Passions Update Monday 3/29/04

Passions Update Monday 3/29/04

By Renee
Pictures by Juanita

Today’s episode began in Alistair’s office. Beth warns Alistair of Luis’s intentions to destroy him and the Crane Empire. He is aware of Luis’s intentions however claims he has eyes everywhere. He has no worries concerning Luis he states. There is no way Luis can get on the grounds he claims. At this time, Luis dressed as an old man, wearing a mask, starts to enter the office. A mistress friend of Alistair’s interrupts asking him if he needs help. Luis disguises his voice and answers he is looking for personnel to apply for a job. Alistair opens his office door to see what is going on. The lady explains it is someone looking for a job. He comments the person must be eager and stupid. She takes Luis to fill out an application. Beth wants to leave before Luis sees her. Alistair follows Beth around the room; she walks backwards, slowly away from him. She explains her worries of Luis and Sheridan realizing Martin is not her baby. She is afraid they will want a blood test. She sits in a chair, and he massages her neck and runs his fingers through her hair. He enlightens Beth that he can have blood test altered. She says this is not days of our lives. LOL!!! Alistair informs her he has had DNA test altered before. Beth ask how this is possible. Alistair says he is so powerful he can handle it. Beth questions him about the test he altered. He says it was a young man that came to Harmony looking for his parents, and it was not in his family’s best interest, so he changed them. The young man still remains in Harmony, Alistair says. Beth is surprised that he would deny a member of his own family. He says he will commit murder or anything he else has to do to protect his interest. He says altering test is nothing compared to what they did to Sheridan. He will make sure if Sheridan requests a test it is altered. He tells Beth he will let her know about future plans. She leaves. He calls the guards to instruct them no matter what Luis is not allowed to enter the building. He has a statue sitting on his desk; he moves one of its arms. This opens a safe hidden behind a bookshelf. He talks about the file as he puts it in the safe. He says to himself it will be safe from Luis. He refers to the file as a smoking gun that Sheridan and Luis almost found.

Luis fills out his application using a false name. Luis gets the job and starts ASAP!! He gets in the elevator as Beth runs to catch it, but it’s to late. So Luis doesn’t see her.

Alistair leaves his office. Luis is outside the door disguised, mopping the floor. Alistair says “Hey You”!

At the Russell’s house, Pilar and Eve discuss the possibility of Chad being she and Julian’s son. Pilar points out to Eve there are many reasons for her to believe Chad could be there long lost son. She reminds her of facts Chad knows about his parents such as his mother is African American, his father is Caucasian, and he has information stating his parents live in Harmony. They talk shortly about Pilars blood disease. Eve tells Pilar she has ran a DNA test on Chad and compared them to everyone, including her and Julian but with no luck. Pilar says she is so glad Eve was wrong due to Whiney and Chad relationship. Eve talks to Pilar about T.C. finding the baby booties she had. She expresses how upset he was, so she let him believe it was their baby. She adds how worried Whitney was. Whitney thought the baby she lost could have been Chad. She knew if that were true she would have lost her daughter forever. Pilar suggested the DNA could be wrong. Eve tells Pilar she wants to find her son but doesn’t want it to be Chad. They change the conversation to Pilar’s illness. Pilar insists on Eve hiding the sickness from her family. Eve says as her friends she needs to tell them, but as a doctor she will keep her secret.

Back at Chad’s apartment, he and Whitney talk about their love for each other, happy there are no secrets between them anymore. They discuss how Puff Dog, LaToya, the Cranes, and her parents will never be able to break them up again. They snuggle and kiss on the couch. They talk about Eve and Julian having an affair. Whitney talks about her worry for Theresa. Whitney also worries about what other secrets her mother may have. Chad kisses Whitney. They make love.

Ethan and Gwen debate over adopting Little Ethan. Ethan comments that adopting Theresa’s son will not bring back Sarah. Gwen questions Ethan why he is always concerned about what is best for Theresa all the time. Ethan wants to make an appointment to see Dr. Russell concerning Gwen’s ability to use a surrogate mother. She says she is all for the appointment but she has been so disappointed in the past. Ethan hopes this will be a turning point for them. He tells Gwen he loves her and doesn’t want Theresa to drive a wedge between them. Gwen claims it always has, but he tells her it wont if they don’t allow it! Ethan makes the appointment with Eve. They have an appointment for the afternoon. Gwen wants Ethan to reconsider adopting Theresa’s son, but they distracted when they hear police sirens. Ethan says I hear Theresa. Gwen lets out a big sigh; she is aggravated as Ethan runs to see what is happening with Theresa.

