Passions Update Tuesday 4/13/04

Passions Update Tuesday 4/13/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

On Tuesday’s episode of Passions Theresa and Fox arrive at the Crane mansion. Theresa prepares to say goodbye to her son. She understands Gwen will not allow her to regain custody of her son. Fox hugs Theresa to comfort her. Inside Gwen, Ethan and Little Ethan say good morning to Rebecca. She doesn’t understand why Theresa is allowed to talk to Little Ethan. She doesn’t consider Theresa any relation to her own son after the adoption. Little Ethan calls Gwen his aunt but takes it back as he calls her mommy. Ethan warns Rebecca to watch her mouth around the child. He explains to her Theresa is trying to make this transaction easier for Little Ethan to understand. He makes a great point to Rebecca by telling her Little Ethan already knows Theresa is his mother. Ethan helps Little Ethan prepare his plate for breakfast while Gwen sits on the couch with Rebecca. Gwen vents her aggravation with Ethan to her mother. She can’t believe Ethan is considering returning Theresa’s son to her without consulting with her first. Rebecca insists Ethan has to have her permission legally and adds that is the end of the story. The maid announces Theresa and Fox’s arrival. When Theresa walks in her son yells “Mommy” as he runs up to her and hugs her. He is excited to see his mother. They continue to hold each other and admit how much they have missed one another. Fox looks devastated. He talks to Ethan. He is angry with him because of what he has done to Theresa. Little Ethan tugs on his mother’s hand wanting to play with her. She explains she wants to play with him but cant. She tells him about the items she has brought him. She has packed a box of his favorite books and toys. He wonders why. She cries and explains that she can’t see him anymore. She tells him Uncle Ethan and Aunt Gwen has adopted him. Rebecca opens her trap to inform Theresa he calls them mommy and daddy now. Gwen sticks her nose in the air and smiles. Fox tells Ethan to put a stop to this. Ethan agrees. He says this is enough. Theresa hugs her son thinking Ethan may give him back to her. Gwen wants to know what he is up to. Theresa misunderstands and thanks Ethan for giving her son back. He makes it clear he isn’t able to do that. He just wants to emphasis the fact Theresa is Little Ethan’s mother and Little Ethan loves her. It doesn’t matter what he calls him and Gwen now if he changes his mind and calls them mommy and daddy later it will come natural. Theresa calls Ethan a bastard. Rebecca makes a comment suggesting Theresa shouldn’t talk this way in front of a child. Ethan doesn’t want this to be difficult. Theresa reminds her Little Ethan is her son. Rebecca tells her to leave. She begins to tell her son goodbye but he begs her to stay. He tells his mommy he loves her and starts to cry. Rebecca says this is enough. She states everyone knows Little Ethan will miss Theresa until he gets used to his new mommy and daddy. Ethan tells her there is no reason to be cold. Theresa asks Ethan if he thinks he is not being cold by taking her son. She tells Ethan he didn’t help her out. Fox tells her its time to leave. She is crying her eyes out as she tells her son goodbye. She promises to explain everything to him some day. She continues to tell him she loves him and wishes she could take him home. She gives him a locket with her picture in it. She tells him to look at it every night before bed and every morning when he wakes up. She puts it on him. He tells her not to cry. He begs her to stay. They hug. Theresa walks to the door and once again her son wants her to stay. Gwen tells Theresa she has tortured him enough. Theresa reminds Gwen she is the one that has tortured her son. Fox tells Theresa to tell Little Ethan goodbye. He doesn’t want her to argue. She tells her son everyone loves him so much. She kisses him bye. Gwen takes Little Ethan away but he turns around and begs his mother not to leave. Gwen pulls him into another room. Rebecca closes the door. Theresa damns her. Rebecca asks Theresa if she wants her son back. Theresa comments of course she does. Rebecca says she has an offer for her she cant refuse.

In Eve’s office Pilar receives another treatment. Eve explains Pilar didn’t respond to the last treatment the way she had hoped she would. This is an experimental treatment that has worked for many people. Pilar can hear the concern in Eve’s voice. Eve tries to sound hopeful by telling Pilar research is being done on this illness. Pilar worries Hank will expose her disease to Luis. Eve suggests Pilar explain her sickness to her family but she refuses. She doesn’t want to upset her family. Whitney knocks on the door and wants to talk to her mother. Eve explains she is busy and this is not a good time. She doesn’t want her to see Pilar. Whitney assumes her mother is hiding Julian again. She questions her why she is not allowed to enter her office. Chad walks up as Whitney is accusing her mom of having a morning delight with Julian. Eve explains she has a patient but Whitney calls her a liar. Eve tells her she needs to leave and if she needs to talk to her she will have to call her later. She apologizes to Whitney and Eve enters her office. Whitney knocks on the office door. She yells at her mother to let her in. Chad tells Whitney to leave. He doesn’t want her to make a scene. This makes her mad. She says her mother is the one having an affair with Julian Crane and he calls her out for making a scene. He suggests she has no proof. She says she sure as hell does and walks off. Inside the office Eve is standing against the door. She apologizes to Pilar. They discuss how furious Whitney has been. Eve explains the car accident situation. Pilar wants Eve to tell the truth. Eve is afraid Whitney will hate her even more if she finds out her past. Pilar encourages Eve. They discuss Theresa’s feelings about her mother. Pilar can’t leave Theresa forever she says. Pilar talks about her religious beliefs and faith. She has always had faith and doesn’t understand how this can be happening. Eve tells her to remain positive. Pilar gives her the same advice concerning her troubles. Pilar says the truth will set her free. Eve is afraid it will set her free from T.C. She thinks once she finds her son Whitney will understand. Pilar asks Eve to look after Theresa if anything happens to her. She realizes her other children will not miss her as much as Theresa will. Eve cheers Pilar up. She just wants to make sure Theresa has a woman to take care of her if her mother is gone. Pilar tells Eve Whitney loves her. Eve is afraid she doesn’t.

