Passions Update Friday 4/9/04

Passions Update Friday 4/9/04

By Renee
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Fridayís episode of Passions began with Pilar. She takes her medication and worries about her illness. She is troubled, as she thinks of how much her children need her. She hopes they will understand why she has kept her disease a secret. She decides she will write a letter to her children explaining her reasons for keeping the truth from them. The letter will also include how much she loves them.

Luis and Hank change their clothes, as they prepare to break into Alistairís safe. (At Hankís house) They discuss Beth and her behavior. Both of them agree she seemed nervous after leaving the casino. Luis understands her feelings. He claims she is worried because she thinks Alistair will catch on to his plan. Hank reminds Luis of Alistairís capabilities. Luis vows to take him and his empire down. He doesnít worry about Alistair; he figures he will stay in the casino for the rest of the night. This will give him plenty of time to open the safe. Pilar stops by to see Luis. She has a letter in her hand. He is in his old man disguise. She wonders why he is dressed up. Luis makes her promise to keep it a secret. He tells her about his plan. Pilar tries to talk her son out of his plan. Luis thinks he will find information about Martin and his location. Pilar admits she wants to know this information, but not at the risk of her son. Luis thinks Alistair will still be at the casino, giving him time to break the safe. He explains this to his mother. Pilar begs Hank to help her convince Luis to cancel his plan. He says there is no use. Luis thinks this will help him get Sheridan back. Luis leaves. Pilarís nose begins to bleed. Hank notices it.

Back at the Casino, Alistair decides to call it a night. He needs to talk to his daughter. Sheridan is waiting on Antonio to get the car. Alistair approaches her and demands to speak with her in his office. She wants to wait until a later time, but her father insists on talking to her now. He informs Sheridan their meeting concerns her in laws.

In Alistairís office, he and Sheridan talk about Antonio. He confronts Sheridan about using his money to bail Theresa out of jail. Sheridan admits helping Theresa. She explains to her father how Rebecca has persecuted Theresaís whole family. She defends Theresa. She doesnít think she deserves Rebeccaís treatment. Sheridan tells Alistair she would do it again. Alistair doesnít want Crane money used to personal use. She tells Alistair how Rebecca has used Crane money for her personal use. He instructs her to notify him before she uses his money for anything this extravagant again. She agrees to. He doesnít consider Theresa a threat to the Cranes. Sheridan questions him about Luis. He returns the questions to Sheridan. He wants to know if she still loves Luis. She admits she does remember their love. He says that is past tense. She can also remember his threats to bring down the Crane Empire. They continue to discuss Luisís accusations. Alistair admits this is the reason he doesnít want her with Luis. He tells Sheridan, Luis has never loved her; he filled her head with lies. Alistair says if Luis knows what is good for him he will stay out of her life. Sheridan tells her father she loves him. She is devoted to Antonio and will remain with him. She questions him about Crane secrets. She confronts him about a nightmare she had when she was a child. She wonders if this is real. He tries to blame Luis, but she doesnít allow it. She had this memory before Luis. Alistair denies having any part of this ordeal. She tells her father she believes in Luis. Standing outside the door, Luis overhears Sheridan confess her belief in him. He promises he will not let her down. He will expose Alistair for the whole world to see. Alistair swears on his love for his daughter he has nothing to hide. Luis brainwashed her he claims. He wants to take her home to her husband. Luis is outside the door. He hides. He enters Alistairís office.

