Passions Update Friday 4/23/04

Passions Update Friday 4/23/04

By Renee
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On Friday Passions episode started at Hank’s apartment. Luis and Hank talk about the outcome of revealing Alistair’s secret files. Luis continues to try to break the code on the disk labeled Sheridan. He is determined to break the code soon. They discuss the disk Hank borrowed from the evidence room. They continue to talk about Alistair’s evil doings and the affects they have had on all of Harmony. At this time Hank thinks Luis should use the media to expose Alistair. Luis doesn’t know exactly where he will expose the Cranes. Luis wants to hurt the Cranes where it hurts them worst. He will use something more personal to reveal Alistair’s secrets. He wants the satisfaction of personally bringing Alistair down. He wants to see the reaction on everyone’s face especially Alistair’s. While waiting on the code to break Luis reads the newspaper. He sees an advertisement for the Founder’s Day Dance. This is it! He will expose Alistair at the dance. All of the Cranes victims will attend. He plans on sending it through the monitors. Everyone will see for them selves. Hank loves the idea. Luis will finally be able to get Sheridan back.

Lying in the bed Sheridan and Antonio talk about the shooting incident with Luis. Sheridan thinks Luis could be right regarding her being brainwashed. Antonio insists Luis has mistaken. She is still thinking about how close Antonio came to killing his own brother. He claims he was trying to protect his wife. He insists on Luis being obsessed with Sheridan. He is convinced he is an addict and as most addicts he is going to anything he can to get what he wants. Sheridan can’t remember any of her therapy at the psych ward and begins to express this to her husband. Antonio is convinced Sheridan hasn’t been brainwashed and tries to convince her. He confesses his love for Sheridan. He thinks they were in love in a past life. She loves him so much she can’t go on this way. She is upset by his current relationship with his family. She feels responsible. She can’t live with the guilt for the cost of Antonio’s love. He is mad at his mother for thinking Sheridan belongs with Luis. Sheridan speaks Pilar has her own opinion. Sheridan would be a lot happier if Antonio wasn’t estranged from his family. She blames her self again. She loves all of his family. She hates herself for these problems. She is a Crane and feels like she is poison. She has to leave town! Antonio refuses to give her up. He will not allow her to leave. She has to leave him. She gets out of the bed and puts on a robe. Antonio says he will stop her. She asks him how he will do that by keeping her prisoner? He loves her so much but she feels like she has caused him too much heartache. His own brother has caused his heartache. She doesn’t want to just sit by and watch him fight with his family. At the rate he is going with his hatred for Luis one of them will die next time. She knows Pilar wouldn’t be able to handle this. He agrees she needs to leave. Sheridan thanks him for his understanding. He announces he is going with her. She objects. This wouldn’t make any sense. He wants to take her to Saint Lisa’s and live like they used to. Sheridan reminds him her father has froze her accounts. He wants her to remember all the fun they had when they were at Saint Lisa’s. He says she will remember he is the one she loves not Luis. He wants to take Sheridan to the place they fell in love. They had no outside influences to worry about like they do in Harmony. When they leave they will forget everyone especially Luis.

In his office Alistair paces the floor. Julian pays him a visit and notices he is nervous. He suggests he can smell Alistair’s fear beneath his cigar smoke. Alistair doesn’t see why Julian is so smug he stands to lose as much if not more when Luis exposes the files. Alistair blamed most of the crimes on Julian. Julian pours a drink and is not worried about prison. Alistair vows to stop Luis if it’s the last thing he does. Julian refers to Luis as a dog with a bone. He will not stop until he brings the Crane Empire down. Julian sips on his booze. Alistair can’t stand the way he gets drunk every time something happens. He grabs the glass and throws it. Julian wants Alistair brought down so he can find his son. He pours him another drink. Alistair chuckles at the thought of Julian knowing who his son is. Julian will keep his promise to Eve regarding their son. Alistair doesn’t know how Julian will return Eve’s son to her while he is behind bars. If Julian is behind bars he wont be able to play hero for Eve. Julian takes comfort in knowing Alistair will be locked up with him. They are both going down. Julian confronts Alistair he has blamed him and forced him for all his evil deeds. Julian would rather be dead than live out his life with his father. Julian can’t prove his father set him up. Thanks to Luis their lives are over. Julian suggests his mother must be spinning in her grave. Alistair tells Julian he may find his son but it won’t do him any good. He can’t spend time with him while he is in prison. Julian doesn’t care as long as he keeps his promise to Eve. She is the woman he loves. He says goodnight to Alistair and tells him to lighten up after all this is not the end of the world. Julian smiles as he walks out.

