Passions Update Tuesday 3/30/04

Passions Update Tuesday 3/30/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Tuesday’s episode began in Eve’s office at the hospital. Eve and Julian discuss the odds of their son having a relationship with one of Eve’s daughters. Eve tells Julian how bad the consequences would be. Eve tells Julian she wants to apologize to her son for leaving him. Julian talks about how he failed his son and all his children. She asks about Little Ethan, she doesn’t think its fair. Julian says if he doesn’t go along with Rebecca she will destroy Eve. Eve feels guilty that she is the reason Theresa lost her son. She says she knows how it feels to have your son taken away. Julian leaves to confront Alistair about their son.

Chad and Whitney, at Chad’s apartment, talk about their love. Chad tells Whitney nothing will ever come between them. They lay in the bed kissing. They express their love for each other. They have a conversation about Eve and Julian. Whitney is angry about their affair, but doesn’t want them to ruin there time together. They watch a talk show about brothers that fall in love with their sisters. The contestants don’t realize they are related and get pregnant. Whitney doesn’t want to watch the show but Chad wants to. They continue to watch. They explain how they feel in love with someone and found out after they were pregnant that their lover was their brother. Whitney feels sorry for the girl. Chad wonders how someone could hide a secret like this. The woman on the talk show yells at her mother in anger. They continue to watch the talk show; the contestants are very angry and hurt about the secret. Whitney thinks the show is false. She doesn’t believe this is possible. Chad reminds her they thought they were brother and sisters at one point. Whitney asks what type of person could do this? On the talk show, people continue to boo cry, yell and fight with each other.

At the police station, Theresa and Fox talk about her situation. They criticize Rebecca. She wants to know how they can possibly arrest a mother for taking her own son. Theresa is afraid Ethan will adopt her son; she knows Gwen is going to talk him into it. Fox thinks there is no way Ethan would do this because he said at the court hearing he wouldn’t. Theresa cries and says she thought she knew Ethan and what he was capable of. She understands now, he is capable of taking a child from his mother. Fox tells her to not sweat about it. He thinks she is wrong about Ethan, but she says she is not sure because he has totally turned his back on her and her son. They blame Rebecca. Fox talked to Theresa’s lawyer. He explains to her the bail is so high he can’t bail her out. Theresa realizes she will remain in jail for a while. She wishes she would have killed Rebecca and feels betrayed by Ethan. All she wants is her son. Fox comforts her and blames himself. Theresa blames herself. She cries. Fox wishes she were in his arms instead of in jail. The police ask Fox leave. He tells Theresa goodbye. She wants him to tell her son she will never give up on him. The guard gets a call that she has a visitor. Rebecca walks in. She is smug to Theresa. She gloats. She tells Theresa she has been waiting for revenge since she killed her grandchild. Theresa says well I am in jail, my family has no home, and you have took my son from me, kicked us out of our home and now you say there is more. Rebecca tells her Gwen and Ethan are about to adopt her son. She tells her she has lost her son forever. Fox tells Rebecca to back off, but of course she doesn’t listen. Theresa attacks Rebecca, choking her.

Gwen and Ethan arrive at the police station. Gwen tells Ethan she still doesn’t understand why they have to be the ones to tell Theresa. Ethan replies he is worried someone else will tell Theresa and he wants to be the one to tell her.

Gwen reads Little Ethan a story. It just happens to be Cinderella. He questions her about where his mother is and says he misses her. She tells him he will feel much better after a good night sleep. She asks the nanny to finish reading him the story upstairs. She tells him goodnight. Gwen and Rebecca discuss Ethan. She tells Rebecca how upset she is with Ethan. Rebecca tells Gwen not to say or do anything she is going to regret. Gwen doesn’t care she claims after all Ethan promised on their daughters grave to never help Theresa again. Rebecca suggests her calm down she’s about to get the family she wants. Gwen says she would be thrilled but she understands Ethan only agreed so he could have the charges dropped on Theresa. Rebecca says she will see about that but tells Gwen if she will do as she says all her wishes will come true. They discuss Ethan blaming Theresa for the tabloid scheme, although they are the ones responsible. Ethan is standing in the doorway. Gwen notices him and asks how long he has been standing there. Ethan says he just walked in. He tells Gwen she looks happy, she says she is about the appointment. Ethan wants to talk to Gwen alone. Rebecca leaves the room but listens. Ethan tells Gwen he will adopt Little Ethan. She is so happy about this but wants to keep her appointment with Eve. She wants a little brother or sister for Little Ethan. Ethan wants to go by the jail after their appointment to tell Theresa about their plan to adopt. He wants to assure Theresa they will be great parents to her son. Gwen doesn’t agree, she says Theresa will find out on her own. Ethan demands they tell her instead of her hearing the news from someone else. Rebecca pokes her head around the corner and motions for Gwen to agree. Ethan has his back turned to Rebecca so he doesn’t see her. Gwen agrees. They leave for their appointment. Rebecca talks to herself, she plans to see Theresa before Ethan can to break the news, she admits she will enjoy every minute of it.

