Passions Update Thursday 4/22/04

Passions Update Thursday 4/22/04

By Renee
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Thursday’s Passion episode picked up where it left off on Wednesday. Kay and Simone are discussing the Founder’s Day Dance. Kay can’t afford the tickets but has a plan. She found a flyer on the bulletin board announcing a ticket raffle. Kay is convinced she will win the contest. Simone reminds her many people will enter the raffle. She doesn’t understand how Kay could be certain to win. Kay suggests Simone to trust her. Simone plays Kay’s look out. Kay is signing all the tickets for the drawing. Her name is on every one of them. She puts them in the drawing box. A man named Chuck walks up. He likes the look of Simone. He flirts with her. He wants to take her to the dance if he wins. When he leaves Simone has the heebie jeebies! Kay has to return to work. Simone sees all of her co-workers. She states how these women will tear Kay apart if they find out what she has done to the drawing. These women are nothing like Charity. They wont just turn the other cheek. Simone doesn’t stick around to be turned into cat food over a dance. Kay thinks aloud hoping they don’t figure out what she has done and vows to go to the dance no matter what. At this time Chuck brings the box out containing only Kay’s entries. He is ready to draw the winning ticket. Among other coworkers Dort wants to win those tickets. She peeks into the box. Another woman says she would kill to go to that dance. They talk about the dance. One lady gives Kay her ticket to enter into the drawing but Kay doesn’t. They want to know if she has entered. Kay says she is thinking about it. They all laugh at her and mock her as usual. She says to herself they won’t be laughing when she wins. The winner is announced as Kay Bennett. Kay acts so surprised. The women are very disappointed. They think this is a scheme. They call her a spoiled brat. They smell a rat! They question the fact that Kay won. They open the box and find out about her scheme. They hate cheaters! They throw her tickets in a tank of fish guts. Kay is pissed. She dives in the fish tank to get the tickets. They laugh at Kay’s desperate needs. Kay has been under the water for quite some time. She finally comes up with the tickets in her hand. She vows nothing will stop her from going to the dance.

Charity looks out the window searching for Miguel. She doesn’t see him. Ivy is in the kitchen cooking. Charity hopes Miguel ate the food she prepared for him. She doesn’t want him to know she is the one that cooked for him. Ivy comments if she every makes a delicious dinner like that she wants Sam to know she prepared it. Charity explains she didn’t cook for Miguel for credit she only wanted to do something nice for him. She honestly doesn’t want him to know she is the one responsible. Charity walks over to wipe off the kitchen counters. Ivy talks to herself while looking into Sam’s picture. She understands how far a woman will go when she loves a man. Someone knocks on the door. As Charity opens the door she sees Miguel. He is carrying the tray the food was placed on. He explains to her he fell asleep on the couch and when he woke up he discovered someone prepared dinner for him. He thinks it is Charity. When he confronts her she hesitates. Ivy stands there hoping Charity will tell the truth. She doesn’t admit to it. She lies saying it is not her doings. He thinks it was his mother. Charity says whoever it was loves him very much. He says goodbye and leaves. Ivy questions charity on her lie. She explains all of Miguel’s problems. She doesn’t want to confuse him. Ivy understands she will not win a friendship award but would like to help Charity and Miguel. Charity feels like there is nothing anyone can do from this point. It is to late. She feels like she is being tortured by seeing him everyday but realizes she has lost him forever. Ivy says her bad attitude is contagious. She is starting to think Sam doesn’t want her. She talks about Sam in his younger days. She explains how much he loved her in the past. She feels like an annoying houseguest that wont leave. Ivy apologizes for rambling on. Charity thinks she was naïve to believe she could have the person she loves. Ivy vows that neither of them will give up. She wants to take the second chance life has given her. She suggests Charity to grab a hold of Miguel and hang on to him. Sam walks in. Ivy starts to get something frozen to heat up for his dinner. He stops her and wants to talk to her about something. He talks about how busy things are at the police station. He changes the subject to the Founder’s Day Dance. He admits he used to take Grace to this huge event. Charity wonders if the dance is fun. Ivy talks about how terrible the dance was when she attended with Julian. Sam invites Ivy to be his guest. She always wanted to be in his arms instead of Grace when she attended this dance. He admits they missed the chance but wants a second chance for them. Charity runs out the door after hearing this. Ivy accepts the invitation to the dance. Ivy wants to know why Sam wants to take her to the dance. He wants to thank her for all she has done for him and the kids. She is disappointed because he only wants to do something nice for her. He announces another reason he purchased the tickets. He wants to see if they are able to find the love they lost years ago. She starts to cry. She is so happy! She has waited for a long time to hear these words. She confesses her love to him and kisses him.

