Passions Update Tuesday 4/20/04

Passions Update Tuesday 4/20/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Passions Tuesday episode began at Hank’s apartment. Luis continues to break the code on the CD ROM, which contains secrets about Sheridan. Luis has a bandage on his head from the gunshot. Hank comments if the bullet would have been just a half of an inch closer it would have killed him. He suggests Antonio and Luis should try some other way of working through their problems instead of using violence. Luis hasn’t had much luck breaking the code. Hank leaves. Sheridan pays Luis a visit. She wants proof of her father brainwashing her. Sheridan has a hard time believing her father would so something like this to her. Luis explains Alistair’s fear of him revealing his secrets. All the sudden the code is broke. He shows her the information on his laptop. She has flashbacks of her past with Luis. She claims to remember the truth. She remembers their love. She says he is the man she belongs with and the one she really loves. They kiss. Sheridan pulls away from the kiss. She remembers Antonio claims the files are false. Luis will take her to someone that can verify the files are true. They leave the apartment.

At the psych ward Dr. Ackland receives a call from his secretary. She announces he has visitors. He instructs her to get rid of them, as he is very busy. Luis and Sheridan walk in his office at this time. Luis tells him he is finished! He knows everything he has done to Sheridan. Dr. Ackland dismisses the accusations. Luis informs he has proof. He inserts the disk into Dr. Ackland’s laptop. Luis suggests him to testify against Alistair or spend the rest of his life in jail. Dr. Ackland looks at the information on the computer screen. He doesn’t want to testify against Alistair because of his power. Luis continues to use jail as leverage to get the truth out of Dr. Ackland. Sheridan stands by observing the conversation. Finally Dr. Ackland admits he played a part in brainwashing Sheridan due to Alistair threatening him. Sheridan is surprised to find Luis’s accusations are true. She tells the doctor she trusted him and he deceived her. He apologizes to her. He explains Alistair’s threats. Sheridan believes Luis now. She is sad about the time they have lost. Luis reminds her they have the future. She confesses her love for Luis. He returns her confession. They kiss. Later in Sheridan’s bedroom they continue to kiss. They swear their love for each other. They promise to never be apart again. Sheridan feels so safe in Luis’s arms. She asks him to make love to her. Moments later they lay in the bed kissing with nothing but blankets to cover their body. All the sudden we see Luis sitting in front of the laptop again. He says aloud this will happen. It was all a daydream. Hank returns and Luis vows to destroy Alistair once again.

At the hospital Whitney prepares to tell Gwen about Theresa’s plan to be the surrogate. Gwen wonders what Theresa and her surrogate could have in common. She doesn’t want to talk about Theresa. Fox intervenes by pulling Whitney to the side. He is trying to talk her out of exposing Theresa. Whitney refuses. She is afraid Theresa will end up in jail when Gwen and Ethan find out what is going on. Fox reminds Whitney Theresa usually goofs up her own schemes suggesting she should hold off on telling Gwen. Whitney doesn’t approve of the scheme and admits Rebecca and Gwen have done horrible things to Theresa. She feels as if two wrongs don’t make a right. She walks up to Gwen and says she needs to stop the situation before it’s to late. Gwen doesn’t understand what she is talking about.

Ethan continues to talk to Theresa. He is under the impression he is talking to Heather. As he hands her a tissue and touches Theresa’s hand he senses her presence. There is a curtain separating the two of them so he is unable to see Theresa. He apologizes to Heather. He lets go of her hand. He feels guilty enough about what he has done to Gwen because of his feelings for Theresa. He blames himself. He continues with his speech by saying this baby will heal their wounds and get their marriage back on track. He realizes Gwen will be so happy to hold her baby in her arms for the first time. He wishes Heather good luck and promises to see her after the procedure. He leaves.

