Passions Update Wednesday 4/7/04

Passions Update Wednesday 4/7/04

By Renee
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On Wednesday’s episode Theresa receives great news!! Someone has posted her bail. The guard tells Theresa to get her things together. She is so excited, but wonders who posted her bail. Fox arrives to pick up Theresa, and Sheridan informs Theresa she has posted her bail. Theresa and Fox both thank Sheridan for her help. Sheridan tells Theresa to consider it a gift from the Cranes. Fox says however this is a gift the Cranes are not aware of yet. Sheridan explains her source of money. They talk about the charity. It’s a real charity but she is the first person they have helped. Theresa hugs Sheridan. They are all so excited. Theresa comments on how good she feels to be out of her cell. Fox wants her to try to stay out of that jail cell and any others. Fox hugs and thanks Sheridan once again. She leaves. Fox tells Theresa he has brought her some fresh, clean clothes, and he has plans for them.

Later, in the park, Fox and Theresa have a picnic. A child playing in the park yells for his mother. Theresa thinks for a split second it is her son. She tells Fox no matter where she is, she is miserable without her son. Fox says a lot of things have changed since she has been in jail. He doesn’t want her to give up hope to soon. Fox tells Theresa about Gwen and Ethan finding a surrogate mother. She is excited thinking she will have her son back. She vows to be patient. Theresa admits her pain and Gwen’s are the same at this point. They have both lost their children. Theresa then realizes Gwen is only keeping Little Ethan because she wants Theresa to suffer. This is Gwen’s revenge. She realizes she will not receive her son back. Fox encourages her to keep faith things will work out. They pack their picnic and leave.

At the Russell’s residents, a messenger delivers a letter to Theresa. Fox opens the letter and informs Theresa the adopting hearing has been moved to in the morning.

At the Crane mansion, Rebecca receives a phone call. Rebecca is puzzled by the news on Theresa’s release. She wonders who could have posted bail for Theresa. Needless to say she is not a happy camper. Rebecca clues Gwen in on the news. Gwen can’t believe the news either. Ethan walks in to bring Gwen her tea and crackers. She enlightens Ethan about Theresa. She questions him, wondering if he is the one responsible for Theresa’s release. He is not, he had no idea she was being released. Ethan is honestly happy to hear this news. He feels like Theresa has paid dearly, and deserves freedom. Ethan understands Rebecca and Gwen don’t share his happiness. Gwen is upset with Ethan again, she feels like Theresa always comes before her. He asks Rebecca to give him some time alone with his wife, and instructs her to not eavesdrop this time. She doesn’t want to leave Gwen because she doesn’t feel good today. Gwen assures her mother she will be fine. He doesn’t want to fight with Gwen. She wonders if they will ever be rid of Theresa. Ethan tells her they would be if she would get past her hatred for Theresa. This is what is driving a wedge between them, not his supposed love for Theresa, he says to Gwen. He advises Gwen to concentrate on trying to have a baby, instead of worrying about Theresa. He adds to this conversation by saying Theresa is a human being, he doesn’t want her in his life, but doesn’t think she should suffer. He will not pretend he likes what is happening to her. Gwen is speechless during Ethan’s speech to her. He continues to tell her if she doesn’t understand how he feels, she doesn’t know him as well as she thought she did. He starts to leave. Gwen apologizes to him. She blames her attitude on her hormone injections. She tells him Eve is doing more test. He doesn’t want to argue with Gwen. He confesses his love for her. She promises she will not talk about Theresa again.

Eve arrives at the Crane mansion. She has stopped by to check on Gwen, who hasn’t been feeling well. First she visits Julian. He tells her since she is there he will tell her he has a lead on their son. He thinks he may have found their son. They are both excited. Eve tells Julian she will around the house waiting on Gwen’s test results. Julian says he will find her as soon as he receives any news. They embrace in a cozy hug.

