Passions Update Friday 3/26/04

Passions Update Friday  3/26/04

By Renee
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At the Wallace residence, Luis knocks on the door. Beth eagerly greets Luis. She tells him she understands and its okay with her he left the night before without having dinner. He tells her he has forgotten all about that. He explains his conversation with Alistair and assures Beth he isn't accepting the check offered by Mr. Crane. He continues his threats about getting revenge on Alistair. Luis claims Alistair is scared of him; because he will find out all the bad things he has done to people. Beth urges Luis not to carry out his plan against Mr. Crane. She makes the remark that he is capable of more than Luis realizes. However, Luis doesn't see anything Alistair could do to him or his family that he hasn't done already. Beth says Alistair will not allow Luis or anyone else to walk all over him. She talks about his power and capabilities. Mrs. Wallace agrees. Luis leaves. Mrs. Wallace makes comments about how she loves his muscles. She laughs and taunts Beth about Luis finding out all the things she and Alistair have done. Beth tells her mother to shut up. Beth leaves. Mrs. Wallace wants the gin; hoping precious hasn't drunk it all.

Hank and Luis meet. Hank gives Luis a uniform he tells Hank he needs it for a job at the factory. He wishes him luck.

Alistair talks to Dr. Ackland on the speakerphone. He says the key to keeping Luis from getting revenge on his family, is to keep Sheridan from remembering her love for Luis. He tells Dr. Ackland to see that she doesn't remember or the blood of his Sheridan and Luis will be on his hands. While playing golf in his office, Alistair vows to make Luis's life hell, saying not only will he pay but will cost Sheridan her life as well. Looking at Sheridan and Luis's picture, he brags about the fact they don't understand Beth's baby is really Sheridan's. He tears the picture. Beth arrives. Alistair greets here saying it's a pleasure to have a beautiful woman visit him. He tells Beth people will get apprehensive if they see them talking. Beth warns him about Luis. She tells him about her conversation with Luis. He doesn't worry about Luis. Alistair admits being Charlie, and kisses Beth! Beth is very surprised.

Eve apologizes to Pilar about her test results. Eve gives explanations to Pilar concerning the results, which show a rare blood disease. Pilar is devastated by the news. Pilar questions Eve about the disease, wondering if it's fatal. Eve hesitates but answers that indeed her sickness can be fatal. She testifies to Eve she isn't afraid to die for her sake, but for her families. She talks about all the pain and turmoil her family is in. Pilar also states, she doesn't want to die without seeing Paloma. She cries and has fear of what her family will do without her. Eve suggest Pilar remain positive, there are treatments for the illness. Eve states she will run another test to find out the stage the illness is in, but Pilar expresses concern, as she has no health insurance. She continues to say she can't afford her funeral. Eve tells Pilar not to worry about expense, it seems the Cranes have a fund at the hospital. Eve will use it to pay for treatment and future test. Pilar thanks Eve and apologizes for being a burden. Eve once again stresses to Pilar to remain positive. Pilar agrees to do her best. Pilar asks Eve about the tension between her and Whitney. Eve agrees. Pilar offers to listen to any of her problems as a pay back for her help. Eve talks about how a great friend Grace was, she continues with the conversation admitting her life is not perfect. Pilar talks about the secrets she kept for Ivy. She offers to do the same for Eve. She also tells Eve she is aware of her past with Julian. Eve has a flashback of her past with Julian and explains it to Pilar, who is surprised she has a baby with Julian. She questions Eve about who their son is and where he could be. Eve explains Whitney saw her with Julian, but doesn't want to tell her family the truth because they wouldn't believe her. Eve hopes when she finds her son they will be more likely to forgive her. She realizes T.C. will not forgive her. Pilar proposes that Eve will be revealed when she finds her son anyway. Eve informs Pilar of what Alistair has done to stop the search. She tells Pilar to focus on her health not her son. Pilar says Chad must be Eve's son.

Whitney visits Chad. She tells him about Theresa's plan. Chad also disapproves of the plan but vows to keep the secret. Chad comforts Whitney about her worries of Theresa. They talk about what will happen if she is caught. They talk about the evil Cranes, except for Fox and Sheridan. They kiss.

