Passions Update Thursday 4/15/04

Passions Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Renee
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Thursday’s Passion episode started with Ethan and Gwen. Ethan has prepared a romantic setting for Gwen. They are both dressed formal and the room has lots of lit candles. Ethan plans to pamper her during their virtual pregnancy starting tonight. He confesses his love for her over anyone. She returns the confession. They kiss while hugging. Ethan continues to flatter Gwen with compliments while they have dinner. He mentions his love for her over anyone again. She wonders if he loves her more than Theresa. He gets a bit aggravated at her bringing Theresa’s name up. He tries to convince her of his love by using their marriage as an example. She implies he married her because of her pregnancy. He reminds her they have had this conversation many times. He remarks how he stood by her side after they lost their daughter. Although during a brief period she didn’t want him to he remained committed to her. He swears he is committed to her and the family they are about to have. She states they are already a family because Little Ethan is their son. Ethan makes a suggestion insinuating he is at the time being. She declares he will always be their son no matter what. Shortly after the conversation they dance. Gwen feels insecure because she is not giving birth to their child the surrogate is. She has fear Ethan will see her as a half of a woman. She reminds Ethan she is not having his baby another woman is. She doesn’t feel hole. Ethan hugs her and tries to convince Gwen she is wrong. He compliments her womanhood. He tells her to never doubt herself. He loves her unconditionally and she is the mother of his child even if she doesn’t carrying it. The egg belongs to them. He goes on to say even though a man conceives a child it doesn’t mean he is a father. It’s a bond they establish. The same is for all mothers. She admits her love for Ethan. There are rose pedals on the bed. They lay on the bed and began to make love as the music plays.

In the library Theresa returns to tell Rebecca her decision. Rebecca repeats the perks of her offer. She will receive ten thousand dollars immediately and a generous amount of money each month. This money would allow her to help her family in many different ways. Theresa realizes this is a difficult decision to make. However she decides to decline the offer. Rebecca is surprised. Theresa tells her shove her offer in the black hole she calls her heart. They talk about their anger with one another. Rebecca tells Theresa her whole family has nothing. She advises her to take the offer before she finds herself in more trouble. Rebecca makes another offer but this time she more than doubles her original offer. Theresa is tempted. Rebecca jokes by saying her family could be like the Jefferson’s. Theresa confirms this would be the amount she would receive each month. Rebecca agrees. She suggests Theresa to take some time to think about the offer long and hard. Rebecca walks out. Theresa cries and contemplates taking the offer.

At the Russell’s residents Fox explains Rebecca’s offer to Whitney and Chad. She has offered Theresa a great bundle of money to leave Harmony forever. Theresa is still at the Crane mansion discussing the offer with Rebecca. Whitney hopes Theresa will accept the offer. She feels as if Theresa doesn’t have anything left in Harmony. Fox seems stuck in the middle not sure what route Theresa should take. Whitney wants to leave town with Theresa if she accepts the offer. She just doesn’t want to remain in Harmony after discovering what her mother has been up to. Chad reminds her she doesn’t have proof. She agrees but doesn’t want to be the one to drive a wedge between her parents. She needs to stay out of their marriage. Whitney cant handle the situation with her parents in the same manner Theresa cant handle losing her son. She thinks leaving Harmony is in their best interest. This thought makes Chad nervous. Theresa arrives. She tells her friends she turned down the offer but Rebecca decided to double the money. She shows everyone the check. They realize this is a lot of coins. Theresa talks about what this money could do for her family. Theresa is tempted to take the offer but she doesn’t want to leave her son. She doesn’t want to turn her back on any chance of getting him back. Whitney understands how Theresa feels but she doesn’t see any chance of her regaining custody of her son. Theresa knows Rebecca has the same thoughts. Fox wants Theresa to acknowledge Gwen and Ethan adopted her son it is now up to them to return him to Theresa. Whitney shares her plan to move out of Harmony with Theresa. She wants a new start for the both of them. Chad and Fox agree to follow the girls wherever they decide to go. Fox seriously talks to Theresa about how this money would affect her family. Whitney admits Beth would probably move also. Theresa would love for Rebecca’s offer to include Luis getting Sheridan back. She wants Antonio to understand their love. Theresa wants to remain in Harmony to be close to her son. Whitney and Fox agree Gwen and Ethan will send her son to boarding school. She will not be allowed to be near him. Rebecca will keep tabs on things like this. Theresa just wants to be near her son. She is not sure what to do. Fox admits it is rough but he is out of ideas on how to get Little Ethan back. Theresa remembers her mother insisting on prayer in time of troubles. She decided to go to the church and pray.

