Passions Update Thursday 4/1/04

Passions Update Thursday 4/1/04

By Renee
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On Thursday’s episode Charity works on her design at home. Ivy sees her design and says it’s awful. She gives her some hints and helps her change it up some. Charity is happy with the new design. Ivy convinces her to fill out an application to a college. Ivy vows to help her after she graduates. She has many connections. They talk about Miguel and a fresh start in life. The doorbell rings. Miguel, holding his daughter is at the door. She invites them in. Miguel asks for Sam. Ivy greets Miguel and his baby. Sam walks in and holds his granddaughter. The door bells rings again. It’s Father Lonigan. . He talks to Charity about her deal with death. He wonders if she has changed her mind about it. Charity says NO!!! He tries to talk Charity out of it. Ivy greets him. He says he senses something is bothering Ivy. He wants to help her find redemption. He knows she broke up Sam and Grace on purpose. He wants her to tell Sam but will not force her. She says it is unforgivable. She confirms it is just between them too.

Charity and Miguel talk about Maria being cute.

Rebecca, Gwen and a nurse are at the Crane mansion. The nurse gives Gwen her hormone injection. She explains the more eggs she produced the better her chances are to fertilize. She leaves. Gwen is so excited. She tells Rebecca she is so happy about the chance to have a child. Rebecca reminds her she will also have Little Ethan. Gwen stresses how important it is to her that she is able to give Ethan a child that is theirs. Rebecca tells Gwen she has to adopt Theresa’s son to make her pay for killing Gwen’s baby. Gwen is nervous that something will stop the adoption from taking place. Rebecca assures her it is smooth sailing from her on out.

Little Ethan is upstairs sleeping. Ethan talks to him. He promises Theresa’s son he will be back in his mother’s arms. He thinks after Gwen has her own child to love she wont object to Little Ethan being with his mother.

Rebecca and Gwen are talking as Ethan walks in the room. Gwen brags to Ethan about being a great father to Little Ethan. Ethan demands Rebecca to be quiet regarding the adoption. He would like to tell people himself. Rebecca claims she wanted to break the news to Theresa gently. Ethan corrects her by saying she was gloating. Rebecca admits she was, but says she suffered and has bruises from Theresa choking her. Ethan instructs her again to keep her mouth shut about the adoption especially to Little Ethan. She tells him that he will be so excited to have Ethan has his father. Ethan lays into her saying he thought she wanted Little Ethan for herself. She covers by saying Ethan and Gwen will be better parents, besides she didn’t want him raised by Theresa. They discuss Julian as a father. Rebecca claims to be so happy for them. Ethan has a daydream of returning Little Ethan to Theresa. Gwen is agreeing with Ethan in the daydream. Everyone is happy. The doorbell rings. Ethan answers the door and sees Pilar. She is so furious with him. She jumps all over him asking him how he could do this. She reminds Ethan he used to love Theresa and now he is tearing her heart out by stealing her baby. She wonders how he could change so much since he was a little boy. He denies he has changed. She yells at him calling him a liar and slaps him across the face. They continue to argue. Pilar starts to attack Ethan. Rebecca and Gwen run in the room to see what is wrong. Ethan tells Rebecca to stay out of it. Rebecca says NO!!!! Pilar tells Rebecca she can’t threaten her anymore, she doesn’t work for her. She tells Rebecca to shut up and calls her a slut!!! LOL!!! Rebecca is so surprised. Pilar tells Rebecca off. She tells her she is no queen, but a lying tramp. Rebecca returns with a comment suggesting Pilar is a lying immigrant that came over just to produce more lying immigrants. Pilar claims she is only there because of what she has done to her daughter. Rebecca calls Theresa a slut and says she is getting what she deserves. Pilar says Theresa never meant harm to Gwen or her baby. Gwen doesn’t say anything but rolls her eyes in disgust. Ethan says “Enough”!!! Pilar replies that it’s not enough, she tells him he and everyone else know Theresa is not a bad mother. She calls Rebecca a cheap whore and says she gives all women a bad name. From behind, Rebecca starts choking Pilar!!! Pilar tears Rebecca’s hands off her neck and pushes her down. They have a huge catfight!!! They are screaming they will kill each other!!! They continue to wrestle around the house. Rebecca grabs a fire poker from the fireplace. They struggle over it! Rebecca chases Pilar around the house, carrying the fireplace poker. Pilar falls and Rebecca starts to hit her and yells she will kill her. Ethan pulls a rug out from under Rebecca’s feet, she falls to the floor!!! They start to fight again! Ethan grabs Pilar. Gwen grabs her mother. Rebecca tells her she deserves to die. Ethan yells at Rebecca, “Pilar is a friend of the family, and you will not talk to her that way”!