At Chad’s apartment Whitney and Chad argue. She is mad at Chad for not sticking up for her. He explains he doesn’t want T.C to kill Julian when he finds out about the affair. She thinks her father should kill Julian. She feels like Chad is condoning what her mother is doing. He denies her accusation. She talks about how terrible of a man Julian Crane has been. Chad defends him. Whitney talks about all Julian has done. Chad continues to think Whitney could be wrong. He doesn’t want her to jump to conclusions. She asks Chad if they marry is he going to cheat on her. Most of her anger is caused by the hurt her father will feel. Of course he says no way. They argue. Chad reminds her of her incident with Julian in the elevator. She says him this is before the affair. Chad says he has seen a different side of Julian. Chad wants her to let this go and allow her parents to deal with their problems. He says maybe the love of a good woman has changed Julian. He has changed since he has met Whitney. He vows to be faithful to her and admits he has changed so much. Whitney admits how angry she has been. Chad thinks she is confused. She agrees to back off. She wonders if Julian is such a good man why would he allow Rebecca to take Theresa’s son away from her. Whitney wishes she could help Theresa.

Julian barges into Alistair’s office. He is furious with his father for sending him to the Chinese restaurant. Alistair chuckles. Julian tells him this matter is not a joke. Alistair admits it is not a joke but a secret. Julian tells his father one day his secrets will be revealed as the Cranes have hurt to many people. He tells Alistair he will not be able to stop the inevitable. Alistair tells him to stop talking like an idiot. He says nobody will ever expose his secrets just like Julian can’t find the answer to his secret. He wants to know who his son is. He can’t figure out why Julian would want to find his child. He calls Eve a drug-indicted whore. Julian calls him a liar. Alistair says her life is built on sand and is not worthy of being a Crane. Julian defends Eve by saying she is a wonderful woman. Alistair makes the comment that all of Julian’s whores are wonderful women. He grabs his father by the jacket and throws him against a wall. He demands him he better tell him who his son is if he wants to walk out of the office alive. Alistair tells Julian if he knows what is good for him he will back off. Julian says he would love to kill him. Alistair tells him he has hit him once and got by with it but if he doesn’t let go of him this instant he will not leave the office alive. Julian understands his father has the power to kill him and lets go of him. Alistair tells him he needs to get a grip. Alistair demands Crane Industry is what is important not his bastard child. Julian suggests his secrets being revealed will destroy his empire. Julian vows to expose his secrets when his father dies. Julian will be in charge and make a fresh start. He will make amends. Alistair says if the Cranes weren’t running the town the Lopez Fitzgerald’s would be. He goes on to say they can’t even keep a roof over their head. Julian reminds him Rebecca is the one responsible for their problems. She blackmailed Julian. He says if it were up to him he would destroy Rebecca. Alistair tells him he is weak. He says he will fight the Lopez Fitzgerald clan to keep his empire. Julian says they are to good of people to understand how evil Alistair is. Julian realizes it is pointless to talk to his father about his lost son. He vows to find his son. Julian leaves. Alistair chuckles and notices his safe is open. All of the files are missing. Julian walks in and sees what is going on. Alistair blames him. Julian denies taking them. Alistair panics. He knows he is in trouble. Julian smiles. Alistair realizes his key is missing also. Julian seems to enjoy his fathers panic. Alistair says the CD’s are encrypted but still worries. He says Julian will be ruined also. Julian doesn’t care. He will find out who his son is. Alistair says he will end up in prison if someone breaks the code. Alistair is pissed. He hits Julian.

Luis sorts through the CD ROMs he found in Alistair’s safe. They are labeled. We are able to see the governor, Ivy and Sam’s name on them. There are several we don’t see. Luis has all of the Crane secrets in his hand. Alistair has documented all of his secrets. Hank says Luis may be able to figure out what happened to his father. Luis uses his laptop to try decoding the CD ROMs. Luis is not able to break the code. He receives a warning his access is denied. Hank reminds him a few weeks ago they busted some computer hackers and they have their CD ROM in the evidence room. This will disable the code Alistair has placed on the software. Hank plans to get them as soon as his shift ends. Luis questions Hank about his mother’s health. He noticed she looked tired. Hank says she was doing okay. Luis hopes exposing Alistair will help him get his job back. He tells Luis the police department could really use him on the force. Luis wants Hank to run down to the station and get the disk he needs and get back as soon as he can. Hank leaves. Luis receives a phone call from Hank. Hank tells Luis he sent the disk to him. Luis signs for the disk and tips the mail woman. He locks the door and opens the package. He uses the disk but gets a warning on the computer screen the data is being erased. Luis panics. All the sudden the files open. He cracked the code. Luis is excited to find out what has happened to his family and everyone else in Harmony. He stands up and says, “I’ve won”!


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