Passions Update Monday 4/19/04

Passions Update Monday 4/19/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Monday’s Passion episode began at the hospital. Gwen and Ethan have arrived to check on Heather, their surrogate, before the procedure takes place. Gwen wants to see Heather immediately. She is very excited and overwhelmed with joy. Dr. Russell was called to the emergency room. Ethan understands Gwen is very anxious to see the surrogate however Eve has asked them to wait for her return before visiting Heather. Ethan tries to calm Gwen down explaining the procedure could take a while. Fox is pacing the hall. He is very nervous for Theresa. He hopes Eve’s emergency will give Theresa time to have the procedure done. She plans on being the surrogate in order to regain custody of her son. Whitney arrives at the hospital and wonders what Fox is doing there. He lies at first by saying he is waiting to talk to Eve. Whitney wants to talk to her mother also. Fox explains she has an emergency. Whitney notices Gwen and Ethan. She questions Fox about their presence. He explains they have awaiting the surrogate to begin the egg implantation. He exposes Theresa’s plan to her. Whitney is outraged by the plan. She comments on Gwen killing Theresa when she finds out. 

Theresa is being prepped for the procedure. She questions the nurse about the amount of time the procedure takes. The nurse replies that it shouldn’t take all night. Theresa is relived. Gwen insists on seeing Heather and starts to enter the room. Ethan is determined to stop her. Theresa tries to rush the nurse by saying she is anxious to get this over with. We see the door handle move as if someone is about to enter the room. It’s Fox. He covers by calling Theresa Heather in front of the nurse. She agrees to allow Fox to visit briefly. He explains she is about to be caught. He wants her to rethink her scheme. She refuses. This is her last chance to regain custody of her son. She can’t give up. Fox agrees but informs her after this procedure there will be hell to pay. He kisses her and leaves to continue keeping Gwen and Ethan from entering the room.

In the hall Fox starts to talk to Whitney but Gwen and Ethan return. They question their reason for being at the hospital. They explain they need to talk to Dr. Russell. Whitney congratulates them. Gwen tells Whitney she should meet Heather. Ethan and Gwen call their surrogate a saint.

The nurse announces Theresa is ready for the next step. Theresa is nervous and wanting this to be over with. She tells the nurse she can’t wait to be pregnant with Gwen and Ethan’s child.

Gwen wants to see Heather! Fox questions if they agree this is the best time to distract Heather. Ethan wonders why Fox is so eager to stop them from seeing her. Whitney comes to his defense by saying he is partial to the surrogates feelings. Gwen admits she doesn’t want to sound rude but it’s really none of their business. She will go see the surrogate when she wants to regardless of his opinion. Fox says okay!

Fox and Whitney discuss Theresa. Whitney hates Theresa’s plan. She says this is just not right. Fox defends Theresa. She insists on telling Gwen what Theresa is up to. Fox doesn’t think a best friend should rat out her friend. He tells Whitney Theresa will never forgive her for exposing her plan. She says she doesn’t want to be like her lying mother. Fox continues to try to talk her out of exposing Theresa but she refuses. He agrees this plan may be horrible but Rebecca and Gwen are not saints. The things they have done to Theresa are horrible also. He suggests there is nothing going to stop Theresa. She suggests Fox talk some sense into Rebecca. Fox knows this will not work. She says Theresa is stealing a baby and holding it hostage. She plans to enlighten Gwen about the plan.

Gwen and Ethan enter the room. Neither Theresa nor Heather is in the room. The nurse explains she is next door in the implantation room. They are just waiting for the doctor to arrive. Gwen looks disappointed. Ethan and Gwen explain how much they wanted to see Heather before the procedure. Fox blurts out he wants to buy them dinner. The nurse ignores Fox and informs Gwen and Ethan they can visit Heather now. They turn around to notify Fox they appreciate his enthusiasm but they wont need his help from him on out. Whitney and Fox leave the room. They are afraid Theresa is going to be caught.

The nurse tells Theresa the biological parents are requesting to visit her. She tries to get out of the visit but it doesn’t work.

Gwen is so excited and expresses her feelings to Ethan. He reminds her she will have to wait nine months for the baby to arrive. Gwen thanks Ethan for making her feel so special. Heather wakes up and hits the closet door with her head. Ethan hears the noise coming from the closet. He starts to open the door but the nurse walks in and announces they can see Heather now. He mentions the noise but the nurse dismisses it by saying that part of the hospital is old. Heather passes out again. Ethan and Gwen are on their way to see Heather. Theresa is very nervous as she does her best to come up with a plan to keep them from noticing her. Just minutes later Ethan and Gwen enter the room. The curtain is pulled so they can’t see Theresa. She disguises her voice and insists she looks terrible and would rather them not see her. Ethan reminds Gwen how she feels on a bad hair day. They talk to her through the curtain. Gwen thanks her for being their surrogate. Ethan blames Heather not wanting to see them on her hormones. Gwen reaches through the curtain and hold Theresa’s hand. She continues to give a speech of appreciation. Ethan and Gwen talk about the day they will hold their baby in their arms. Gwen excuses herself to the ladies room. Ethan talks to who he believes is Heather but Theresa. He expresses his love for Gwen but explains his situation with loving another woman. He says this baby will save their marriage. He confides in her about his feelings for Theresa. He loves her very much. He thinks Theresa is dangerous, exciting and wonderful. This tears Theresa up. She is upset. He admits he only married Gwen because she was pregnant. He still thinks of Theresa. He feels funny talking to Heather about his marriage and Theresa but he feels close to her because of the baby. He realizes this baby will tie him and Gwen together in a bond like no other way. He knows this is a good thing. He admits his part in his baby dieing. He blames himself. He just couldn’t handle his feelings for Theresa. He wants Heather to know how important all of this because it is important to him and Gwen. He says many lives will be changed because of this baby. She doesn’t say a lot during his speech but as he talks about lives being changed she beings to cry aloud. She says to herself she doesn’t want to hurt anyone but doesn’t have a choice left. She hates to think of the pain she will cause Ethan and Gwen. He hears her crying and hands her a tissue through the curtain. When she touches his hand he says “Theresa”? He can feel their bond.