Rebecca and Gwen, at the Crane mansion, chat about Theresa. Gwen prays her mother is right, that Theresa will do something stupid. If Theresa's actions follow the path Gwen wants them to, Ethan will agree to the adoption. Rebecca brags that she is right concerning Theresa, being pushed to do something crazy forcing her to lose custody forever. Gwen informs her mother about a discussion she had with Sheridan. Sheridan mentioned using a surrogate mother. Gwen likes the idea and is thinking it may be best for her and Ethan to have a biological child. Rebecca agrees, after adopting Little Ethan it would be perfect. Although Gwen would like to try a surrogate, instead of adopting Theresa's son Rebecca objects. She is persistent about them adopting Little Ethan, and will not take no for an answer. Rebecca says in the future she thinks Sheridan should keep her opinions to herself. Gwen comments that Ethan agrees with Sheridan. Gwen's mother reminds her that Theresa is responsible for her losing her baby, and demands that Gwen and Ethan will adopt Little Ethan whether they like it or not. Rebecca gives Gwen a pep talk again. As Ethan returns home, Rebecca informs him she plans to send Little Ethan to boarding school. She excuses herself. Ethan complains to Gwen about the treatment Rebecca is giving Little Ethan. Gwen snaps at Ethan telling him if he would've agreed to adopt him, they wouldn't have to worry about it. Ethan goes to the library to study. Rebecca returns asking Gwen why she had an attitude with Ethan and instructs Gwen to go smooth it over with him. Gwen heads to the library.

Gwen apologizes to Ethan. She tells Ethan she still feels she is right about adopting Theresa's son. Ethan stresses his decision hasn't changed. He thinks Theresa will be able to overturn the judge's decision; he wants to find another plan to have a baby. Gwen informs him of her plan for a surrogate mother. Ethan is shocked he hasn't thought of this idea before, but is excited about the idea. He loves it!!! This doesn't change Gwen's mind about Theresa's son. Ethan objects again. She throws his love for Theresa in his face. She says he has always loved her and always will. Ethan denies it.

Theresa, at the Russell's house, breaks the news to Fox and Whitney, about her plan to kidnap Little Ethan. She is determined to take him out of the country, so she will have to worry about losing him again. Theresa tells them her plan is to take her son south of the border. Pilar has family there. Fox and Whitney question Theresa about support for Little Ethan. Whitney reminds Theresa she doesn't have an education. She vows to do whatever it takes to support her son, even if this means cleaning toilets. Theresa suggests Fox and Whitney don't have children so they don't understand. Theresa sticks to her plan. She will catch Rebecca by surprise and take her son when they least expect it. She asks if they are going to help or not. Both Whitney and Fox plead with Theresa to cancel this plan, reminding her of what happened the last time she tried to kidnap her son. Theresa admits her plan is crazy, but decides it's the best for her and her son. She asks them to send message that she loves her family and will be in touch with them as soon as she can. Theresa hug goodbye. Fox says he will not allow Theresa to do this alone. Whitney disapproves of the plan, but tells Theresa she loves her. Whitney and Theresa hug goodbye. Fox says he will not allow Theresa to do this alone.

Fox and Theresa sneak into the Crane mansion. Rebecca yells wanting to know whom it is. Nobody answers. She goes to see for herself and says, "Why am I not surprised"? She sees Fox and complains he is letting all the heat out. Fox says he is going to go check on Little Ethan. She tells him to brag about how much he likes boarding school. Fox goes upstairs, where Theresa is hiding. They talk about it being a close call. Rebecca realizes that Fox lied to her, she knows something is going on. Theresa runs into her son's room, he cries "Mommy, Mommy". She tells him to be really quiet, puts his jacket on him. Fox is packing a bag for them. She tells Fox goodbye. He suggests she calls him when she arrives at her destination. He gives her keys to his car and money. They admit their love for each other and kiss. They quietly sneak out the room. When they get down the stairs, Rebecca has two security guards pointing guns at them. Rebecca tells Theresa this is the end for her.

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