Ethan walks up and wonders what is going on between Whitney and Gwen. Fox pulls her to the side again. Gwen wants to know what they are whispering about. Whitney decides to stop dragging this out and just tell her. She tells Gwen since she is having her own child she needs to return Theresa’s son to her. She says it’s the right thing to do before anyone else gets hurt. Gwen tells her to mind her own damn business. She vows to never allow Theresa to have Little Ethan back. Gwen walks off. She is boiling with anger. Whitney approaches Gwen again. She is so angry she doesn’t want to listen to anything. Ethan tells her to at least hear Whitney out. Gwen thinks Ethan is taking her side. Whitney wants to know why Gwen wont give Little Ethan back to Theresa. Gwen says she is unfit. She has no job, no home and is very insane. Ethan tries to calm Gwen down. Unfortunately it doesn’t work. Gwen goes off on Whitney. She blames Theresa for her daughter’s death. She is sticking her finger in Whitney’s face and yelling at her. Whitney reminds Gwen everyone is aware of what happened to Sarah. She agrees it was horrible and traumatic. However the reason Theresa doesn’t have a home or job is a result of Gwen’s mother. She admits Theresa does some odd things but she isn’t crazy. Gwen throws Theresa’s trip to L.A. in Whitney’s face. She insinuates if she loved her son so much she wouldn’t have dumped him with her mother just to chase after Ethan. Whitney tries repeatedly to explain Theresa’s scheme to Gwen. She refuses to listen to anyone defending or saying anything positive about Theresa. Gwen continues to insult Theresa. Fox defends Theresa. Gwen claims Theresa got what she deserved and she will raise her son as her own. She tells Whitney to back off. Once more Whitney tries to get a word in edge wise but Gwen wont listen. Whitney warns Gwen she is trying to spare her from a lot of pain. Gwen interrupts Whitney and continues to trash Theresa’s name. Whitney states Theresa didn’t mean for Sarah to die. Gwen tries to attack Whitney but Ethan and Fox intervene. Gwen calls Theresa a crazy bitch! Fox tells Gwen she is crazy. Gwen wonders if Theresa sent Whitney to give her this message. Whitney denies this and says she is trying to expose one of Theresa’s schemes. Gwen is so angry she doesn’t have a clue what Whitney is trying to say. Whitney asks her to remain silent for one minute and she will tell her what is going on. Gwen refuses once again. Ethan pulls Gwen away. Fox and Whitney chat. Whitney tried to tell Gwen but since she didn’t listen she is going to drop it. She makes a comment on Gwen’s anger for Theresa. If she is this upset over hearing Theresa’s name just think of how mad she will be when Theresa’s plan is revealed. She is afraid Gwen will end Theresa’s life. Fox is aware of the explosion Theresa’s plan is going to create. He is afraid Harmony will never recover! They talk about Gwen’s attitude.

Theresa talks to her self. In spite of all the things she and Ethan have been through they still have a bond. She tells herself to forget about Ethan. She needs to concentrate on getting her son back. She remembers how Ethan betrayed her by taking her son from her. She is going to force them to give him back to her once she is pregnant with their child. The doctor has finally arrived. He is ready to start the procedure. A nurse takes her blood pressure and questions her about the steps she took to be a surrogate. Theresa has a flashback of hiding Heather in the closet. She tells the nurse she faced many obstacles but feels this is the best for everyone. The nurse comments on the look in Theresa’s eyes and understands she is very determined. During this time Heather wakes up in the closet. The doctor explains the procedure doesn’t always work the first time. Theresa begins to panic. She insists it has to work this time. The doctor questions her attitude. She covers with being anxious for the Winthrop’s. Heather begins to kick the closet door. She can’t get up because her hands and feet are tied. Her mouth is taped also. The doctor sends the nurse to find out what is causing the noise. The nurse reminds the doctor this part of the hospital is old and the pipes make noise. He recalls taking a shower in the locker room the other day and hearing the noise coming from the pipes. They prepare to implant the eggs. Theresa is relived Heather hasn’t been discovered yet. The doctor instructs Theresa to remain calm and relaxed. She takes deep breathes and tells the doctor she is relaxed and ready. The doctor says there is no big rush nobody is going to stop the procedure. The doctor covers his face with a surgical mask and beings the procedure.

Ethan tries to calm Gwen. She vows to never get over what Theresa has done to ruin her life. If Theresa ever tries to pull another one of her stunts she will kill her! She will take her very life from her! They enter the room where Heather remains locked in the closet. Gwen continues to rant about Theresa. Ethan reminds her of the surrogate and suggests this is a happy time. They can hear Heather kicking the closet door! Ethan thinks it is the pipes but Heather kicks the door again. They open the door and see Heather! Gwen and Ethan are shocked. They take the gag off of Heathers mouth. They throw several questions at her. Heather is scared. Gwen wonders who is in the plantation room since Heather isn't. We see the doctors being the egg implantation on Theresa. She says to herself she is about to get her son back and Gwen can’t stop her!


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