OH I must say this was a great scene. Finally someone tells Rebecca off!!!

Ethan sends a message to Theresa with Pilar. He says to tell Theresa to not lose faith. Pilar questions him about what he means. Pilar smiles and says she knows he is up to something. Ethan says he can’t make any promises. She tells Ethan she knew he couldn’t have changed so much he would take Theresa’s baby away and not care. They hug.

At the police station, Theresa and Pilar hold hands. Theresa is crying and is upset. She tells her mother she has no clue what she would do without her. Pilar has a flashback of Eve telling her about her illness. Pilar vows to Theresa as long as she has life she will be there for her. A guard walks in to announce Fox has arrived for a visit. Theresa hopes he has great news. Pilar leaves. Fox tells the guard to give them a minute alone. Fox informs Theresa about his conversation with Woody. Her lawyer can’t stop Ethan from adopting her son and doesn’t see any way to get Rebecca to drop the charges. They hold hands. Theresa cries saying she is in jail and has lost her son forever. She thinks her life is over. Fox holds her in his arms and comforts her. She sobs. Theresa says she only wants to be with her son. She defends herself as a mother. Fox agrees that she is a terrific mother. They talk about Rebecca’s lies. Fox wipes the tears from Theresa’s face. She promises Fox she was only trying to protect herself from Gwen, it wasn’t her fault she lost her baby. She bawls and realizes she doesn’t have the money to get her son back. She knows Ethan and Gwen don’t love her son like she does. They are only trying to punish her. Theresa is a wreck!!! Fox hugs her, and comforts her the best he can! He tells Theresa to believe in a miracle. She weeps saying she doesn’t believe in miracles anymore. She adds that she no longer believes in fate. Fox’s plugs up a laptop, so Theresa can see her son. This makes her happier. She rubs the screen and tells her son she is there for him. She says she can’t believe the difference between Fox and Ethan. She tells Fox he is so caring and thanks him. He says anything to make her happy. They kiss. The guard breaks it up. He makes Fox leave. Theresa watches her son on the computer. He wakes up screaming for his mommy. She declares her love for him. Gwen walks in to comfort him. Gwen asks if she can be his mommy for now. She lies down in the bed with Little Ethan. She promises to always be there for him. Theresa watches on the computer and screams for Gwen to leave her son alone.

Inside Alistair’s office, Sheridan puts her ear against a wall saying she knows he is in there. Luis is hiding in a close disguised as an old man. Sheridan senses he is near. Alistair puts his hand on her shoulder and asks her what is wrong with her. She says he is here and opens the door to the closet. Sheridan says she can feel him. Alistair wonders whom she is talking about. She tells him Luis. Luis is hiding behind the door. Alistair tells Sheridan her idea is ridiculous, Luis is not allowed on the property, much less hiding in his closet. Sheridan doesn’t see him, but tells her father she could swear he is there. Alistair thinks Sheridan is hallucinating. He suggests they leave the office. Sheridan gets her things and leaves with Mr. Crane. Luis starts looking around the office again. He is glad Sheridan could feel his presence but is glad Alistair didn’t catch him. He vows to find out why Mr. Crane is trying to keep him from Sheridan. Luis thinks there is a hidden safe. Mrs. Sims walks in and asks him what he is up to!!!! He says he is just cleaning. She tells him nobody is allowed in the office but her. Luis asks her to not have him fired. She agrees not to this time. They walk out of the office.

Alistair and Sheridan talk about Luis. He suggests she go home and get some rest!!! She asks him for a job. She needs something to keep her busy. He offers her a shot at a fundraiser. She is excited and says he will never regret it. She thanks him and walks off. Luis, in disguise walks by, she yells for him. She thinks she is imagining things.

Luis goes to the police station to see Hank. He tells him he almost got caught in Alistair’s office. Luis swears to Hank he will get Sheridan back after he brings Alistair down.

Alistair opens the hidden safe. He gets out a file with Luis’s picture on it. There is also a DVD with Sheridan’s name on it. Alistair says nobody finds his secrets but if they do they die. He chuckles.

Kay is working at the cannery. Her co-workers poke fun at her. They suggest Miguel has a girlfriend he sees while she is at work. She denies the accusation and defends him by saying he takes care of their daughter. They torment Kay by saying Miguel must be next door with Charity. They continue to taunt Kay about Miguel. Kay defends Miguel. She calls Charity a slut and says Miguel is devoted to her and their daughter now.


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