Inside the Crane Mansion, Rebecca calls 911 to report Theresa kidnapping Little Ethan. Fox runs to Theresa’s defense. Rebecca tells Theresa she is going to jail and this time Fox’s money will not help her. Theresa holds on to her son, she is very upset and worried. The guards stand by waiting on the police to arrive. Rebecca continues to taunt and threaten Theresa by saying she is now Little Ethan’s mother. Fox tells Rebecca he has heard enough!!! He tells her she has twisted the knife enough already. She tells him if he is trying to come up with an insanity defense to forget it. Fox points out that she is also upsetting Little Ethan. Julian enters the room and hears the sirens. He says “Good Lord, NO”! Rebecca informs Julian Theresa is at it again. Ethan and Gwen walk in the room, Ethan is worried, although Gwen is smiling and is glad Theresa is in trouble. Ethan tells the guards not to aim the gun at the little boy. Ethan ask Theresa what she was thinking to do something like this. Rebecca says she wasn’t thinking. The Harmony police arrive. Rebecca points to Theresa and instructs them to arrest her for kidnapping. Rebecca explain to the police she is Little Ethan’s mother now. Theresa and Ethan object to her comments. Ethan stands by Theresa. Ethan argues with Rebecca. Rebecca says taking him out of the country could harm him. Fox says she can’t prove anything, but Rebecca has it all on tape. She plays the tape for the police and everyone to watch. Theresa debates that she just wants to be with her son. Rebecca shows the police her court order, stating she has custody. Theresa says she is the mother no matter what the court papers say. Rebecca says Jeffery Dahmer loved to have people over for dinner but it doesn’t make him a good host. Gwen stands by quietly. Ethan talks to Theresa and says he will do what he can to help her but cant make a promise. Gwen accuses that he can make promises but cant keep them when it comes to Theresa. She tells Ethan so much for not letting her drive a wedge between us. Gwen is very angry, she reminds Ethan of his promise he made on his daughters grave. She storms out. Rebecca tells the police a long list of charges she wants Theresa charged for. She states she wants her prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The police read the court papers, and want to talk to Julian. He is able to stop the charges. When he police ask Julian, Rebecca answers for him. Julian hesitates but agrees with Rebecca. Ethan questions Julian about how he could allow this. The police make Theresa hand over he son. She leans down to comfort Little Ethan. Ethan blames Rebecca, Gwen is so furious at him for this. She says this proves Theresa is an unfit parent and claims Theresa being his mother is over. She insists that Rebecca and Julian will be his parents unless Ethan agrees to adopt him. She ask Ethan if this is what he wants for his godson. The police take Little Ethan out of his mother’s arms. Little Ethan begs to go with his mother and says he loves her. Julian and Fox talk about Whitney and Eve, Julian says he has to do this for Eve. The police put Theresa under arrest. Fox ask Ethan how he could allow this to happen to her. Theresa says she will never forgive Ethan for what he has done. Little Ethan cries and screams for his mother!

At the police station Theresa and Fox claim their love for each other. Fox says he will try to post her bail, but hopes it’s not to high. Theresa cries for her son.

Ethan calls Woody. He wants to help Theresa, but Woody tells Ethan she will never be a mother to her son again after this stunt. Ethan ask what would happen if the charges where dropped, Woody claims Rebecca will never do this. Ethan agrees to adopt Little Ethan so he can drop the charges on Theresa. Rebecca and Gwen listen outside the door. Gwen is upset to find out Ethan has been helping Theresa the whole time. Rebecca smiles huge, she is so happy Ethan has finally agreed!

At the hospital, Julian visits Eve. They discuss their child. Julian promises Eve he will do whatever it takes to find their son, regardless of what his father says. Eve wonders if Chad is their son. Julian doesn’t believe it.

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