Passions Update Monday 4/12/04

Passions Update Monday 4/12/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

On Monday’s episode of Passions Gwen and Ethan prepare to tell Little Ethan about the adoption. Gwen is very excited and pleased to have him has their son. Ethan suggests they use caution when explaining the news to Little Ethan. Gwen agrees. Gwen makes the announcement to Little Ethan. She tells him he will be living with them from here on out. Ethan hopes he will be able to return Theresa’s son to her after the surrogate. Little Ethan goes to take a bath. Gwen says this is a dream come true. She tells Ethan they are going to have two children. Ethan doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. He reminds her the surrogate may not get pregnant the first time. Ethan is supposed to meet her tomorrow. Gwen is happy just to have Theresa’s son. She doesn’t care how long the process takes. She senses something is wrong with Ethan. He seems distracted. He claims it has been a very long day. Gwen hopes he is not thinking about Theresa. Ethan says he is thinking about his wife. Gwen wants Ethan to prove his happiness by making love to her. Ethan carries her upstairs. They are in the process of making love when Gwen vows to her self to make him forget all about Theresa.

At the Russell’s house, Theresa and Fox sort through Little Ethan’s belongings. Theresa is very upset. She can’t understand how judge could allow Gwen and Ethan to adopt her son. Fox comforts her. They hold hands. He offers to help her sort through her son’s belongings but she wants to do this herself. She explains certain stories to Fox as she goes through Little Ethan’s things. She has a certificate her mother gave her when Little Ethan was born. She was saving this bond to pay for his college. She is very emotional as she realizes Gwen and Ethan can give him anything he needs. They can afford to give him so much more than she can. Fox tries to calm her down. She is so afraid her son will forget about her.

Hank and Pilar discuss her nosebleed. Pilar has a flashback of Eve telling her about her blood disease. Hank asks Pilar if she is sick. He says this is not a normal nosebleed. She blames it on dry air and promises to get a humidifier. She starts to leave but Hank wants her to stay for a little longer. He notices she doesn’t look well. She passes out. Hank catches her from behind as she collapses. He carries to her out the door and to the hospital.

Alistair and Antonio discuss Sheridan. Alistair is curious about their relationship. Antonio assures him of Sheridan’s love for him. Alistair tells him that is exactly what Sheridan said. He wonders why Alistair is discussing their relationship with Sheridan. He thinks he has a different motive than Alistair for wanting Sheridan committed to the psych ward. Antonio explains he had his wife committed so Luis wouldn’t bother her constantly and so she would forget Beth’s baby. Alistair feels like Antonio is accusing him of having different motives. Antonio asks him if Luis’s accusations are true. He advises Antonio he has been reading to many spy books. Alistair denies having her brainwashed. He saved her from Luis’s brainwashing. Alistair and Antonio agree Sheridan is best with him not Luis. Alistair gives Antonio advice. If he wants to keep Sheridan happy he needs to get her pregnant. He suggests giving her a baby of her own this time. Antonio admits he wants to have a child but is not sure she is ready. Alistair tells him to knock her up good. Antonio thinks he was the father to Sheridan’s baby. Alistair tells him Luis was the father. He suggests Sheridan only made love to him once out of pity because he was blind. Antonio remarks how sick Alistair makes him. He explains he is speaking honestly. Alistair also implies if Sheridan’s baby hadn’t died Luis would still be with her. Antonio thinks this is a confession he had something to do with her baby dieing. Alistair is surprised by his suggestion. Antonio tells Alistair he is afraid Luis will bring down his empire. Basically Alistair insists on Antonio getting Sheridan pregnant if he wants to cement their relationship. Antonio demands answers. Alistair tells him his concern is a little too late. He has his wife now and decides to start questioning her treatment now. He demands Antonio to stop questioning him. Alistair says maybe he was wrong to allow him to be with his daughter. He accuses Antonio of not being man enough to get his wife pregnant. This statement infuriates Antonio; he pushes Alistair up against the wall. Antonio doesn’t think Alistair has a right to questions him. He threatens to kill Alistair. However Alistair continues to persuade Antonio to conceive a baby with Sheridan.

Sheridan, in her office, hears a song on the radio. She has a flashback of dancing with Luis. She wonders why everything reminds her of Luis. She can’t stop thinking about his eyes, smile and the time they spent together. She reads a letter on her desk and tries to call Alistair’s office. She thinks he is busy working and decides to go see him. Luis, disguised as an old man, breaks into Alistair’s safe. Luis hears the phone ringing but doesn’t answer it. He is excited he has Alistair’s secrets. Sheridan sees the light on in her father’s office. She was right he is working late. She knocks on the door. Luis throws the contents of the safe into a mop bucket, closes the safe, and lowers the bookshelf. He hides under the desk. Sheridan is surprised her father is not in his office. She wonders where he is. She leaves the office. Luis opens the safe again to get the rest of the evidence.

