Passions Update Wednesday 4/21/04

Passions Update Wednesday 4/21/04

By Renee
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Wednesday’s Passions episode set in motion at the Crane’s cannery. Kay slaves away working her rear end off to earn more money. Dort tells her to slack off some. She will wear her back out working at this rate if she doesn’t. Kay really needs the job and can’t afford to lose her paycheck. Dort insinuates she has to provide for a low life boyfriend. Kay defends Miguel. However Dort reminds Kay he was making googol eyes at Charity at the Book Café recently. All of Kay’s coworkers laugh at her. She explains Miguel running into Charity was an accident not a date. They continue to mock and laugh at her. Kay defends Miguel once again. She names off all the helpful things he has done for her and their daughter. Dort wonders if Miguel is babysitting Maria as they speak. Kay explains Tabitha is babysitting tonight because Miguel has a term paper due and has to catch up on it. Kay paid to have his computer to be fixed. When the ladies find out she paid for the computer to be repaired they mock her and make fun of her. They comment she works hard just so her little boyfriend can stay home and play school all day. They all laugh and poke fun again. Kay yells at them insisting they are just jealous. She is tired of hearing them run their mouths and decides to take her break. She throws a fit in the break room. She kicks the chair and complains about her co-workers. Simone stops by to see her. She notes how horrible Kay looks. Kay starts on her rampage. She hates her life. She works all day and when she gets home all she wants to do is sleep. Not to mention the fact that she smells like fish all day. She can’t have romance smelling like fish! Simone tries to cheer Kay by telling her about the Founder’s Day Dance. Simone explains how when they were young they used to beg their parents to take them. They loved the dresses everyone wore. This year is their turn to go. Simone says they need new dresses and maybe even rent a limo for the night! Kay can’t afford to go. She is broke. She had to pay for Miguel’s computer to be fixed; her car needs a new transmission and she cant afford a babysitter. Simone offers to lend her a dress. Kay informs her the tickets are one hundred dollars a pop. There is no way she can afford it. Kay hates her life. It sucks. Simone didn’t realize her life was so bad. She reminds Kay she warned her getting pregnant by Miguel was a mistake. Kay doesn’t need to hear I told you so from Simone at this point. She apologizes to Kay but adds how she knows having a baby without a husband, and no hope of ever being married is tough. Kay sarcastically thanks her best friend for cheering her up. Simone wants to figure out a way for Kay to attend the dance. Tabitha can baby sit but the money is still a problem. Simone suggests she ask Sam for a loan. Kay refuses. She realizes her dad has enough problems of his own. Kay says it is hopeless her life is over. She should just die. Kay notices a flyer on the bulletin board. She says her life has just been changed. The flyer announces they will give away free tickets to the dance. Kay is up to something. She has another one of her plans.

At Tabithia’s house Miguel studies. He is very sleepy and comments he is seeing double from staring at the computer for so long. He flips through the pages on a book and finds a picture of Charity. He seems to have forgotten about the picture. He talks to Charity’s picture expressing how much he misses her and would do anything to get her back. Charity is looking through the window from the Bennett residence. She can see Miguel and feels sympathy for him. She notices how exhausted he looks. Ivy walks in and announces she has fabulous news! Ivy comments even though Rebecca is a tramp at least she is good for something. It seems Rebecca has invited Charlie Lapson to the Founder’s Day Dance. He is a fashion trendsetter. Ivy is thrilled he will attend the dance. Charity seems to be happy yet distracted. Ivy senses she is not very excited. She talks about how wonderful Charlie Lapson’s clothing line is. She informs Charity she intends to wow him with her portfolio. Charity hesitates because she doesn’t have a portfolio. She has a few drawings but that’s all. Ivy plans to help her get busy and put one together. Charity agrees without any enthusiasm. Ivy seems disappointed by her reaction. She felt as if Charity would be thrilled. Charity takes this time to thank Ivy but explains she just feels empty. Ivy sees dollar signs and suggests she wont feel this way after she makes a million. Charity doesn’t have anyone to share her wealth with even if Charlie likes her design. This makes her sad.

Miguel feels like he is not pulling his own weight. He understands he needs to use his time wisely and study instead of staring into Charity’s picture. He misses her so much though. He has a flashback of all the memories he has of him and Charity. A pretty ballad plays in the background during the flashbacks. It’s a sweet moment for Charity and Miguel fans. The flashbacks include their wedding day, their first kiss and lots of dancing. Miguel talks about his feelings for Maria. He loves her so much. However without Charity in his life he wonders why he even bothers working so hard.

Charity looks from the window again. She tells Ivy she feels so sorry for him and suggests he probably hasn’t eaten all day. Ivy talks about her love for Sam and tries to compare it to Miguel and Charity’s love. She advises Charity moping around the house isn’t helping. She needs to keep herself busy in other ways. She needs to get out of the slump. She suggests she work on her portfolio and make a career for her Miguel won’t be able to refuse. Charity reminds Ivy their love is not based on money. She expresses her sympathy for Miguel again. She can’t concentrate on a career when Miguel is passed out at his computer. She worries he hasn’t ate all day again. She decides to make him something to eat. Ivy agrees this is a good idea but afterwards she needs to work on her portfolio.

Miguel is asleep on the couch. Charity sneaks in the house and leaves him a plate of food. She lays a red rose on the book with her picture in it. She leaves. Miguel awakes and sees the food. He wonders where it came from. He hollers for Kay and Tabitha. He assumes one of them prepared the food. He walks outside to see if anyone is out there. Charity hides from him. He goes inside and starts to eat the food. He says it is delicious. He wonders why the person didn’t wake him up. He smells of the red rose Charity left and calls her name. Charity returns home. She tells Ivy she feels like Miguel has so much on his shoulders right now she didn’t want him to feel obligated to her. She just wanted to do something nice for him. He doesn’t have to know it was she or thank her. Ivy realizes she truly loves Miguel. She talks about her feelings for Sam. Charity understands her and Miguel love each other but feels as if time has passed them by. Ivy tries to encourage her. She doesn’t have confirmation from Sam they are getting back together. He is her first love though they deserve to be happy.