Later, Ethan runs into Julian in the library at the Crane mansion. They talk about Theresa. Julian is glad to hear she has been released. He admits Theresa is not a criminal. He expresses to Ethan Theresa loves her son. Ethan questions Julian. He wonders why he hasn’t stopped this ordeal concerning Theresa. He tells Ethan at this time he can’t answer his questions. Ethan confesses his plan to adopt Little Ethan to give him back to Theresa. Gwen standing outside the door and hears Ethan’s confession. Ethan sees a file titled Child Search. He questions Julian about another child he may have. He is not surprised because of his past behavior. Julian tells Ethan to leave. Ethan calls him a selfish bastard and leaves. Julian knows he has been a bastard but he is trying to make up for it with Eve.

Eve uses the phone at the Crane mansion, to check on Gwen’s test results. Rebecca warns her to stay away from Julian. Gwen walks in and talks to Eve about her test results. Eve says everything is fine. She can see Gwen is upset by the look on her face. Gwen says she is fine. Eve leaves. Rebecca notices Gwen is upset. She informs Rebecca of Ethan’s plan. In the foyer, Eve wants to meet with Julian someplace where Rebecca will not see them. Gwen demands that Theresa will never have her son back. Gwen is so furious to find out Ethan only agreed to the adoption to help Theresa. Rebecca claims Theresa is beyond help, she has made sure her family has nothing. She hopes this will push them out of Harmony, leaving Gwen no reason to worry about Theresa ever again. Rebecca gives Gwen advice. She wants Gwen to allow Ethan to believe he can give Theresa’s son back. However after the adoption she can put a stop to his plan. Gwen vows she will never allow Ethan to give Little Ethan back to his mother. Rebecca continues to remind Gwen about Ethan deceiving her, she expects her to do the same. Gwen agrees with this plan.

Luis, in disguise, snoops around Alistair’s office. He messes with the statue on Alistair’s desk. The hidden safe is discovered. Luis has a gadget; he tries to use it to break the code. He is certain Alistair has secrets hidden in the safe. In the next room, Sheridan can feel his presence. Luis fails at his attempt to break the safe. He drops a piece of the tool. He needs the actual key to open the safe. Sheridan walks in the office. She is surprised to see, what she thinks is the janitor. She has a very puzzled look on her face. She tells the janitor (Luis) she needs her heater repaired in her office. She asks him if she knows him, he is so familiar to her. He covers by saying she has seen him around the building. He fixes the heater. Sheridan apologizes for staring, but insists he is familiar to her. She thinks she knows his wife, maybe. He tells her he has lost the woman he loves. Sheridan can tell he loves the woman he talks about. Luis says she is the only woman he has ever loved; now nothing makes sense. Sheridan remarks how hard it must be for him to be without the woman he loves. Sheridan is upset by his love story. She excuses her self. Luis knows Sheridan remembers their love. She had no idea he was talking about her. Luis tries to figure out another way to get into Alistair’s office. He needs the information to get Sheridan back. He over hears Alistair making dinner plans. He peaks in the room, and sees the safe keys and a file. He plans on getting keys, and opening the safe while Alistair is having dinner.

Sheridan is alone in her office. She wonders why the janitor’s story affected her so much.

Chad and Whitney lay in his bed. They are cuddled up in each other’s arms. Whitney doesn’t want to leave his arms. Chad says the only problem he sees with this idea is the fact that he is hungry. They agree to have lunch. They decide on Chinese food. The waitress suggests they try the Love Noodle. She explains that if the noodle breaks the couple is doomed, however if they meet half way with a kiss, they will be together forever. Whitney doesn’t want to try this, because Ethan and Theresa broke the noodle, and their relationship ended. Chad claims there are more reasons for Ethan and Theresa to break up than a love noodle. He convinces Whitney to try the Love Noodle. He knows they are soul mates and is not afraid of this test. Whitney is nervous but Chad tells it will take more than a noodle to come between them. The waitress brings the Love Noodle. Chad dares Whitney to try it. The noodle breaks twice. The waitress has never seen this before. They ask her what this means, she informs them their relationship is doomed, plus a tragedy will happen as a result of it. They will never recover, she claims. They try to ignore the results of the Love Noodle. Whitney says the whole thing is getting to her. She has a chill. She says its like the talk show they seen the other day. Chad says there is no way they could be brother and sister.

Julian receives a phone call. Eve walks in and Julian claims they have found their son. He says they can see him now. He is at a Chinese restaurant. They arrive at the restaurant.


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