Back at the hospital Gwen threatens to cut Theresa open to remove her embryo. She is holding a broken bottle. When she moves closer to Theresa Ethan holds her back. Rebecca roots for Gwen. Gwen doesn’t understand how she is expected to remain calm, as everyone wants her to. Theresa has stolen her baby! Fox stands in front of Theresa to protect her from Gwen. Rebecca wants Theresa arrested for possession of stolen property. She suggests Gwen give her the bottle so she can finish Theresa. Ethan takes the bottle away from Gwen and disposes of it. He tells Gwen and her mother to calm down. Gwen is still in her rage and can’t see why she should calm down after all this is the worst thing Theresa has done yet. She tells Ethan Theresa just stole their baby! Theresa speaks up and informs Gwen turnabout is fair play. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Rebecca calls Theresa psychotic. Pilar defends her daughter but Rebecca advises her to put a taco in it. Ethan states they took Theresa’s son away from her. How did they think she would react? Gwen says being upset is one thing but stealing her fertilized eggs is totally different. Rebecca wants to hang Theresa from the nearest IV pole and beat her until the eggs fall out of her. Eve remarks on how horrible Rebecca is to say something like that. Rebecca tells Eve she doesn’t need to start with her she is concerned for her grandchild. Theresa speaks up saying she will give Gwen her child when it is born but wants her son back first. Gwen calls this extortion. Theresa points the finger at Gwen. She started this and forced her to take action. Ethan enlightens Theresa she is not helping the situation. Rebecca wants to rip Theresa’s tongue out. She thinks this would help a great deal. Gwen wants Ethan to do something about this! He doesn’t know what he could possibly do. They took her son from her he informs Gwen! This was her way of defending her self. Gwen screams at Ethan. She demands to know whose side he is on. She promises him if he takes Theresa’s side she will leave him and never look back. Ethan has a very shocked look on his face. He is certainly on Gwen’s side but understands Theresa’s reasons. Rebecca doesn’t understand them at all and says neither does Pilar. She says Pilar almost fainted when she heard the news. Pilar interrupts at this point instructing Rebecca to not speak for her. She doesn’t agree with her daughter’s actions but like Ethan she understands they left her no choice. Rebecca and Gwen drove Theresa to desperate measures by taking Little Ethan. Fox comforts Pilar as she defends Theresa. Gwen walks over to Eve and swears she doesn’t care what the hell happens to Theresa she just wants her eggs out of her immediately. Eve looks at Theresa. Theresa will not consent to any surgery. Rebecca doesn’t care if she has consent or not she will hold her down while the doctors do their job. Theresa will carry the baby until it’s born. She will return it after she has her son returned to her. Gwen begs Dr. Russell to help her. Rebecca threatens to sue the hospital if the eggs are not removed. Eve informs Rebecca the hospital is not liable. The doctors had no idea Theresa planned to deceive them. She would have to have consent from Theresa before removing the eggs. Theresa doesn’t allow the removal of the embryo. Rebecca starts to attack Theresa but Fox puts a stop to her. Gwen wants Ethan to do something about the laws Theresa has broke. He is a lawyer for pity sakes! He wants Gwen to calm down. What does he expect? She is not going to support someone who has stolen her baby. She tells Ethan Theresa has my baby! Theresa reminds Gwen she has her son also. She starts to attack Theresa but Ethan pulls her backwards. Eve confronts Theresa. She wants her to leave the hospital. She doesn’t care about her motivation and requests she leave. Whitney and Fox agree to take Theresa to Whitney’s house. Gwen doesn’t want Theresa to be allowed to leave. Rebecca pulls Gwen aside and suggests Theresa will have a fatal accident soon. Gwen reminds her mother this can’t happen because she is carrying Gwen’s baby. Rebecca is speechless for once. Whitney, Fox and Theresa leave. Gwen sits in the lobby at the hospital. She tells Ethan this has been the worst day of her life. She can’t believe Theresa stole her embryo to use as a bargaining chip to get Little Ethan back. Ethan takes a step towards Gwen to comfort her. She tells him not to even come near her. He stood up for Theresa and defended her. He denies it. He admits Theresa has done something terrible but he understands what drove her to do it. Theresa is desperate to get her son back and this is the drastic step she took to achieve it. Gwen is desperate to get her baby back also. She tells Ethan if she means anything at all to him now would be the time to prove it. He vows to do anything. Gwen wants Ethan to stop Theresa from having their child. He explains there is nothing he can besides get a court order. She demands him to get a judge to force Theresa to have an abortion.

Eve calls Pilar to the side and informs her they must talk. Eve meets with Pilar in her office. Between Theresa and her illness Pilar says this is one of the worse days of her life. Eve wants to caution Pilar. She doesn’t want her to get involved in Theresa’s scheme. Pilar doesn’t want to give up on her daughter or desert her. Theresa needs her so much! Eve informs her she needs to be blunt and not sugar coat her disease. She has been receiving treatments so her immune system is really down. She could die if she gets involved in the stress caused by Theresa’s problems. The amount of stress Pilar may experience due to Theresa will void out any help the treatments would give her. Pilar understands but knows she has to be with her daughter. However she agrees to follow doctor’s orders. She leaves to rest.

Back at the Russell’s Fox and Theresa talk about how upset everyone was at the hospital. Fox knows Rebecca and Gwen will not sit back and take this lightly. Theresa doesn’t think there is much they can do since she is pregnant with Ethan and Gwen’s child. She explains to Fox she felt as if this was her only choice. She wants to trade their baby for Little Ethan. Fox hesitates because he is afraid her plan will not work. She is convinced Little Ethan is as good as hers. Her plan will work. Theresa calls Pilar. She can’t sleep and wants to see her mother. Pilar suggests they both get a good nights rest. Theresa is too upset to sleep and wants her mother. Pilar agrees. Theresa doesn’t know what she would do without Pilar. They hang up. Pilar asks the Lord for strength.

Pilar arrives at the Russell’s. She talks to Theresa about her deceiving plan. She would do anything for her children also. Theresa needs her mother to stand up for her. She needs her to help her fight Rebecca and Gwen. Pilar will stand by her daughter until the very end. Pilar cries as she hugs Theresa.

Julian visits Eve in her office. He tells her he is keeping his promise to return their son to her. He informs her about the secret files Luis has. She hugs him and is very happy. Alistair walks in. He says their fairy tale doesn’t have a happy ending. He announces when Luis reveals his secrets Julian will be sent to prison. He calls Julian Eve’s white knight. She may gain a child but lose her lover. Julian doesn’t care as long as Eve and his son are reunited. Eve calls Alistair a snake.


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