At the hospital Theresa is in the middle of the procedure. She can’t wait to tell Gwen she will trade her child for her son. She is very anxious. Walking down the hall Fox and Whitney discuss Theresa’s scheme. They talk about Gwen’s reaction. Whitney hopes she can talk some sense into Theresa since Gwen refused to listen to her.

Gwen and Ethan continue to question Heather. They wonder who would have gagged and tied her and placed her in the closet. Heather stands up and begins to tell them about a woman but passes out in the middle of the sentence. Ethan catches her before she hits the floor. Gwen is very stressed!

The doctor announces the procedure is finished! He tells her to pray the embryo attaches itself to the uterus. Theresa claims she can feel she is pregnant. She is certain the egg implantation was successful.

Ethan and Gwen try to awake Heather. Gwen gets a cold washcloth hoping this will help. Ethan yells at Eve who is standing outside the door. He hopes she can shed some light on what has happened. Eve is shocked. Ethan explains he found Heather in the closet tied up. Eve is confused. She shines a light into Heather’s eyes and confirms she is out cold. Eve makes a comment she thought Heather was in the procedure room. Gwen is like yeah, duh! They all thought she was! Heather barely comes to and wonders what happened to her. Gwen has the same question. She seems to fade out again. Gwen has a very troubled look on her face. Heather comes to. She has a flashback of Theresa drugging her. Gwen is hysterical. Heather tells them what happened to her. She doesn’t know the ladies name. They find the gauze she used to knock Heather out. It has chloroform on it. They cant for the life of them figure out who would have done this. Eve declares she has a bad feeling about this ordeal.

Theresa is on cloud nine! She is proud of her accomplishment because she is closer than ever to getting her son back. The doctor tells her the process went like clock work. He doesn’t want her to get her hopes up so soon as sometimes it doesn’t work the first time. Theresa won’t hear of that. She is convinced she is pregnant. She explains she has been pregnant before and can tell the method worked! The nurse explains a lot of times the procedure produces twins. Theresa is floating she is so excited. Fox and Whitney knock on the door. The doctor allows them to visit Theresa. He wants her to lay back and relax and give the eggs time to implant. The nurse and doctor leave. Whitney realizes they are to late. Theresa is glad Fox told Whitney. She needs her friends. Whitney is upset and prays it doesn’t work. Theresa explains she can tell the implantation worked. She feels the exact same now as she did when she was pregnant with Little Ethan. Whitney thinks this is just wishful thinking on Theresa’s part. She excuses the feeling as indigestion. Theresa ignores her comments and is certain she is pregnant. Whitney wants to know what her plan is from here on out. She vows to play hardball with Ethan and Gwen. She says they can play by her rules now. Theresa starts to explain how she got rid of Heather but Whitney doesn’t want to know. She says she didn’t kill her if that’s what they are thinking. Whitney feels like Theresa hasn’t thought about the repercussions she will face as a result of her plan. Theresa hopes they feel exactly like she did when they tore her son from her arms. She has won! They cant do much to her beings she is carrying their baby. Whitney and Fox continue to remind Theresa what Rebecca and Gwen will do to her. Theresa doesn’t think they want their baby to be delivered behind bars. She doesn’t think Gwen will take chances with her own flesh and blood. They want to get Theresa out of the hospital. Fox thinks she needs to rest. He wants to take her out of town until the baby is born. Theresa is not afraid of Rebecca or Gwen. She finally agrees to leave.

Eve pages the nurse to see what is going on. Gwen feels as if someone just walked over her grave. The nurse walks in and admits Heather is not the woman they have just implanted. Gwen freaks out!! Ethan is also in shock! Gwen just can’t believe they implanted her eggs in another woman. Gwen starts to panic. Ethan tries to comfort her. Gwen demands answers from Eve. The nurse informs Eve she checked the identification bracelet. They discover the woman stole Heathers bracelet also. Eve calls security and instructs them to lock down the hospital. Nobody is allowed to leave. Gwen and Ethan realize this was planned and wonder what type of monster would do something like this. The nurse hopes the woman is still in the implantation room. Gwen wants to stop her before she leaves the hospital. They all run to the room.

Theresa thanks Whitney for her help. Although she doesn’t agree with Theresa’s scheme she admits she is her best friend. They hug. Fox wants to leave while they still can. They walk out of the room.

Gwen and Ethan find the room empty. The nurse remembers the lady having some friends and says they must have helped her escape. Gwen calls the lady a lunatic and says they must find her. She has stolen their baby! They run out of the room.

The nurse gives a security guard a description of the lady. Eve has a flashback of Fox telling Theresa how to get her son back by walking the straight and narrow. Eve knows the description sounds just like Theresa.

Theresa is walking down the hall with Fox and Whitney’s help. They plan on leaving town. An alarm sounds. They try to find another exit as Ethan yells at them. Theresa is hide behind Fox and Whitney. Ethan asks for their help after explaining the situation. Ethan doesn’t notice Theresa’s presence. Whitney and Fox play dumb. Gwen runs up to Ethan wondering if he has found the lady yet. She notices Theresa right off the bat. She wants to know what the hell she is doing at the hospital. At this time the nurse that aided the doctor to implant the eggs in Theresa walks up. She points and Theresa and informs them she is the one they implanted. Gwen kicks and stomps while screaming “NO!” “NO!”


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