Passions Update Tuesday 4/6/04

Passions Update Tuesday 4/6/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Tuesday’s episode of Passions began at the hospital. Eve and Pilar discuss the treatments Pilar needs for her illness. Pilar wonders why she will receive treatment in Eve’s office. Eve explains to her this would be more private. If she received her therapy in the outpatient services someone may realize she is sick. Pilar doesn’t want her family to know about her disease yet. They continue to discuss the symptoms of the disease. Eve wishes they had found the illness sooner. Pilar informs Eve about her nosebleeds. She wants Pilar to tell her family. Pilar announces she is bringing Paloma home to give Theresa some support. Eve encourages Pilar to be positive. They discuss the Cranes.

Eve studies Pilar’s illness on her computer. She is astonished by how the disease has progressed. Eve realizes Pilar doesn’t have much time left. Pilar talked to Paloma on the phone. She is so excited about coming home. Pilar will talk to Antonio and Luis about how to afford the ticket. Eve encourages Pilar to bring Paloma home now, instead of waiting a few weeks. Pilar demands to know the truth. Is she going to die or not? Eve covers by saying she thinks Paloma would be able to help her family with their troubles. Pilar questions Eve’s motives. Eve promised Pilar she would make it through her troubles. Pilar says she feels much better already. Pilar leaves. Eve talks to herself saying she can’t believe Pilar is such a good person having this terrible luck. She hates that PIlar will die so young.

Outside Eve's office door, Pilar begs God to let her survive.

Tabitha talks to her baby. Maria is crying continuously upstairs. Tabitha and her baby slept downstairs because it was impossible to sleep with Maria crying all night. Kay was working a late shift, leaving Miguel to look after their daughter. Fluffy, Tabitha’s cat runs in the living room and knocks a chair over. Tabithia talks to Endora about the smell of fish odor Kay has after her shift at the cannery. Fluffy loves Codfish, which is what Kay has been handling at work this week. Kay and Simone are on their way inside Tabitha’s house. Lots of cats follow Kay. Simone tells Kay its because she smells like fish. Kay just wants to take a hot bath and get some sleep. Simone comments on how she hates to see Kay work so hard. As they enter the house, Fluffy runs and jumps on Kay, knocking her down, licking her face. Tabitha and Simone shoo Fluffy but it doesn’t work. Endora uses her magic to stop the cat. Kay’s clothes are torn. She can’t wait to take a bath in tomato juice and take a nap. Miguel walks in the room and tells Kay he is bushed. Maria kept him up all night long. He needs to do some schoolwork. He leaves Maria with Kay. The baby is crying her eyes out and is very cranky. Tabitha and Kay talk about her night at work. Kay has a flashback of her coworkers taunting her about Miguel and Charity. Simone reminds Kay that Miguel doesn’t have a commitment with her; he is only around for the baby. Kay doesn’t think Miguel will end up with Charity. They talk about the way Charity has been acting lately. Kay doesn’t think Miguel will be running into Charity anytime soon. Tabitha suggest taking Maria for a walk. Kay decides it may help her baby sleep. Tabitha talks to Endora about Kay’s life. She predicts it will be turned upside down again.

Miguel talks to Beth at the Book Café. He needs to borrow a computer for his college class. Beth says hers is not working, but refers Miguel to Charity; she may be able to help. Charity and Miguel talk about their schoolwork. Miguel asks to borrow her computer, his crashed. She tells Miguel he can always count on her. He tells her the same. She walks off. Later, Charity returns to tell Miguel she needs to leave. She wants him to leave her computer with Beth when he is finished with it. Instead he talks Charity into helping him.

Kay, Tabitha and Simone are on their walk. Cats continue to meow and follow Kay. Outside of the Book Cafe, Simone looks inside and sees Miguel and Charity together. She tries to get Kay to leave before she sees them, but it doesn’t work. As Kay looks inside to see them sitting together, her coworkers walk by. When they see Miguel sitting next to Charity, they tease Kay. They suggest the fish smell drives away men. They laugh at her and walk off.

Ethan and Gwen talk about the hormone injections, Gwen has been receiving. Ethan has decided to administer the shots instead of having a nurse stop by on a daily basis. They are excited about the surrogate mother. Little Ethan runs in the room, and Ethan grabs him up for a huge hug. Little Ethan is excited and asks to see his mother. Gwen asks him if Uncle Ethan told him he would be able to see his mother today. Ethan asks the nanny to take Little Ethan for some breakfast. Gwen continues to question Ethan. He has a flashback of his conversation with Little Ethan. Ethan doesn’t want to talk about Theresa today. She wants to work on the nursery for when they have their own baby. She has fear of entering the room after her daughter’s death. Ethan suggests they have the staff to handle the nursery, but Gwen wants to do it herself. They are both upset about losing their baby. She thinks to herself how Theresa has caused her pain. Ethan and Gwen hug.

