Passions Update Wednesday 4/14/04

Passions Update Wednesday 4/14/04

By Renee
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Wednesday’s episode of Passions began at the Crane mansion. Gwen sits in a chair holding Little Ethan. He is asleep. She comments on how tired Little Ethan is. Ethan points out this is a result of him crying for his mother. Gwen remarks this is what is best for the child. Ethan expresses his feelings on the subject. He doesn’t see how taking a child from his mother whom he loves is best for any child. Gwen reminds him Theresa lost custody of her son because of the court system not because of them. She continues the conversation by saying they only adopted him to give him loving parents. She wonders if Ethan would rather Rebecca and Julian raise Little Ethan. Of course Ethan doesn’t want them to raise a child. He reminds Gwen how much Little Ethan cried for his mother and how devastated Theresa was. Gwen says they can help him adjust. She declares Theresa will calm down and agree this is best for her son. Gwen says she is going to take Little Ethan to bed. Ethan offers to carry him but Gwen wants to do it. She wants to tuck him in bed herself to make him feel loved. She carries him to bed. Ethan talks to himself. He states Theresa will never believe this is best for her son and neither will he. He vows to return Little Ethan to his real mother as soon as he can. Gwen returns downstairs. She says Little Ethan woke up and was a bit fussy but she sang him back to sleep. She reminds Ethan of their meeting with the surrogate. She wants to confirm Ethan’s likeness of Heather. Even though he only met with her for a few minutes he is pleased with the choice. Gwen is filled with happiness. The surrogate has an appointment in the morning for their first try at conceiving a baby. They plan to be at the hospital when Heather goes through the procedure. Gwen talks about her disappointment when she realized she wasn’t able to have children. She is so excited they are about to have their own biological child. Ethan shares the same excitement. Gwen also worries Heather will change her mind. She worries she will decide to keep the baby. She can’t stand the thought of someone taking her child away. Ethan cheers her by saying Heather understands she will be carrying their child not her own. This was discussed in their interview. He has a contract for her to sign. After she signs the contract she has to give them their baby. Later Heather agrees to sign the contract. She understands the child is theirs and doesn’t have any problems with the contract. She promises to deliver a healthy baby. Ethan tells her the fee has been transferred to her bank account. Gwen thanks her for such a wonderful gift and hugs her. Heather assures them they don’t have a reason to worry and adds she doesn’t believe a child should be taken away from their biological mother. This is a bond that should never be broken. Ethan agrees and says even when the mother is Theresa. Later Ethan tells Gwen he loves her even though she can’t have babies. She feels he is disappointed in her. He convinces her he isn’t. She feels as a piece of her soul is missing because she can’t give him a child. He only cares about what is in her heart and he realizes the baby is in her heart. In his eyes he sees her as pregnant. They confess their love for each other. Ethan pampers Gwen. She feels so lucky. Ethan tells her to wait right there and brings her a gift. It is a journal. He thought she would keep track of appointments and facts about the baby. He wants this pregnancy to feel real to her. Ethan reminds her of a formal engagement they need to attend. Ethan leaves to get dress. Gwen talks to herself. She doesn’t feel the least bit sorry for Theresa. She is happy she has won.

Rebecca, Theresa and Fox enter Rebecca’s office. Theresa demands to know what Rebecca wants. Theresa says she only wants to discuss a way to get her son back. Rebecca reminds her Gwen and Ethan has custody of her son because she is an unfit mother. They blame each other. Theresa demands her son back. Rebecca threatens to call security if Theresa keeps asking for her son. Fox advises the girls to take it easy. They sit. Rebecca states she has an offer for Theresa. She says any deal of Rebecca’s is the same as a deal with the devil. Fox wants to hear Rebecca out. Rebecca says the offer will ensure her a future she can only dream of. Theresa once again wants her son back. Rebecca refuses. They blame one another again. Rebecca gives Theresa the facts and tells her its over. She wants her to face she has lost her son and move on. Fox tells her to cut to the chase. Rebecca gives Theresa an envelope. It contains a check in the amount of ten thousand dollars. She says this is just a down payment. Fox is not surprised this is how the Cranes operate. He demands to know what this will cost Theresa. Rebecca will send Theresa a generous amount of money each month for the rest of her life if she will take her family out of town. She includes in the deal they are to never return to Harmony for any reason. Theresa doesn’t understand this offer. She doesn’t see how Rebecca can expect her to leave her son. Rebecca reminds Theresa for the millionth time he is not her son anymore. She explains Gwen will never let her close to Little Ethan. Rebecca insists Theresa has nothing left in Harmony. Fox intervenes by saying he has a hard time believing his half brother will not return Little Ethan to Theresa after Gwen has her own child. Fox doesn’t think Ethan is this cold. Theresa agrees. Rebecca doesn’t care what Ethan plans. Gwen will never allow Ethan to give Theresa her son back. Gwen will not sign anything to allow this plan. Rebecca says it’s a child for a child. Theresa cost Gwen her child and now she will lose hers forever. Theresa can’t stand the thought of leaving town without her son. Rebecca says not seeing Little Ethan may be a blessing. He will start calling Gwen mommy soon and it would only pain Theresa to see how happy her son is. Fox is angry and says how could it possibly make a mother happy to leave town without her son. Rebecca continues to try her best to convince Theresa to accept the offer. She calls Rebecca a bitch. Theresa turns down the offer. Rebecca tells her to face her loss and admit defeat before her or someone in her family ends up dead. Rebecca makes a comment suggesting Theresa would feel guilty if someone died in her family. Fox points out this seems like a threat to him. Rebecca says no it’s a fact. Her family has crossed a line several times with the Cranes and something is bound to happen to one of them. Rebecca reminds Theresa she has lost everything and has no chance to get it back. She walks out. Fox encourages Theresa to ignore Rebecca. She wonders if Rebecca is right by suggesting her to leave town. She talks about what all would happen for her family by accepting the money. Fox agrees to relocate with her. He is never going to leave her alone no matter what. They hug. Rebecca listens outside the door.

