Luis thinks Sheridan has come back to him. She informs him she is returning to Saint Lisa’s with Antonio. Luis grabs her by the arm and tells her he is not going to let her leave town. He tries to talk her out of it. She wanted to tell him as a courtesy not to be man handled. He promises to prove his accusations to her. She hasn’t seen any proof yet. She doesn’t want to be responsible for the fights between Luis and Antonio. He shows her the information on the computer proving Alistair tried to kill them. As they sit in front of the laptop they discuss Alistair. The files have all the details of the explosion. Luis has suspected this all along. Sheridan is very upset. She wonders why her family hates her and wants to kill her. Luis explains he would be close to the family secrets if they were a couple. It is just a matter of time before exposing the brainwashing schemes. Luis doesn’t want her to run of to Saint Lisa’s when he is so close to getting her back. She is very upset and needs time to think. She runs out of the apartment.

At the Russell’s house Theresa says goodnight to her mother. Pilar leaves. Theresa questions Whitney and Fox about their opinions of her mother’s appearance. She noticed she looked tired and pale. Fox dismisses her tired look by saying she is worried about Theresa. Whitney says Theresa’s situation has caused everyone to be shaky. Theresa will ask Eve to check on Pilar’s health in the morning. She is in a great mood. She says she feels really great. Of course Whitney doesn’t understand how she can after the mess she has put herself in. Theresa assures her she would do it again in a heartbeat. She has her friends and family standing beside her and is excited she is about to get her son back. Fox tells her not to get to cocky. Rebecca and Gwen will take action. Theresa has confidence beings she is pregnant with Gwen’s child there is not much they will do to a woman carrying their child. Fox agreed to help Theresa but doesn’t think her plan is going to work. Theresa wants to make a fair trade. Fox reminds her the implant may not take. Theresa feels as if she is certainly pregnant. She feels queasy. Fox says a lot can happen in nine months. Theresa doesn’t worry one bit. Later Whitney and Fox discuss Theresa. They plan to make a schedule so at least one of them is with Theresa at all times. She over hears them discussing their plan and assures them she is fine. She wants them to stop worrying so much about her. She drinks a glass of milk and thanks Fox and Whitney for wanting to protect her but says she is in the driver’s seat. Gwen can’t do anything to stop her since she is pregnant.

Gwen is in a rage again. She demands Ethan to take Theresa to court. She will not allow Theresa to give birth to her child. She wants a court order demanding Theresa to have an abortion. Ethan doesn’t think Gwen realizes what she is saying. Gwen claims to be perfectly calm and rational. He doesn’t agree. He thinks her suggestion is too rash. She yells at Ethan. She will not allow a slut to carry her child to full term. Ethan wants to talk about alternatives. Gwen doesn’t see any type of alternatives. She wants the child aborted now! He insists on finding another way to solve the situation. Gwen wants to know if Ethan actually trusts Theresa to take care of their baby. She thinks in Theresa’s delusional state she could be doing drugs and cause damage to their child. Ethan doesn’t believe these accusations hold any truth. He knows Theresa would not harm a child. This doesn’t sit well with Gwen. She blames Theresa for killing Sarah yet again. Does Ethan want to give Theresa a chance to kill another child? She wonders what kind of person Ethan is to allow this to happen. Ethan reminds Gwen Theresa took care of herself during her pregnancy with Little Ethan. Gwen thinks this was because she wanted a meal ticket from Julian. Ethan denies Gwen’s accusation and goes on by saying Theresa protected her child. She didn’t drink, smoke or do drugs. Gwen understands this because Theresa didn’t do any of these things before her pregnancy. However she reminds Ethan Theresa tried to commit suicide. Ethan defends Theresa again. She was pregnant by Julian whom she despises and understands suicide is not the answer. She wouldn’t attempt it again. Gwen is in disbelief! She can’t believe Ethan is denying the fact that Theresa is crazy. He is not trying to defend Theresa but inform Gwen Theresa wouldn’t harm their baby. Gwen agrees because Theresa won’t carry their baby but will abort it! He wants Gwen to understand how much Theresa loves Little Ethan. This is her only bargaining chip to get her son back. She wouldn’t do something to jeopardize her leverage. Rebecca walks up and wants to know what is going on between Gwen and Ethan. Gwen announces that Ethan is defending Theresa again. Ethan denies this is explains Gwen wants their baby aborted. Rebecca doesn’t blame Gwen at all. Ethan seems to be fed up with this idea. He shouts at Gwen they have already lost one child why in world would they kill a second child. Rebecca thinks this is just horrible of Ethan. He is only speaking the truth. If Gwen forces Theresa to have an abortion she would be killing their second child. Ethan wonders if this is something Gwen really wants to do? Gwen feels like Ethan is making her the bad guy. He isn’t trying to but he doesn’t want to kill his second child. Gwen makes a speech. She knows what aborting does. It has taken her a long time to come to terms with the fact she can’t have children. This is killing her. She has dreamed of having a baby grow inside of her and holding her baby in her arms for the first time. She has accepted the terrible news that she can’t have children. She understands she must allow another woman to carry her child for her. Rebecca says this is not fair. Gwen has accepted the fact her baby will be attached to a stranger’s body. However she can’t stand to watch Theresa give birth to her flesh and blood. She would rather die. She breaks down and cries begging Ethan to force Theresa to have an abortion. If he refuses she will find a lawyer that will help her. Rebecca wants to take Gwen home. Gwen starts to leave but begs Ethan support her and not let her down this time. She leaves with Rebecca.

Luis arrives at Sam’s house. He needs Sam to help him. He explains the secret files and the information he has discovered. He now has proof the boat explosion was Alistair’s plan. He wants to expose Alistair at the Founder’s Day Dance. He would also like the cops and maybe the feds brought in to arrest them after he exposes them. Sam wants Luis to be certain before he tries to expose the Crane’s.

Sheridan sneaks in her bedroom. Antonio wakes up. He wants to know where she has been. She explains she went to visit Luis. Luis showed her some thing that has opened her eyes. She explains Alistair and Julian tried to kill her by putting a bomb on her boat. Antonio doesn’t believe Luis. She is devastated by the thought of her father trying to kill her. Antonio tells Sheridan she loves him not Luis. The brainwashing accusations can’t be true. Sheridan informs him she seen the proof with her own eyes. Antonio thinks Luis has false information. He thinks this is science fiction and impossible. He wants her to search her heart and realize she loves him without a doubt. He refuses to believe Luis’s proof.

Back at the mansion Rebecca and Gwen vow to stop Theresa. Rebecca heads upstairs to give Judge Reilly a phone call. She wants to make sure he is on their side. Gwen stands alone and says she will cut her baby out of Theresa if she has too.

Fox and Whitney continue to tell Theresa to not count her eggs before they hatch. Ethan knocks on the door and asks for Theresa. She tells him she will not change her mind. He hands her a letter. The letter informs Theresa Ethan and Gwen is going to take her to court and force her to have an abortion.

Charity informs Ivy Miguel is going to the dance with Kay. Ivy apologizes and encourages Charity not to give up. There is hope. Charity looks out the window and sees Kay and Miguel hugging. She is not so sure Ivy is right about hope.


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