Miguel stares at a red rose and wishes Charity had prepared the food for him. Charity knocks on the door. He is happy to see her! He tells her how bad he misses her and wants to work something out. She returns his feelings. She tells him he is the man of her dreams. The one she wants to be with. They agree on their feelings and kiss. They confess their love. Miguel reminds Charity they are alone. They start to talk about the feelings. It was all a dream! But wait…. Charity is at the door. Miguel starts to shut the door. H e thinks he is dreaming again. Charity returns a plate to him. He invites her in. She says goodbye and walks out on the porch. He starts to go after her but decides not to. She starts to walk back in the house but decides not to!

Pilar receives another treatment in Eve’s office. She has a flashback of Eve telling her it is very important for her to avoid stress. Pilar thinks aloud. She wonders how in the world she is suppose to stay calm. How is this possible with all the problems her family has? She hopes things have calmed down some.

Also at the hospital Gwen and Ethan discover Theresa’s latest scheme. They have just been notified Theresa is the woman they implanted with their embryo! Gwen is in shock! She begs everyone to tell her this is a joke and promises to laugh. Everyone remains silent. Dr. Russell wants to hear this is a big mistake. However Fox, Whitney and Theresa remain silent. You can see the stress all over Eve’s face. Gwen is in denial. She says even for Theresa this is just too horrible. She remarks Theresa couldn’t have taken her baby. At this time I must say Gwen is quite and calm. She is not in a rage but very shocked. This leaves her speechless. Ethan doesn’t say anything at this point. However that all changed very soon. Gwen goes off on the nurse. The nurse spills the beans about Theresa pretending to be Heather. She points her finger in her face and tells her this is unacceptable. The nurse apologizes and assures her she is telling the truth. This is the first time the hospital has experienced something like this. Gwen is furious! She is breathing very hard and staring at Theresa. She looks at Ethan and stares back at Theresa. She knows this was not an accident but deliberate. Ethan speaks up saying this has to be a mistake. Gwen goes in a rage and says she should kill Theresa. She chokes her. She yells at her wondering why she can’t just die. Ethan pulls her off of Theresa. He wants her to stop this. Pilar walks up and pleads with Gwen to not hurt her daughter. Theresa is coughing and gasping for air. She sits on the couch. Rebecca walks in and wonders what is going on. Pilar doesn’t know the story and says your daughter is trying to kill mine. Rebecca wants Gwen to continue. Gwen yells the bitch just stole my baby! Rebecca thinks this is in reference to Little Ethan. She figures Theresa tried to kidnap her son again. She says she will have her deported. Heather walks up on this conversation. She is still in her gown. She points at Theresa and explains what Theresa did to her. Rebecca demands to know what is going on. I must say Rebecca seems to be shaking in her high heels. Ethan is holding Gwen back the whole time. She wants to attack Theresa so bad she can taste it. Gwen announces to her mother the details of the situation. Rebecca drops her handbag. The nurse wants Heather to be examined. Ethan tries to apologize to Heather but she doesn’t accept. She no longer wants to know this type of people. Rebecca tells Theresa this is low ever for someone like her. She swears to kill Theresa. Ethan stops Rebecca from harming Theresa. He feels like whatever has happened will become worse by someone attacking Theresa. Rebecca doesn’t see how the situation could get any worse. She says nine months for a baby to be inside Theresa is nine months in a Mexican prison. She calls Theresa a tramp and says she deserves the death penalty. She adds how she wished it had worked the first time. Ethan starts on his speech to Theresa. He tells her this is the lowest and most heartless thing she has ever done. Whitney asks Theresa what she is going to do if they send her back to prison. Fox and Theresa have been silent during this whole ordeal. Pilar is very shocked. Eve is angry with Theresa. She says she has put the hospitals reputation on the line and she cant let this go. Gwen wants her arrested. She stole her baby and she wants her to rot in jail for the rest of her life. Theresa reminds Gwen she is carrying her only child. Does she really want it to be born behind bars? She starts to attack Theresa but Ethan stops her. He explains they will figure something out. She demands to know how much more of this crude is she going to have to take? Gwen continues to scream at Theresa blaming her for the death of her daughter Sarah. Pilar questions Theresa on how she could do something like this. She explains they took Little Ethan away from her. Rebecca calls it revenge. She thinks these people are barbaric for wanting revenge. Theresa clears the air. This is not revenge it’s about getting my child back. She announces she will carry their child until it is born. If they still want their baby she will be more than happy to give it to them but she wants her child back first! Oh Rebecca looks devastated.