Alistair continues to raise hell over his files missing. Julian seems to enjoy this greatly. He tells Alistair his empire and secrets are over. Alistair calls Julian an idiot. He says this means bankruptcy, scandal, and prison. Alistair preaches this is just the beginning and they will have gone to hell and back before it’s over. He is furious. He worries the Crane industry is over. He clears everything off his desk and onto the floor. Julian is amused to see someone has put fear in his father for once. Alistair vows to take Julian down with him. Julian says at least he will know who his son is. Alistair tells him it will not profit him while he is sitting in a prison cell. He announces there is evidence in the files he is unaware of. As it turns out Alistair has protected himself and but the blame on Julian. He dismisses worry by suggesting he will leave this up to the courts. Alistair insists he owns the courts. He stabs his desk with a letter opener. Julian reminds him of his enemies and continues to taunt him by saying he will not own the courts once every one of his secrets are revealed. Alistair guarantees nobody takes Alistair Crane down. He promises once he has his files back the person responsible will pay with his life. Alistair retraces his steps from the last time he had his key. He remembers the cocktail waitress. He knows it was she. She was paid by someone to steal his key. He makes a phone call. A few minutes later a man arrives with the cocktail waitress. He sits her in a chair and holds her there. She demands to know what is going on. He calls her a liar and a thief. She denies knowing anything about his key. Alistair threatens to make it easy on her or painful. She tells Alistair who paid her to steal the key. She doesn’t remember the man’s name. Alistair shows her some pictures and she recognizes Luis’s picture. They have a knife at her throat. She announces Luis is the man that paid her to steal the key. Alistair questions the waitress about her mother. He insinuates he will hurt her mother in the retirement center and tells her to leave town immediately. She leaves. Julian cracks up. He finds it so funny Luis has the files. He knows how driven Luis is to bring Alistair down. Julian continues to laugh while Alistair boils with anger. Julian tells Alistair everyone will pay but he will pay dearly. Alistair tells Julian to leave. He opens a drawer to his desk and gets a gun.

Luis is surprised to find Alistair’s secrets are worse than he imagined. He continues to sort through all of the files. He vows to himself to bring Alistair down. Luis is happy as he feels justice will be served. Hank arrives and wonders if Luis has had any luck. Luis says he has found everything. They look at the financial files. Hank realizes this will take some time. Luis doesn’t care how long it takes him he will eventually bring the Cranes down. Some of the files are not labeled. A menu on the computer screen lists the titles Financial, Ivy and Sam, Martin Fitzgerald, Investigations, Governor and Sheridan. Luis says he knew they were responsible for his father’s disappearance. He clicks on Sheridan’s name and searches for the CD ROM with the information on it. Luis has trouble opening the file on Sheridan. Hank wonders if Luis is up to this challenge. Luis is not going to forget about the files. Hank reminds Luis what Alistair is capable of. Luis reminds him Alistair doesn’t know he has the files but even if he did he can’t stop him. Hank tells him Alistair could have him killed. They talk about what they will discover on the files. They both suspect murder will be included. Luis vows to get Sheridan back and take Alistair down. Hank wants to convince Sam to arrest Alistair to buy Luis some time. Luis knows this will not work. Hank suggests Luis turn the files over to the FBI. Luis refuses. Hank insists on talking to Sam. Hank leaves. Luis sees the table of contents on the computer menu. The list of contents is as follows Sheridan’s nightmare, Sheridan’s treatment in Europe, Sheridan and Luis, Sheridan’s boat accident, Sheridan’s baby and Sheridan and Dr. Ackland. Alistair sneaks up on Luis. He demands his files back. Luis refuses. Luis tells him he can have them over his dead body. Alistair says he was afraid it would come to that and reaches for the gun in his pocket.

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