Passions Update Thursday 4/8/04

Passions Update Thursday 4/8/04

By Renee
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Thursday’s episode began at the Harmony Country Club. A lot of people from Harmony are dining there tonight. Gwen, Ethan, Sheridan, Antonio, Theresa, Fox, Beth, Hank, Luis and Alistair. Everyone is dressed sophisticatedly.

Alistair is having dinner. Luis, Beth and Hank talk about Luis’s plan to steal the key that will open the hidden safe. Luis knows Alistair has the key in his coat pockets. Alistair is unaware of their presence. Luis borrows money from Hank and Beth, to put his plan into action. He promises to repay them. Luis pays a waitress to sneak the keys from Alistair’s pocket. Of course Beth tries to talk him out of this plan. She is worried about what Alistair will do to Luis. Luis says he has already done all he can to him. He has nothing to lose. He continues with the plan. He watches as the waitress serves Alistair a mixed drink. Alistair orders another drink; he puts the money down her shirt. She drops it and reaches into take the keys from Alistair’s pocket. He catches her and asks her what she is doing. She covers by saying she was going to slip her phone number in his pocket. He tells her to whisper it in his ear. Luis sees the whole thing. He thinks she can handle herself. She reports back to Luis. She says it will cost him more than a hundred dollars, but she did get the keys! Luis thanks her and kisses her on the cheek. Luis is so happy. He threatens to blow Alistair sky high. Beth says to herself, “Yeah, and I’m going with him.”

Antonio and Sheridan vow to have a nice time tonight. After everything they have been through lately, Antonio wants Sheridan to put it behind her for one night. She agrees. He notices Luis. He is aware of how awkward he makes Sheridan feel and suggest they go home. Sheridan explains Harmony is a small town and they should get used to be around Luis. Not to mention the fact he is Antonio’s brother. She thinks they should at least say hello to Luis. They greet each other. Sheridan and Beth compliment each other on their appearance. Luis says he is just there to relax. Antonio says he is enjoying time with his wife, and asks to be excused He and Sheridan dance. Alistair watches them. He is glad to see Sheridan with her husband and not Luis. He says to himself he may let her live as a result of choosing Antonio. As they dance, Sheridan stares at Luis. Antonio feels her tense up and questions her about it. She covers by saying there are a lot of people there they know. He notices Alistair and wonders if this is why she is tense. They continue to dance. Sheridan keeps staring at Luis. Antonio tells Sheridan he loves her. He tells himself Sheridan loves him not Luis. Sheridan questions herself about why she still has feelings for Luis. They continue to dance. Antonio once again feels Sheridan tense up. He questions her again. He can tell she is worried. She has flashbacks of her and Luis. They are kissing, making love and holding each other. She smiles at Antonio and tells him she is having a wonderful time. They start to dance again. Sheridan tells herself she must stop thinking of Luis. Beth and Luis being together bother Sheridan. They decide to go home.

Ethan and Gwen arrive at the Country Club. Ethan wonders if Gwen is up to dining out, she hasn’t been feeling well. Gwen assures Ethan she is fine, and needs something to take her mind off of Theresa. They talk about the excitement of having their own baby. The waiter takes their request for water. Gwen doesn’t drink alcohol because of the hormone injections. She is having hot flashes, and decides to wet her face in the ladies room.

Fox takes Theresa out to dinner. He wants to celebrate her release from jail. She feels as if she wont be good company and suggests she should go home. Fox insists on them having dinner, he feels like this will ease her worries for a brief period. Theresa is really upset and worried about the adoption hearing the following morning. She also realizes they cant afford to eat at the country club. Fox tells her he will charge the dinner to the Crane’s tab. She tells him, he has been so wonderful to her, how will she ever repay him. He tells her to let him show her a good time tonight as repayment. She blames Ethan for her troubles. Fox tells her not to blame Ethan, its Rebecca and Gwen’s fault. Theresa comments that Ethan didn’t have to go along with the plan. She will never forgive them and someday will pay them back for what they have done to her. They look over the menus. Theresa sees Ethan and Gwen. Fox doesn’t notice them. Theresa sees Gwen leave the table, and enter the ladies room. She excuses herself to the ladies room also. She sneaks a knife from the table, without Fox seeing her.