Ethan and Gwen are lying in the bed with nothing but covers to hide their naked bodies as Rebecca walks in. Her barging in without knocking annoys them. She just stopped in to say goodnight and to tell them about Theresa. They get out of bed and put on their robes. She pours a glass of wine. Gwen wants to know what she has done to Theresa now. Rebecca explains the offer to Gwen. Gwen refers to Theresa as a roach. Ethan wonders if Rebecca’s night went well. The phone rings. Dr. Russell informs Ethan the surrogate mother is at the hospital and wants the eggs implanted tonight. They are so happy and excited. Gwen is ecstatic. Ethan leaves to call the hospital to tell them to wait on their arrival before starting the procedure. Gwen tells Rebecca Theresa will never take their child away from them or Little Ethan for that matter. She basically compliments her mother for all she has done.

Luis and Alistair continue to argue over the secret files. Alistair has a gun in his pocket. Luis vows to take him and his empire down. Alistair panics, as he demands his property to be returned to him. Luis taunts him by saying he and Sheridan will visit him in prison. Luis insists there is nothing Alistair can do to stop him. Alistair disagrees and pulls a gun on Luis. Luis dares Alistair to shoot him. He is in Hank Bennett’s apartment. He reminds Alistair Sam will have him arrested in no time. Luis makes fun of this idea. Alistair thinks it could be a great starting point. He would be closer to getting his property back. Luis tries to bluff Alistair by saying Hank has the finance disk and is on his way as they speak to give it to Sam. The finance disk is hidden on the desk. Luis calls him a dead man walking. Alistair tries to call his bluff but Luis remains confident telling him to go ahead and shoot him. Luis calls him Ally Baby and tells him he can’t stop the truth from being revealed. Alistair raises the gun and points it in Luis’s face. He will not allow anyone to take his empire down. He tells Luis not to think for one minute he won’t kill him. Luis tells him to go ahead he doesn’t care. He would like to live and be with Sheridan but if he has to die to bring him down so be it. He will sacrifice his life to bring his empire down. Alistair suggests Luis doesn’t know anything yet. Alistair lays his gun on the desk. Alistair tells Luis he has no idea what he is doing. Alistair tells him this is not about his blue collar family its about the world. Luis wants to know what he is talking about. Alistair explains the global economy will never recover the Crane’s being brought down. He will bring devastating poverty to millions. Luis doesn’t want to destroy lives of millions of people by putting them out of work. Alistair advises Luis to think of what his actions will do to other people. He wants to come to some sort of resolution. Alistair points out all the problems his family has and wants to help. He tells Luis he has power to find common ground and support both their needs. Alistair offers him a blank check. Luis admits he doesn’t want to ruin anyone’s life. Alistair calls him a decent man. They both agree Luis would be happy to have Sheridan. He wants Alistair to cut his crap. He knows Alistair doesn’t keep his promises. Luis won’t accept an offer. Alistair threatens to kill Luis. He pulls a gun on him once again. Luis reminds him killing him won’t promise him anything. Luis bluffs Alistair by saying he has copied the files and emailed them already. He goes through the titles on the CD ROM’s. He names each and every one of them to Alistair. He tries to cover by saying he only keeps files on his families problems so he can help them get past them. A Luis point out Julian’s bastard child doesn’t seem to help Julian. He also points out Martin Fitzgerald is not his family member. Luis says he has confirmed all his suspicions. Luis taunts Alistair about what is about to come as a result of his evil schemes. Alistair says he has brought life into small countries. Luis says that is all over now. As Luis continues to taunt Alistair he makes a hilarious comment referring to a man Alistair will meet in prison named Bubba. There will be no beautiful woman to entertain Alistair in jail neither. Alistair threatens to kill Luis again. Luis calls him on his threats by saying he keeps telling him that but hasn’t done it yet. Luis vows to get Sheridan back and make his family happy. Alistair points the gun at Luis again. Luis tells Alistair it will be a national holiday when he is sent to jail. Everyone will celebrate. Luis says he can and will take him down. Alistair pulls the trigger on the gun. We see the bullet in mid air and blood splatter on the computer screen. We don’t see Luis but notice he drops files he had in his hand.

Inside the church Theresa lights several candles. Fox wonders if she is all right. She is doing fine but is surprised. Whitney wonders what she is surprised about. Theresa has a wonderful feeling inside the church. They think she will find all the answers she needs. Whitney and Chad discuss Theresa. Whitney wants her to leave Harmony. Chad wonders if she is serious. He will go anywhere with her as he loves her. She wants him to move with her. All of the sudden Theresa says, “That’s it”. Fox wonders what she is up to. She announces she has figured out a way to get her son back.

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