Rebecca, Ethan, Gwen arrive at the courthouse. The adoption hearing has been rescheduled for tonight. Rebecca tells them they finally get to adopt Little Ethan and make Theresa the most miserable person on the planet. Fox, Theresa and Woody arrive. Gwen smiles and comments to her self how revenge can be sweet. Theresa starts to say something to Rebecca, Ethan and Gwen but Fox stops her. He tells her to remain calm, this is very important for her. She replies saying itís hard to be nice to hateful, horrible people when they are taking your son away from you. Woody instructs her to ignore them. A police officer notifies them to enter the courtroom. Gwen has a continuous smile on her face. Gwen takes the stand; the judge questions her about her feelings for Little Ethan. Gwen talks about her bond with Theresaís son. She explains her reasons for wanting to adopt Little Ethan. She feels like they will be better parents to him than Rebecca and Julian are able to be. Ethan takes the stand. He expresses his feelings and love towards Little Ethan. During this time, Gwen thinks to herself, saying Ethan will not be allowed to return Theresaís son to her. Ethan testifies he only wants what is best for the child. The judge wishes to talk to Julian, who is not in the courtroom. Rebecca covers for Julian, claiming he is doing a good deed. She has her power of attorney with her she claims. Rebecca approaches the bench. She tells the judge she agrees Gwen and Ethan will make great parents. She talks her usual trash about Theresa. She gives the judge a form while she whispers to him. She asks him if he prefers bonds or cash this time. He tells her to surprise him with some real estate. He loves the beach. She touches his hand, and flirts with him. Basically seducing him she continues to talk to him. He tells her to meet him in the chambers. He awards custody to Gwen and Ethan. Theresa is very upset. Woody and Fox try to keep her calm. The hearing is adjourned. This was a very quick court hearing. Theresa wasnít even allowed to speak. Gwen is ecstatically happy. Ethan doesnít seem to share her feelings. He looks very sad. Rebecca tells Ethan at least Little Ethan will never have to eat refried beans again. She wants to head home to tell Little Ethan the news. Ethan informs her he and Gwen will explain the adoption to him. Gwen talks to herself again. She says Ethan will never be allowed to return Theresaís son to her. Rebecca walks off to pay the judge a visit. Ethan apologizes to Theresa. She calls him a bastard and tells him to get out of her sight. Gwen agrees to leave. She tells Ethan she wants to go home to her son. They leave. Theresa is in tears. Fox is angry. She feels as if she doesnít have anything else to lose. She wants revenge on Ethan, Rebecca and Gwen. She vows to ruin their lives just like they have ruined hers.

Eve and Julian are unconscious in Eveís car. The car has crashed into a tree. A lady from Sky COM Emergency Services calls Eve. She has been notified her air bag was released. They are still unconscious. The lady instructs them she has notified the emergency services in their area. She tells them to remain calm. Julian comes to. He notices Eve. She has blood on her forehead. He canít seem to wake her up. He vows not to lose her. Julian gets out of the car. He pulls Eve out of the car. He tries to wake her up. He lays his head on her shoulder and tells her he loves her. He is very concerned. Eve comes to and wonders what happened. She is worried about her car, and what T.C. will say. She plans on calling a tow truck to come and get the car. She doesnít want to call T.C. They blame Alistair. She feels guilty about T.C.ís car. He loves the car. She tells Julian nobody can see them together. In the meantime, at home Whitney talks to Chad about her mother and Julian. She still thinks she seen them together at the Chinese restaurant earlier. Chad tells Whitney to give them the benefit of the doubt. He is sure Eve is upstairs with T.C. Whitney calls for her mother. Eve doesnít seem to be anywhere in the house. T.C. walks in the room. He has been waiting up for Eve to come home, but she hasnít yet. Whitney asks where he thinks she could be. He figures since its so late she is working. Later, T.C. tells Whitney he has been notified by Sky COM Emergency Services, the air bag has been released in his car. He knows the location of the accident. They rush to the scene of the accident. T.C is extremely concerned. Eve receives another message from Sky COM Services. This informs her emergency services and her husband has been notified. She worries they will be seen together. Eve tries to call home, but doesnít receive an answer. Julian suggests Eve call T.C.ís cell phone and tell him there is no need for him to come. She calls her husband. He wonders if she is all right and says he is on his way. She tries to convince him to return home. She says she will pay for the expense. He doesnít care about the car he is worried about her. He insists on taking her to the hospital. She refuses. He agrees to return home. They admit their love for each other and end the call. She is very relived he is not on his way. The rain picks up. They look for shelter as they wait for the tow truck. T.C. tells Chad to step on it. He is not worried about his car, but is concerned for his wife. Nothing will stop him from making sure Eve is okay.

Julian carries Eve into a barn. Julian gives the owner some money. He asks for a blanket, the man gives him a blanket and suggests his dog slept on it before he died. A pig runs around the room. Eve talks about the animals she had when she was a child. Her life was very simple back then. They sit on some feedbags. She thanks Julian for taking care of her. He tells her he loves her and apologizes for not finding their son. She blames Alistair. She coughs and Julian snuggles close to give her body heat. She enjoys listening to the sound of the rainfall. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him. She says she should be home with T.C not with him. He confesses his love for her. He compliments her beauty. She will not betray T.C. He will conduct his self as a gentleman he says.

At the scene of the accident, T.C., Whitney, and Chad arrive. They call for Eve. Whitney and Chad search for her, while T.C. tries to push the car away from the tree. Whitney tells Chad she needs to find her mother before T.C. catches her doing something wrong. Julian and Eve kiss. Chad and Whitney are outside of the barn. She bets Chad her mother is with Julian Crane. They see them through the window. Whitney opens the door.

Meanwhile, T.C. tries to move the car, but its stuck. He sees the barn and decides to look for Eve.

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