Gwen is washing her face, to cool off, from a hot flash. Outside the bathroom door, Theresa has a knife. She makes a comment about how sharp the knife is. She says to herself, the knife is sharp she should be careful not to hurt anyone. She enters the bathroom and she locks the door. She says Gwen and her will settle this once and for all. Theresa stands behind Gwen as she washes her face. She is holding a knife. Gwen sees Theresa’s reflection in the mirror. She turns around and faces Theresa. She panics as she notices the knife. She is afraid for her life. Theresa calms her down, saying she doesn’t want to hurt her. She explains she only brought the knife, incase the door wouldn’t lock. She wants to talk to Gwen without any interruptions. Gwen finally calms down. Theresa puts the knife down. Theresa wants to talk to her about Little Ethan. Gwen wonders if she will ever give up. She begs Gwen to not take her son. Gwen says she didn’t take her son, the courts did. Theresa blames Rebecca for making her look bad in the eyes of the court. Gwen agrees with the court. She says Theresa is not fit to raise her son. She continues to tell Theresa she blames everyone but herself for her problems. Gwen demands there is nothing Theresa can do to get her son back. Theresa wants to talk to her mother to mother. She cries and pleads to get custody of her son back. Theresa tells Gwen how much she loves her son and he loves her to. Gwen thinks Theresa should thank her for adopting her son. At least Rebecca and Julian wont raise Little Ethan. Gwen starts to leave the bathroom. Theresa begs her to listen to what she has to say. She claims she is best for her son. She tells Gwen she will have her own child; she doesn’t need to take hers. Gwen says this is about Little Ethan’s welfare not hers. Theresa blames Rebecca again. Gwen blames Theresa because of the kidnapping incidents. Theresa promises she will not do it again and asks Gwen to talk to her mother. She asks Gwen for help. She gets on her hands and knees, literally, and begs Gwen. Meanwhile Fox and Ethan run into each other. They discuss Theresa being released from jail. Ethan wonders how Theresa is doing. Fox suggest if Ethan wants to help to give her Little Ethan back. Fox talks about some evil curse the Cranes must have when it comes to love. Ethan has a flashback of him confessing to Julian, to give Theresa her son back. Ethan hopes once day he will be able to help Theresa. Fox wonders how he is going to do that. Gwen and Theresa continue to argue. Gwen tells her to get up off her knees. Theresa pleads with Gwen again. She promises to stay away from her and Ethan forever if she will help her. Gwen tells Theresa with her begging and pleading she almost had her. She knows Theresa to well. She doesn’t believe her. She has always gone back on her word and always will. Theresa denies the accusations. Gwen vows to never let Theresa ruin her life again. Gwen calls Little Ethan her son. Theresa grabs Gwen. Fox and Ethan hear them yelling. The door is locked. Theresa has a hold on Gwen. Gwen yells for Ethan to help her. They rush in and pull Theresa off of Gwen. She tells Ethan that Theresa threatened her with a knife and attacked her. Theresa claims she only wanted to talk to Gwen. She tells Gwen she is as nasty as her mother. Theresa knows Gwen will not stop until she is destroyed. Gwen yells at Theresa. She accuses her of killing her baby and says she will never have Little Ethan back. Ethan tells Fox to get Theresa out of there. Theresa turns around and tells Gwen she will get her son back. Fox and Theresa leave. Gwen asks Ethan to take her home. They hug. Ethan rolls his eyes.

Eve and Julian prepare to enter the Chinese Restaurant in search for the son. Julian received a lead from a detective; their son is there. Eve is so excited. Julian wants to be assured Eve wants to go through with this huge step. He knows once they find their son there is no turning back. Everyone will know the truth. Eve says she is ready for anything fate throws at her. As they enter, Julian sees someone and thinks it must be his son. Eve insists he is wrong. (We do not see the man they are referring to yet.) Julian says he is the only man there in the same age group as their son would be. Julian approaches the young man. He is Asian. He admits he is adopted, but his parents are both Asian. Julian apologizes to him. He asks them to stay for dinner. They decline the invitation. Julian apologizes to Eve. She is very upset. She can’t handle the disappointments. Julian receives a call from his cell phone. It’s Alistair. He set this up. Julian vows to never stop searching. Alistair tells him he will never find their bastard son. He makes a comment about irony. Julian wonders what he is talking about, but Alistair just laughs. Alistair tells him better luck next time. Julian threatens to make his father pay. Alistair calls Eve a whore and suggests Julian go be with Rebecca. He hangs up. (Alistair talks to his self after the phone call has ended. He says Julian has no idea how close he was to finding his son.) Eve is furious to find out Alistair was behind this the whole time. Julian and Eve leave.

At the Chinese Restaurant, Chad and Whitney discuss the breaking of the Love Noodle. Chad thinks its silly to worry about a superstition. Whitney is upset. She mentions the talk show they watched the other day. The talk show was about a couple that didn’t realize they were brother and sister; they fell in love, and had a baby. Whitney says just thinking of it gives her the chills. Chad tells her to put it out of her mind. Their situation is not the same. They decide they will not eat Chinese again. Chad suggests they leave and go somewhere quiet. They kiss. They start to leave the restaurant. Whitney sees Julian and her mother. They do not see her. She only sees them from behind. Chad remarks that he didn’t see them. It must have been someone that looks just like them. He doesn’t believe Julian would eat at a place like that. Outside, in the rain, Chad plans to take Whitney home. He eases her worry concerning her mother and Julian by saying she is at home with her father.

Eve is driving very fast. Julian warns her to slow down. It is rainy outside, and Eve is very upset. She is beside her self with disappointment. Julian yells for Eve to slow down again. He says she is too upset to be driving. He wants her to pull over and let him drive. She agrees to do this. Julian yells again for her to slow down. She screams and you hear a crash!!


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