Passions Update Monday 4/5/04

Passions Update Monday 4/5/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Monday’s show began with Pilar. She talks to herself about her illness. She worries about her disease and the stage it is in. She turns on the T.V. and listens to a commercial about Harmony Hospice. She begs God not to take her from her children. Pilar lights a candle for her husband. She talks to him, saying she is not sure she will be alive when he finally makes it home. She talks to him about her illness taking her from their children. She explains all of the family problems to him and states she wants to bring Paloma home before she dies. She cries and says a prayer.

Woody pays Theresa a visit in her jail cell. She asks him if there is a way to fix what damage has been done. He tells her slapping Ethan in front of Judge Reilly was the last straw for her. Theresa is upset that Ethan, being her son’s godfather, would take him from her son from her. Woody tells her she is her own worst enemy. He also says after what she has done in front of the judge; she will never get out of jail or have her son back.

Pilar visits Theresa. They hug. Theresa tells her mother how much she needs her. Pilar’s nose begins to bleed. Theresa questions Pilar about what would make her nose bleed. She hands her tissue to stop the bleeding. She asks the guard for more tissue. Her nose seems to be bleeding badly. Theresa talks about how stunned she is at what Ethan has done to her. She has loved him most of her life, he is her sons godfather. She is in shock that he has the nerve to do this to her. Theresa questions Pilar about her health. She wonders if she is getting enough rest and eating right. Her mother assures her she is taking good care of herself. Pilar has a flashback of Eve telling her the disease could be fatal. Pilar tells Theresa she will buy a humidifier, she suggest her nose is bleeding because of dry air. They discuss each family members problems. Theresa is afraid Paloma thinks they have abandoned her. Pilar is concerned also. Theresa says the worse is Rebecca taking her son away from her. She thinks this is the worse thing that will come to their family. They cry and hug. Pilar promises she is there for her daughter.

Ethan lies beside Little Ethan while he sleeps. Ethan talks to him about his concern for Theresa. He tells him Gwen blames him for not taking her side but Theresa blames him for taking Gwen’s side. He hopes after Gwen has a baby, he will be able to give him back to his mother.

Rebecca and Gwen watch a tape of Theresa slapping Ethan. They rewind it to watch it over and over. Rebecca is so happy about Theresa being in jail. Gwen tells her mother not to tempt fate by bragging. Rebecca says she sounds like Theresa talking about fate. They brag about what they have done to Theresa. Gwen says doesn’t want to brag to quick, because something could go wrong. Rebecca is glad for revenge against Theresa. She claims they are untouchable. Gwen worries about Ethan finding out she is responsible for the tabloid scheme. Her mother tells her that was forever ago and nobody will figure it out. They change the subject and talk about Gwen getting pregnant. Rebecca says the baby can call her Grand Becca. Gwen is very excited about the surrogate. They talk about all of Gwen’s dreams coming true and Theresa having nothing. This makes them so happy. Rebecca gives Gwen advice about Ethan. She tells her to stay calm and cool until she gets what she wants from Ethan. Gwen says she is not sure she can do this. It makes her so angry to know he was helping Theresa and her lawyer. She is very mad he broke the promise made on their daughter’s grave.

Later, Ethan and Gwen talk about adopting Little Ethan. He notices the tape of Theresa slapping him is playing. He asks Rebecca while she recorded the scene over and over. She covers by saying the VCR is messed up. Ethan feels sorry for Theresa. Gwen reminds him Theresa slapped him. He tells Gwen he doesn’t blame her, he is taking her son away from her, and of course she is upset. Gwen is angry because she feels he is always taking Theresa’s side. She asks him if he will ever take her side for once. She is afraid he will never be over Theresa. Ethan tells Gwen she has no reason to be upset. They have their love and dreams coming true. She asks how he feels about Theresa. She throws the fact that Theresa slept with Julian in Ethan’s face. Rebecca is listening in another room. Gwen’s admits her mother has caused Theresa some heartache. Ethan says more like misery than heartache. He tells Gwen her mother used Theresa to try to even the score after their daughters death. Gwen claims Theresa is her own worse enemy. Gwen wants Ethan to admit Theresa played a role in their daughter’s death. Ethan says she never meant to hurt anyone. This infuriates Gwen. She wants him to take her side just once, instead of always taking Theresa’s side. Ethan begs Gwen to stop being upset. He talks about his wishes and dreams. Gwen says after she has their baby, things will be different. She says her stomach is upset. Ethan leaves to get her something to drink. Rebecca is proud of her daughter for drawing Ethan in. Gwen vows that when Ethan returns she will bring him in even closer until she is sure Theresa will not get her claws in her husband again.

