Passions Update Wednesday 3/31/04

Passions Update Wednesday 3/31/04

By Renee
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Wednesday’s episode began with Kay, Miguel, and Tabitha. Kay is changing Maria’s diaper. Maria is crying and Kay is frustrated. Miguel asks her what is wrong with her. She tells him she is tired of changing the babies diaper twenty times a day. He replies to her saying that is what happens when you have a baby. He suggests she hasn’t been herself lately. She says she is fine. Miguel takes his daughter to feed her in another room. Tabitha also questions Kay about her attitude change in the past few days. She tells Kay she has everything she ever wanted. Kay expresses regret. Kay explains to Tabitha she is happy, but is worried years from now she wont be. After seeing the other women at the cannery she is afraid she will end up like them. Tabitha tells her the job is only temporary. Kay has fear for her future and Maria’s. She talks about her childhood compared to what Maria’s will be like. She is afraid she will fail as a parent. She explains that she needs more than Miguel and Maria. She has dreams for herself other than them. Tabitha tells her she does a good job providing for her baby. Kay tells her she can barley provide. Kay wants to give Maria everything her parents gave her. She doesn’t know how she can because she makes so little money. She blames her self and admits she tricked Miguel. She says nothing is like she thought or wanted it to be. She talks about her dreams. She states real life is nothing like her dreams. She is tired of working and smelling like fish all the time. Tabitha tells her she made that life for her self, to live with it. Tabitha enlightens her she is lucky to have her job. Kay doesn’t think this is luck! She tells Kay if she works hard she can have the life she wants. Kay thinks Tabitha could be right. She says Charity has nothing and her life is a mess. She calls Charity a tramp. She thanks Tabitha for her talk. Miguel walks in the room with Maria. They change the babies diaper again. Tabitha talks to herself saying she doesn’t have a good feeling about Kay’s future. She checks her tealeaves to see what’s in the future. Tabitha says there is much more heartache in store for Kay.

Charity at the Book Café designs an outfit to submit online. She has a flashback of her and Miguel. She hopes a career will help her get over Miguel. She submits the model design, but gets a negative result from the viewers.

Also at the Book Café, Pilar and Eve talk about Pilar’s disease. They share a conversation regarding Pilar and her family’s problems. They both blame Rebecca. Pilar mentions Paloma, and says at least she knows where she is. Pilar expresses sympathy for Eve as she doesn’t know where her and Julian’s son is. They talk about a bond between a mother and her child. Eve breaks the news to Pilar that Ethan and Gwen plan to adopt her grandson. They receive an email. The doctor in Boston agrees with Eve’s test results. Pilar states, the good Lord gives her only what she can handle, and he will provide for her family. Charity hears this and claims it is a crock. Pilar tells Charity she shouldn’t feel that way about the Lord. Pilar tells her to never lose faith. Charity says faith hasn’t given her anything but pain. She talks about losing her mother and Miguel. Pilar agrees about her heartache. Eve tells her she has a lot to look forward to in life. Pilar suggest Miguel still loves her. Charity says its more than that, she starting losing faith after her mother died. She questions why her mother died. Pilar comfort her with a hug. Charity tells Pilar her and Miguel are over. She misses climbing in the bed with her mother on nights she cant sleep. She cries. She feels life without her mom is too painful. Charity apologizes for her behavior. They hug. Pilar leaves. Eve offers to talk to Charity anytime she needs it. Charity explains to Eve about the feedback she got for submitting her design. Eve encourages Charity to ignore the critics and try again. Charity agrees to try again. She makes another virtual outfit. Eve brings her a drink and loves the design. She truly thinks Charity has talent. Eve receives an email on her computer and walks off to read it. The email has information to turn Pilar’s world upside down more than it already is.

