Passions Update Friday 4/16/04

Passions Update Friday 4/16/04

By Renee
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Friday on Passions Gwen and Ethan jump up and down with excitement. The surrogate is at the hospital waiting for their arrival. They are full of happiness to become parents. They hug and kiss while Gwen brags to herself that Theresa can’t stop them from having a baby. They discuss names for the baby. Gwen wonders is Ethan wants a boy or a girl. He doesn’t care as long as it’s healthy. They are both emotional. Gwen calls the hospital again. She talks to Eve to make sure everything is going fine. Eve assures her it is. We see Heather walk by Eve as she talks to Gwen. Gwen expresses her excitement to Eve. She realized she was excited because she has called every ten seconds. Eve informs Gwen there is not rush for her to arrive because Heather has a few more tests before the procedure. The phone call ends. Gwen and Ethan talk about how much they miss Sarah. She declares she will love Little Ethan the same as her child. She will not love him any less just because he is adopted. They hug and Gwen once again talks to her self-saying Theresa killed her baby but she will not be able to take this one. Gwen paces the room. She wants to go to the hospital now. Ethan agrees.

At the church Fox questions Theresa about her new found plan to get Little Ethan back. At this time she doesn’t reveal her plan but states Gwen and Ethan will have no choice but to give Little Ethan back to her. Fox hopes this is not another wacky scheme. Theresa says this different. Fox wants her to learn from her mistakes. She wants him to at least listen to her plan. He agrees to. She announces she will be Gwen and Ethan’s surrogate. She will trade her son for theirs. Fox wants know how she will pull this one off. While she was at the Russell’s house she seen a note Eve wrote saying the egg implant was going to be done tonight. Fox doesn’t understand how she will be the surrogate. She is going to replace the surrogate at the hospital. She doesn’t know exactly how yet but she will figure it out it she says. Fox thinks this is insane. Theresa doesn’t have a choice. Fox understand she wants her son back but playing chris cross applesauce is illegal. He tries to talk her out of it. Even if this plan doesn’t work Little Ethan will know she tried to get him back. Fox knows this is a bad idea but understands trying to talk her out of this would be a waste of time. She tells Fox she will see him later and starts to leave. He pulls her in for a huge kiss. He says she isn’t going to the hospital alone. He will follow her and help her. Fox hopes they will get a cell together when they are caught. Theresa promises him this one will work. He says she has said that to him about every one of them. They leave.

Alistair points the gun at Luis. Luis threatens him with prison. He bluffs him by saying he emailed the files over cyber space. Alistair tells him he is dead wrong and shoots him. It only gazes Luis’s arm. Luis tells him he is a lousy shot. Alistair says this time he will not miss and points the gun at Luis again. Luis takes the gun from Alistair and throws him down. Luis calls Alistair’s attempt to murder him icing on the cake. He will add this to the list of charges Alistair will face. Of course Mr. Crane reminds Luis he is not a cop anymore and cant charge him with anything. Luis explains his plan to be reinstated on the force. As soon as he encrypts the files he will get his job back. He goes on to say he will get Sheridan back, Theresa will have Little Ethan back and his mother will have his father again. Everyone in Harmony can smile again because they will know Alistair isn’t pulling the strings anymore. Luis empties the gun chamber and throws the gun at Alistair and tells him to get the hell out. He shoves him out the door. Outside the apartment Alistair vows Luis’s life is over not his. Luis heads over to Sheridan’s to let her know what is going on.