Dr. Russell sees Gwen and Ethan for an appointment. Eve ask if they have decided not to adopt. Ethan tells her they have decided to adopt Theresa’s son. He explains his reasons by saying Theresa will never be able to get rights to her son again. He doesn’t think Rebecca and Julian will be good parents to Little Ethan. He doesn’t want the child to end up in a foster home. Eve states that it’s easy to find someone to adopt an infant but not someone Little Ethan’s age. She continues to say she doesn’t believe Julian will let his son end up in foster care. Ethan agrees. He talks about his plan to do volunteer work to help other children. He talks about his sympathy for children with mixed race that have no family. Eve breaks down and cries. She covers by saying one of her patients are going through the same thing. She changes the subject by telling Gwen she needs to take hormone injections. Eve has arranged for this and gives Gwen brochures explaining it. Gwen tells Eve she is so excited to give Little Ethan a brother or sister. Ethan vows to himself to give Theresa back her son after the adoption. They leave to tell Theresa the news. Julian returns to talk to Eve. She is upset, wondering what happen to their child. Julian breaks the news that Alistair will not tell him anything. Eve is afraid the consequences will be awful if they don’t find their son, she has a bad feeling she can’t shake.

Luis dressed as an old man, mops the floor at the Crane mansion. Alistair ask Luis if they have met before. He assures him he just started the job and they have never met. Luis hopes he doesn’t recognize him, as he needs more time to find dirt on Alistair. Luis finally convinces Alistair they have never met. Alistair orders Luis to fix a lose vent in the conference room. Alistair leaves to take an important phone call. Cindy gives Alistair a message that Julian wants to speak with him. Alistair instructs her to get rid of Julian; he doesn’t want to see him. She leaves the office. Alistair talks to himself while opening his safe. He vows to never let Julian find the file he has that would expose secrets.

Julian sees Mrs. Sims outside of Alistair’s office. Julian demands to see his father, regardless if he is busy or not. Mrs. Sims tells Julian she will give Mr. Crane the message. Rebecca runs into Julian and wants to talk to him about Little Ethan. She wants to make sure he will not try to stop Gwen and Ethan from adopting Theresa’s son. Rebecca says Julian was a lot better when he wasn’t a good man. She tells Julian if he doesn’t agree to allow the adoption she will expose Eve. Julian has to agree in order to keep his secret about Eve. Mrs. Sims returns to tell Julian his father is in the conference room. Julian thanks her. He tells Rebecca to do whatever she likes he is busy.

Mrs. Sims tells Alistair Julian is on her way to see him in the conference room. Luis hears this. He decides to look around for evidence while Julian keeps Alistair busy.

Julian sneaks into Alistair’s office. He is going through the desk when his father walks in. Alistair ask Julian what the hell he is doing there, he thought he was going to the conference room to meet him. Julian asks where his son is. Alistair says he is not in my desk, and he will not tell him. Alistair vows to never tell him. Julian vows to find out, he knows his father hides everything in his office. He tells Julian he is protecting his family. Julian yells at his father he is not protecting anyone he is punishing him and Eve. Julian storms out of the office. Meanwhile Luis is in Mrs. Sims office cleaning. Alistair insists to her if Julian returns he is not allowed in his office. He leaves. Mrs. Sims receives and phone call. This gives Luis a chance to enter Mr. Crane’s office. Luis plunders through Alistair’s belongings. Luis checks the bookshelf, where the safe is hidden. He doesn’t find anything. He finds the statue on Alistair’s desk, which opens the hidden safe.

Gwen and Ethan arrive at the police station. Gwen tells Ethan she still doesn’t understand why they have to be the ones to tell Theresa. Ethan replies his worry someone else will tell Theresa and he wants to be the one to tell her.

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