Theresa, sitting in her jail cell, stares into Little Ethan’s picture. She talks to him about how much she misses him. A female guard stops to see what is happening with Theresa. She explains to the guard how much she misses her son. The guard informs Theresa there is no sense in her hoping she will regain custody of her son. She tells Theresa usually a judge will not give custody to jailbird mothers. Theresa doesn’t want to give up hope. The guard continues to tell her there is no way she will get her son back. The guard tells Theresa she heard a rumor about her killing a Crane baby. Theresa explains the truth of what happened. The guard doesn’t want to believe her; she proceeds to tell Theresa she knew a lady that received forty years for kidnapping. She tells Theresa she will be a senior citizen before she is released. The guard tries to take back what she has said. Theresa knows she will not be released from jail or get her son back.

Luis and Hank snoop around the Crane mansion. They are in disguise. They discuss their plan. Luis talks about what Dr. Ackland has done to Sheridan. They find a secret button hidden behind a light switch. When Luis pushes the button it opens up a hidden door. Luis uses a gadget to break the code. They open the door and find a huge safe inside. Luis takes his mask off. They try to crack into the safe. Luis has brought a tool from the evidence room. The tool is designed to be silent. They blow the door off of the safe. Inside there is millions of dollars. Someone is coming so they hide. They hold on to some pipes hanging from the ceiling. The guard walks in and doesn’t see anyone. He closes the door and walks out. Luis and Hank decide to leave, but Luis vows he will return and bring Mr. Crane down. This will help him get Sheridan back.

Outside of Alistair’s office, Sheridan makes a phone call to Antonio. She tells him she will be looking over charity cases her father has turned over to her. She hopes she doesn’t find any surprises in her father’s office, since he always has pretty woman around. She turns on the light inside the office, and sees Fox. He is looking around Alistair’s office, hoping to find some petty cash that would help him bail Theresa out of jail. He knows it is unlike Alistair to keep cash lying around, but is hoping to find something to black mail Alistair with so he can receive the money he needs to help Theresa. He discusses this with Sheridan. She wants to help her sister in law also. They talk about all the money they have but are not allowed to use. Sheridan tells Fox she hasn’t had the chance to know him, but agrees he doesn’t sound like most Crane men. Fox says he will start to act like one if he doesn’t get Theresa out of jail soon. Sheridan notices Fox has changed. She questions him about his future with Theresa. He says he can see it happening, he likes her. Sheridan asks him if he loves her. He says yes, but he was in love before Theresa and he just wants the other woman to be happy. He talks about how wonderful Theresa is. He says the bottom line is to help Theresa. She comes up with a plan. Alistair put her in charge of charity fundraisers. She tells Fox she will hold a fundraiser for woman in prison with children. She will create a foundation to help Theresa. Fox questions her if she can do this legal. She doesn’t see why she wouldn’t be able to. She will talk it over with the attorneys and maybe even Ethan. Fox thanks her. They discuss a name for the fund. Sheridan wants to gear the fundraiser titled "Women Being Reunited With Their Children". She writes Fox a check for the amount Theresa needs to be released from jail. Fox questions Sheridan about her choice between Antonio and Luis. Sheridan claims she loves Antonio more. Fox informs her, she loved Luis before the explosion on the boat. Everyone has always said Sheridan and Luis belonged together. Sheridan sticks to her love for Antonio. Fox tells Sheridan that Luis thinks Alistair did something to her in the psych ward to make her forget about him. Sheridan assures Fox she loves Antonio. Fox is happy to have Sheridan's help for Theresa. He says he can focus on stopping Ethan and Gwen from adopting Little Ethan.

Ethan and Gwen enter the nursery, which was decorated for Sarah. They talk about how much they miss their daughter. Gwen cries. They talk about all the things they made and bought for their baby. They are sad Sarah wasn’t able to spend one night in her nursery. They are both very emotional as they talk about Sarah. Gwen questions why they had to lose their little girl. Gwen asks Ethan to get her something to drink. Alone in the nursery, Gwen leans over the baby crib as she talks to her daughter. Sarah appears briefly and disappears. Gwen breaks down and cries. She talks to her self-saying Theresa is to blame. She is determined to adopt her son to make her feel the same pain she has inflicted on Gwen. Ethan walks in and hugs Gwen.

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