Whitney sees Gwen in the hall. She tells her she needs to talk to her about Theresa. Gwen knows Whitney understands Theresa is the last person she wants to talk about and wonders what she needs to discuss with her. Whitney says it is about Theresa and her surrogate baby.

Sheridan and Luis are kissing outside the cottage. Sheridan breaks the embrace and explains she can’t kiss him while being married to Antonio. Luis tells her he is the man she loves deep down inside. He accuses Alistair and Dr. Akland of brainwashing her. Antonio is watching them from the window. Alistair continues to taunt Antonio. He wants to persuade him to kill his brother. He uses his usual tactics to encourage Antonio. He succeeds and Antonio shoots Luis. He falls to the ground. Sheridan panics. Antonio can’t believe he has shot his brother. Alistair demands he didn’t have a choice. Sheridan remains beside Luis. She shows concern. She yells for someone to call 911. Alistair continues to dismiss Antonio’s guilt. Antonio decides to go check on his brother. Alistair remains inside and smokes a cigar to celebrate Luis’s death. He is proud his empire is safe from Luis. As Antonio approaches Sheridan and Luis she yells at him to call 911. She informs him someone has shot his brother. He just stands there and doesn’t move. She notices the gun in his hand. She asks him what he is doing with a gun. What has he done? He defends his actions by saying he didn’t mean to kill him. Sheridan comments in anger he could have murdered his own brother. Antonio doesn’t move an inch to help or check on Luis. He wonders if Luis is still alive. Sheridan tells him he has a pulse but its faint. She runs off to call for help but Luis calls her name. She returns to him. He said he heard a gun shot and feels like he has been in hit in the head with a hammer. He has a small amount of blood above his ear. She tells him he is very lucky as the bullet just grazed his head. He says it must look worse than it really is. Alistair is still looking out the window and notices he is alive. He makes a sarcastic and funny comment that Luis must have nine lives. He vows to find another way to keep Luis from revealing his secrets. Sheridan is on her knees crouched over Luis. She is caressing his head by running her fingers through his hair. He gets up with Sheridan’s help. Antonio insists Luis get away from his wife. He realizes Antonio is the one that shot him. He asks him if he is going to shoot him again. He tells Antonio Sheridan belongs with him. Antonio points the gun at Luis. However Luis knocks it out of his hands. The brothers fight. Sheridan yells for them to stop but it doesn’t stop the fight. Finally she pulls them apart and stands between them. She tells them if they want to fight they will have to go through her to do so. Alistair watches out the window rooting for Antonio. He hopes he will pick up the gun and kill Luis. Antonio tells Luis to leave the grounds and never come near his wife again. Luis aggravates Antonio by saying Sheridan wont be his wife much longer. He has proof Alistair had Sheridan brainwashed. Antonio makes a comment suggesting the CD’s are false. Luis wonders how his brother found out about the files. Antonio tells him to forget about his proof. He knows Luis would do anything to get Sheridan back including telling lies. Luis points out the fact that Antonio shot him with Alistair’s gun. Sheridan demands answers from Antonio. He tells Luis to shut up and avoids their questions. Luis admits Alistair tried to shoot him earlier and missed. Luis asks Antonio where the gun is. Alistair is hiding in some bushes pointing the gun at Luis. He will finish off Luis if Antonio doesn’t. Luis looks for the gun. He can’t find it. Antonio demands Luis to leave. Sheridan insists on getting some answers from Antonio. She wants to know why he tried to kill his own brother. He says his brother is crazy and she shouldn’t believe anything he says. She walks over and wipes the blood off of Luis’s face. She walks off with Antonio. Luis yells he has proof and will get her back. The gun is jammed and Alistair tries to fix it. Luis hears him and grabs him. He takes the gun away from him. He vows to make him pay. He will finally be reunited with Sheridan.

Inside the cottage Sheridan and Antonio talk. She wonders if Luis is correct about the brainwashing. Antonio says he wouldn’t let anything like that happen to her. He says Luis is crazy. Sheridan reminds him Luis has proof. He dismisses this as a lie. He says they are meant to be together forever. He suggests they were together in another life.

At the Bennett residence Ivy is very nervous and excited about Gwen and Ethan’s great news on becoming parents. Sam walks in the room and senses her excitement. She explains the procedure is taking place tonight. She prays the procedure will work the first time. Sam compliments her by saying she will be the prettiest grandmother in Harmony. They discuss Ethan when he was a baby. Sam apologizes for not being a part of his childhood. Ivy continues the conversation by talking about the death of Sarah. She worries Theresa will try to stop the procedure and blames her for the death of Gwen’s baby. Sam defends Theresa. Ivy has a chill. She wants to go to the hospital to make sure nothing goes wrong. Sam talks her into staying home. Ivy decides to call Gwen. She says she had a premonition. Gwen says this is more on Charity’s level. Ivy voices her concern that Theresa will stop the procedure. Gwen assures her everything is fine she doesn’t need to worry. They hang up.


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