At the police station, Theresa chokes Rebecca. Fox stops her, but tells Rebecca she deserves it and to be honest he would love to choke her himself. Theresa starts choking her again, she tells Rebecca to die. Ethan, Gwen and two guards rush in. The guards pull Theresa off of Rebecca. Fox asks Rebecca what she expected after telling Theresa Ethan’s plans to adopt her son. Ethan is shocked to hear this, and ask Rebecca how she knew about the agreement to adopt. Rebecca claims she didn’t realize it was a secret. Ethan tells Theresa he didn’t want her to find out his way. She slaps him across the face and tells him she hates him. She is furious at Ethan. She questions how he could do this to her. She yells at him, calling him a liar. They threaten her with a stun gun. The guards use the stun gun repeatedly to calm her down. Rebecca orders them to do it again. She continues to yell and scream at Ethan, Rebecca, and Gwen. Fox tells her to calm down. She tells Ethan she hates him more than she has ever hated anyone and calls Rebecca, Gwen and Ethan bastards several times. One of the guards pushes everyone but Fox and Theresa out of the room. Rebecca says that she thinks it went well. She calls Theresa a psycho. Ethan blames Rebecca. Gwen wants to go home, she needs her hormone injection. Ethan is very upset and furious. They leave. Theresa is still yelling and throwing a fit. Both guards stun her with the stun guns and she falls to the floor. Fox runs to her. All she can say is my little boy, my little boy. She is shaking. The guards threaten to shock her again if she doesn’t stay calm. They can’t put her in a cell because it’s occupied at the time. They handcuff her to a chair. They start to leave. They try to force Fox to leave; he tells them he is a Crane. He insists on staying. They allow him to. They leave him alone with Theresa. She cries and he holds her in his arms. Theresa talks to Fox about her son. She cries. Pilar comes for a visit. She is very upset to see Theresa handcuffed. She tells her mom about the adoption. They cry together. Theresa says if she didn’t have her mother she doesn’t know what she will do. Pilar vows as long as she has life, she will be with her daughter.

Ethan goes to see Little Ethan. He is asleep, but Ethan talks to him about Theresa. He vows to adopt him so he can drop the charges against Theresa. Ethan plans to give him back to his mother after the adoption. He vows to put him back in Theresa’s arms. Ethan says Theresa will hate him forever but it may be for the best, since they can never be together.

Sheridan requests a visit with her father to Mrs. Sims. Alistair hears Sheridan and says he always has time for his daughter. She wants to talk to him about her assets. He suggests they talk in his office. Before entering the office, She tells her father she saw Julian at the hospital. Julian said something to Sheridan about secrets in Alistair’s office. Meanwhile Luis is inside Alistair’s office, disguised as an old man. He is trying to find secret information that will bring down the Crane Empire. He plays with the statue, which will unlock the secret safe. He looks in Alistair’s cigar box, picking up the cigars and throwing them back in the box. He hears Alistair and Sheridan enter the office. He hides because he is afraid Sheridan will recognize him. Sheridan tells her father she senses someone there. He tells her she is wasting her time talking to him about her money. He will not allow her to use her money. She wants to help Theresa with her bail. She assures him it is not for Luis. He asks if she still has feelings for Luis. She denies it and says she wants to be with Antonio. Alistair wants her to see Dr. Ackland again, he senses Sheridan has strong feelings for Luis. In a closet, Luis can hear the conversation. He talks to himself about his love for Sheridan. Sheridan seems to be in a daze. Alistair realizes it must be her love for Luis. Alistair snaps his fingers to get Sheridan’s attention. He wants her to see Dr. Ackland again but she tells him no she doesn’t want to go back to the psych ward. She asks Alistair if he had a connection with her mother when she was alive. She wonders if he had a psychic connection with her mother. He says no, that’s not realistic. Sheridan says to herself that her father is wrong. He tells her she watches too much lifetime. As Luis listens, he realizes Sheridan’s feelings are still there. Sheridan walks over to the wall that Luis is hiding behind and says she knows he is in there.

Back at the Crane mansion, Rebecca and Gwen make a toast. They hope for more pain to come to Theresa. Gwen calls Theresa a bitch. The nurse enters the room, to give Gwen her hormone injection. Gwen talks to the nurse about the steps of the process. Gwen tells her mother she is so excited to have two children. Rebecca says yes, and Theresa will have none. Gwen is so excited about the surrogate mother.


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