Antonio is watching TV. He has some broccoli and cauliflower on the coffee table. Sheridan enters the room and wonders what he is doing. He is preparing his wife a romantic dinner. He tells Sheridan it will be the most romantic dinner she has ever had. He plans on cooking veal. He explains the TV in the living room is bigger than the one in the kitchen and he wants to see the Red Sox game. She teases him about his love for baseball and mentions how much Luis also loves the sport. She continues to talk about Luis and suggests when they were making love he would look over her shoulder to see the game. All of the sudden she stops talking and is astonished to have said that to her husband. She apologizes for being insensitive. He flat out asks her if she really wants to be with him. Here lately he suggests she hasn’t thought of anything besides Luis. She hugs him while assuring him he is the one she wants to be with. He believes her and says enough has been said. He explains he can’t help but to think of how distracted she has been lately. Sheridan blames her feelings on losing her baby. She misses him so much. Antonio has a flashback of Alistair telling him to get Sheridan pregnant. They decide to have another baby. He promises to be the best dad he can possibly be. They hug. Sheridan has a flashback of Luis. She tells him how she wants him to be the father of her baby. She wonders why Luis is always on her mind. Sheridan wants to help prepare dinner but Antonio doesn’t allow it. After supper he wants to retire to the bedroom and work on making a baby. Sheridan leaves the room and Alistair stops by to warn Antonio Luis will take Sheridan away from him. He says Antonio is the only one that can stop Luis. During this time Sheridan is outside. She continues to have flashbacks of Luis. She doesn’t understand why this keeps happening. She looks up at the sky and asks the question again. Luis walks up and tells her she knows in her heart she belongs with him not his brother. Sheridan wonders why Luis stopped by. He reminds her of what she was saying when he arrived. He tells her she can’t keep him out of his head or heart. He announces he has broke into Alistair’s safe. He will have answers soon. He explains her name was on several of the CDs. She has a hard time believing something happened to her in the psycho ward. He vows to prove it to her soon. Sheridan confesses to Luis she remembers they were in love once. They take a stroll down memory lane. They have a flashback of Luis purposing to Sheridan. This is an emotional moment for the both of them. They kiss passionately. Inside Alistair tells Antonio to look out the window. He sees Luis and Sheridan talking. Alistair wants Antonio to stop this. He taunts Antonio trying to push him to his limit. He tries to go outside to fight Luis. Alistair tells him this will not work he needs to kill Luis. He repeats this several times. Antonio doesn’t think he should have to kill his brother to keep his wife. Antonio wants to kick Luis off the property but Alistair says that will only temporary work. Alistair says his only choice is to lose Sheridan or kill Luis. They continue to argue. Alistair tells Antonio Luis has a few CD’s that are full of lies. He thinks Sheridan may actually believe Luis in her state of mind. At this time Antonio looks out the window and sees Luis and Sheridan kissing. Alistair says the only way to stop it is to kill his brother. Antonio doesn’t want to go along with this plan. Alistair suggests Antonio is gay and doesn’t like women. He repeats himself continuously. Antonio states nobody will take Sheridan from him and he loads a gun. He says he will kill Luis if he has too. Alistair refers to Antonio and Luis as Cain and Abel. Antonio points the gun out the window and aims it at Luis.

At the hospital Theresa puts her plan into action. Fox is by her side the whole time. She checks the file on the outside of the door and recognizes Heather’s name from Eve’s note. She says she has to get rid of her. Fox says well are you going to kill her. Theresa says no I don’t want to kill the lady. This was sarcastic and funny. Theresa has a brainstorm. She needs Fox to distract Eve. She enters the room where Heather is. Heather comments on how she hasn’t seen her before and wonders who she is. Theresa plays this off by saying her shift just began. She tells Heather she needs to do one more test before she can implant the eggs. Heather talks about how nice Ethan and Gwen are. She says she is making a lot of money by doing this. Theresa is getting some things from the table.

In the hall Eve notices Fox. He wants to talk to her about Whitney. He keeps her busy by talking to her about her relationship with Whitney. Fox sees a woman start to enter the room. He is very nervous for Theresa. Eve senses something is up with Fox. He seems distracted. She wants to know what he is up to. He does a good job at covering using Whitney as an excuse again. Ethan and Gwen arrive. Ethan wants to know why Fox is at the hospital. He uses the excuse of talking to Eve about Whitney. They start to enter the room where Theresa is. Fox stalls them. Fox tries to convince them to give the surrogate some privacy. Eve says she will peak inside and see if Heather is ready. Gwen and Ethan are outside the room and Gwen says this is a moment she will never forget.

Theresa continues to hear Heather complimenting Ethan and Gwen. She takes a bottle out and pours it on some gauze. She places this on Heathers mouth and she passes out. Theresa drags her out of the room and into the closet. Theresa has changed into a gown and has Heather’s house shoes on. The lab tech walks in the room as Theresa shuts the closet door. The lady wonders what Theresa is doing in the closet. Theresa makes up some lame excuse and the lady buys it. The woman wants to start the procedure but needs to see the Id bracelet. She shows the lady her bracelet.

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