Theresa wants her child back. Gwen tells Ethan to put a stop to her. Theresa doesn’t want to torture anyone she just wants to have her son back. This is not about what has happened to her family its about her little boy. She didn’t plan on having him but the moment he was born she knew he was the one right thing in her life. She reminds them they were there when he was born. She talks about the first time she heard him cry. She denies being a monster. She also says this is not about anyone but her son. Gwen stole her child from her. Theresa begged Gwen to return her son back but her heart is so full of hatred she wouldn’t hear of it. She feels terrible for Gwen. She knows how it feels to have your child taken from you. They took her son first. As a mother she will do anything to get her son back. What mother wouldn’t do a million desperate acts to have her child? Gwen was ready to kill her knowing she took her eggs so she needs to imagine how she felt when she took her son! (This is not my opinion it is everything Theresa said. I just wanted to clear that up!) Gwen forced Theresa to do this! Theresa can’t explain to them how it feels to not be there for Little Ethan when he needs her but worse than that he doesn’t understand what is going on. He is to young to understand why his mother is not with him. He thinks his mother has deserted him. They stole her son first and now she is taking their child to get hers back. Gwen is the monster not Theresa. Everyone was very silent during her speech. Gwen and Rebecca stood tall with their nose in the air. Ethan seemed as if he understood. Gwen took the best part of Theresa. Pilar walks over to her daughter and doesn’t approve of what she has done. She understands her reason though. Whitney and Fox tell Theresa to hang in there. They support her. Gwen can’t believe they believe Theresa is a victim again. She names off expensive things she has done for Little Ethan. He has a brand new computer, a pony and she is going to give him a tour of the Grand Canyon on the Crane jet. She says Little Ethan is very happy but what about her little Sarah? She will never have a pony or need a band aid. She did however get to ride on the Crane jet. Of course it was in her coffin to be buried because of Theresa. Theresa says deep down inside Gwen knows this is not true. They both have empty arms. If she will give Theresa her son Gwen can have Ethan’s baby as she has dreamed of. Theresa tells Gwen that is the bottom line. Gwen's child for Theresa's child. Gwen wants Dr. Simmons called immediately. She wants her eggs removed from Theresa. She doesn’t care if they have to cut her open just remove them! Eve informs Gwen this can’t be done. Gwen says “Oh no?” She grabs a bottle and slams it against an end table and breaks it. She holds the broken part in her hand and demands the doctor to remove the eggs if he doesn’t she will cut her open herself!


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