Ethan returns with Gwen’s ginger ale. Gwen blames her attitude on her hormones. Ethan buys it. Gwen announces she has found a surrogate mother. Ethan is happy to hear this news. Rebecca tries to chime in but Gwen’s stops her. She tells him all about Heather and how perfect she is. Ethan wants to meet her very soon. He tells Gwen she will be a perfect mother. Rebecca hopes Theresa remains in jail.

At Beth’s house, Luis wants to see his son. Mrs. Wallace tells him Precious has put him down for a nap. Luis tells Mrs. Wallace he is figuring out a way to take Alistair down. He will get Dr. Ackland to reverse what he has done to Sheridan. Beth in another room is talking to Alistair on the phone. She is about to tell him Luis’s plan to bring him down. Beth tries to tell Alistair details on Luis’s plan. Mrs. Wallace argues with Beth. This draws attention to them by Luis. He walks in and asks Beth whom she is talking to. He wonders if she is talking to Hank. She tries to distract Luis by saying the baby is crying, Luis doesn’t buy it and grabs the phone away from her. He asks the person their name. He doesn’t get an answer but can hear someone breathing into the phone. He says it is a man. Alistair hangs up the phone. Luis questions Beth about who she was talking to. She comes up with an excuse after hesitating for a short period. She lies to Luis by saying she was on the phone with the pharmacy. She was calling in her mother’s prescription and Mrs. Wallace didn’t want to take her pills. This made her upset and is the reason they were arguing. She continues to lie by saying she had another call and switched over to listen to a telemarketers sale pitch. Luis believes what she says. Luis calls Hank. He adds how he is glad he can trust Beth and Hank and knows they will never betray them. He walks into another room. Beth and Mrs. Wallace have their usual arguments. Beth says she may blame her mother for telling Alistair if Luis finds out. Mrs. Wallace laughs. She says Beth has been telling Luis forever how bad her memory is. She explains to Beth that Luis will never think she could tells someone something as complex as Luis’s plan. Beth says she is not worried because Luis doesn’t realize she knows Alistair. Her mother reminds her of the kiss Alistair gave her when he was pretending to be Charlie. Mrs. Wallace says she will not take the bait. She tells Beth how determined Luis is to bring the Cranes down. She taunts Beth about her secrets also being revealed. She laughs in Beth’s face. She tells Beth she is doomed. Hank arrives to help Luis. They look over the blue prints. Luis asks Beth to make them a pot of coffee. Beth has a plan to stop Luis. Beth is taking them their coffee and she purposely trips and spills it on their plan. The blue prints are ruined. Luis says he will manage to fix them. Mrs. Wallace tells Beth she didn’t succeed in ruining the plans. Luis and Hank continue their plan. Luis vows to bring Mr. Crane down. Dr. Ackland will reverse what he has done to Sheridan, and he will reveal anyone that has helped Alistair. Beth is very worried. Mrs. Wallace aggravates Beth.

In Alistair’s office, Mrs. Sims ask Alistair if Beth ever told him what Luis was up to. Alistair says she hasn’t yet. He is opening his hidden safe. He gets a file that contains the Lopez-Fitzgerald’s pictures. He demands the whole family will die before they figure out his secrets. Mrs. Sims stresses her sympathy for Pilar’s family. Alistair says the father of the family causes their pain. Alistair has a hand full of CD's. He claims to know secrets about people in Harmony. She remarks to him she doesn’t understand what he is talking about. He tells her it is best for her to not know. MR. Crane says he believes in kill or to be killed. He shreds each and every one of the pictures in the family file. Mrs. Sims burns them in the wastebasket. Alistair laughs and says the Lopez Fitzgerald’s have no clue on the hell they are about to go through.

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