Sheridan finds Antonio and Alistair. She can feel the tension. Alistair covers by saying Antonio is just making sure she is all right. She kisses Antonio. Alistair is pleased. Sheridan says she needs to talk to her father about charity. He suggests they discuss it in his office. Luis is still gathering evidence from the safe. Alistair notices the light is on in his office. He can see the light under the door. Alistair receives a call on his cell phone. He cancels his meeting and tells her to go home with Antonio. He instructs Sheridan to turn off his office light. Antonio distracts her by promising her desert at home. They kiss. Luis leaves the office, caring a mop bucket with the evidence inside. He drops it when he sees Sheridan and Antonio kissing. Antonio thinks they have met before. Sheridan wonders what he has in the bucket. Luis tells her its dirty she shouldn’t look inside. He insists he doesn’t know Antonio. He explains to Sheridan he fixed her vent. He walks off. Sheridan has a funny look on her face. Antonio questions his wife. She says she has a feeling something huge is about to change her life.

Whitney and Chad find Eve and Julian kissing in a barn. Chad wants to warn them before T.C finds them. Whitney says they deserve to be caught. Eve is surprised to see them standing there. She and Julian break away from their kiss. Chad can see T.C. on his way to the barn. Whitney is angry with her mother. She tells her T.C is about to discover her as the lying, cheating whore she really is. Chad watches T.C. from the door. Julian tells Eve it is time for the truth to come out. Whitney greets her dad at the door. She tells him to go inside and see for his self what she has found. T.C. walks in and sees a classic car not Eve and Julian. They are hiding. Whitney finds them. She can’t wait for T.C. to see them together. Chad tells her to let it go. It’s not her business. She wants to know why he is against her. He claims he is just trying to protect her. She vows to expose them regardless of what he says. Eve’s cell phone rings. T.C. hears it and recognizes that it is the same as Eve’s. He finds Eve lying on some feed sacks. He explains his concern for her. She claims she feel asleep. She claims she is fine. He wants to take her home. She wonders about the missed call on the cell phone. T.C. goes to get Chad’s car so Eve doesn’t have to walk in the rain. Whitney tries to yell for her father but he walks out. She argues with her mother and threatens to tell T.C. Julian hopes she can repair her relationship with Whitney. Eve doesn’t think this is possible. Julian kisses her hand and she walks off. Chad stays behind to wait on the tow truck.

Whitney, T.C., and Eve return home. Whitney notices Theresa is packing Little Ethan’s clothes. Theresa tells them she has lost her son. Fox explains the adoption hearing. T.C. apologizes to Theresa. Eve suggests Ethan may return her son to them. Theresa knows Gwen will not allow this to happen. They announce Eve’s accident. T.C. leaves to make some hot cocoa. Theresa and Whitney discuss Eve and Julian’s affair. Theresa agrees with Chad and doesn’t think Whitney should expose them. She doesn’t think she should allow this to come between her mother and her. Theresa says she doesn’t know what she would do without her mother. The phone rings. Eve is informed Pilar has been admitted to the hospital. Eve tells the nurse she will be right there. Whitney questions Eve about the phone calls. She wonders if it’s Julian. Eve tells everyone she has an emergency at the hospital and needs to check on a patient. She kisses T.C. on the cheek and leaves. Whitney and Theresa continue to talk about Eve. Theresa explains how much a mother loves her children. Theresa damns Gwen. Later Theresa talks about missing her son. T.C. remarks how the Cranes destroy everything they touch.

At the hospital, Pilar claims she is fine. Hank stays by her side. Later Eve and Pilar discuss more test results. Pilar realizes Eve doesn’t want to admit she is dieing. Hank wants to call Luis, but she talks him out of it. Eve calls Julian why she is waiting on test results, to let him know she is safe. She also tells him T.C. is in the dark about their secrets. They discuss their child. Julian feels like his son is very close. Eve reviews Pilar’s test results. She says the treatment isn’t working.

Julian and Chad talk about Whitney. Chad is pleased Whitney didn’t expose them. Julian tells Chad he is very wise, and treats Whitney with respect. He is proud Chad took a bullet for Eve. Julian tells Chad he is noble. He also wishes Chad luck in finding his parents and says he would be glad to have him as his son. Chad compliments Julian. He admits he doesn’t know what type of father he may have been to Ethan and Fox but he would be honored to have him as a father also. Chad walks off and Julian hopes to himself when he finds his son he will feel the same way about him that Chad does.


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