Passions Update Friday 4/2/04

Passions Update Friday 4/2/04

By Renee
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Luis at the police station, talks to Hank about his plan against the Cranes. He gets blueprints of the Crane mansion. He is afraid Alistair will find out about his plan if someone catches him with the prints. He decides to take the blueprints to Beth; he thinks he can trust her.

Alistair pays Beth a visit at her house. Mrs. Wallace is taking Martin for a walk. Alistair tells Beth after talking to her the other day; he thinks he should watch Luis closer. Beth wonders what she needs to do to help. Alistair wants to know each and every move Luis makes. Beth is expected to spy on Luis. She objects but Alistair says he is not asking but telling her to go along with the plan. He uses his helping her as Charlie to blackmail her. He reminds her he will do anything, including murder to protect his empire. He gives her a choice. She either agrees to the plan or kills Luis. Luis knocks on the door. Alistair lets himself out. Luis wonders whom Beth was talking to. She blames the noise on the T.V. Luis asks Beth for help. He says he can trust her to keep a secret, especially from Alistair. He tells Beth he is close to bringing Alistair down. He wants to see his son first; Beth explains he is not home. Luis tells Beth about his plan to find Alistair’s secret hiding place. Luis vows to do whatever it takes to bring Mr. Crane down. He talks about getting Sheridan back. Beth tries to talk him out of this plan, but he will not listen. Luis knows Beth and Hank are the only two that know about his plan. He tells Beth he is sure he can trust both of them. Beth excuses herself to use the phone. In the next room, she is very angry with Luis for talking about Sheridan. She calls Alistair to give him some information on Luis. She tells him what Luis is up to.

Gwen receives another hormone injection. She explains the steps to Rebecca. She is very excited. The nurse wishes her luck and leaves. Gwen is just beside herself with happiness. Rebecca reminds her she will also have Little Ethan. Gwen vows she will stop at nothing to give Theresa a dose of the same pain she caused her by killing her baby. Gwen receives a phone call. The agent Gwen and Ethan have hired is sending over candidates for the surrogate. They blame Theresa for Gwen’s pain again. She wants to call Ethan but Rebecca stops her. She suggests she waits until after the interviews. Gwen goes over questions that she will ask the surrogates. She tells Rebecca she is taking this serious, nothing to joke about. They talk about the requirements the surrogate mother should meet. Rebecca wants to help; Gwen is reluctant to allow her help. Rebecca doesn’t like the fact most of the surrogates she will interview will of the working class. Rebecca is hoping she is nothing like Grace Bennett. Gwen answers the door, the surrogate mother ask why it took her so long to answer the door. The surrogate is nervous and has a complex that Gwen thinks there is something wrong with her. Gwen tries to persuade her different. The surrogate flips out and talks about things that do not make sense. She walks out. Another surrogate arrives. She smokes a cigarette, saying she will cut back when she gets pregnant. She will carry the baby only if she can name the baby. Gwen dismisses her. Yet, another surrogate is interviewed. She is doing this because of money and to bless someone with a child. Gwen loves her!!! Gwen thanks her, and promises to be in touch. They hug. Gwen tells Rebecca she is perfect!!! Gwen feels closer to reaching her dream. She can’t wait for Ethan to meet the surrogate. Rebecca asks Gwen if she has forgot about Little Ethan. They talk about Theresa’s reaction. Rebecca can’t wait to see her cry her eyes out!!!

Eve talks with Ethan about Gwen’s hormone treatments. Ethan wants to make sure the hormone injections will work. He doesn’t want Gwen to be disappointed. Eve doesn’t see any reason it shouldn’t work. Ethan is worried after their surrogate has the baby, she wont give the baby up. He claims he wouldn’t be able to handle it. Eve refers to what he is doing to Theresa. Ethan asks her if she thinks that is what he is doing to Theresa. Ethan claims he will never keep her child from her, he still cares for her and will not hurt her. He realizes she is a great mother. He confides in Eve about is plan to drop the charges on Theresa. Ethan just wants to help Theresa. Eve explains how thankful Theresa will be. He doesn’t want Theresa to find out about his plan. Eve questions him why he wants it to be a secret. He tells her he wants his marriage to work. He blames himself for his daughter’s death, and Theresa’s troubles. He says he needs to make things right for everyone because he was so selfish and brought turmoil to Theresa and Gwen’s life. Eve understands and talks about shame and the way it affects people life. Eve continues to say people let their mistakes ruin other people’s lives. She tells Ethan not to feel guilty for his mistakes and he gives her the same advice.

In her jail cell, Theresa has a dream. She knocks on the door at the Crane mansion. She sees Little Ethan but he is grown up. He tells her Gwen is his mother not her. He is very angry and blames Theresa for not being there for him. She tries to explain, but he doesn’t want to hear it. He claims he doesn’t need her at all. He slams the door in her face. She falls to the ground and cries. Theresa awakes and is upset. Woody pays a visit to Theresa. He claims he has great news for her. He has a connection with Judge Reilly’s secretary. She has a chance to meet with Judge Reilly. Theresa gets very excited and she hopes she can convince him to let her out of jail. Woody wants to do most of the talking instead of Theresa. He tells her to remain calm and act stable, if she doesn’t he will not be able to help her anymore. They take Theresa to see the judge. She runs into Eve and Ethan. Theresa curses Ethan. Eve and Ethan try to get Theresa to stop. She slaps Ethan and calls him her enemy. Woody instructs Theresa to stop and act stable. Judge Reilly sees what Theresa has done. He tells Theresa her meeting is canceled after what he has seen. Woody tells her its over!! She breaks down and bawls.


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