Passions Update Thursday 3/25/04

Passions Update Thursday 3/25/04

By Renee
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Today's show started in Alistair's office. Alistair was talking to one of his mistress friends as she served his breakfast. He had three TV's on, watching the Pilar, Sheridan, and Theresa. He says before its over the people in Harmony will suffer.

Sheridan is at her cottage. She looks at pictures of her and Luis, thinking to herself how happy they were. She stops herself, remembering Antonio telling her it was best to throw the pictures away. She burns the picture of her and Luis. Gwen drops by and she talks to Sheridan about Luis and their past. Although, Sheridan assures Gwen it is in the past. She also admits to Gwen she is confused and feels attached to Luis. They discuss Sheridan burning Luis's picture. Sheridan continues to say Antonio is her future not Luis. They change the conversation to adoption. Sheridan suggest a surrogate mother. Gwen then confesses she wants to adopt Little Ethan, but Ethan disagrees. Sheridan confronts Gwen by saying she thinks Theresa is a great mother and cares deeply for her son. Sheridan can't believe what Gwen is saying. Gwen continues to argue her side of things, by saying Theresa is not a good mother! They both admit Theresa doesn't like to be pushed and wonder what she will do when she hears this news! Gwen leaves. The helpers stop by to pick up all the boxes of pictures of her and Luis.

Pilar is packing things up, when Luis arrives with baby Martin. He notices that his mom looks very tired. She is so happy to see her grandson, and wants to hold him. As she reaches for the baby, she stumbles. Luis questions her about her health, she replies she is just tired. She claims she just lost her balance. Luis continues to express his worries about her health. They talk about their feelings against the Cranes. Luis cheers his mom by telling her he has spoke to Sam about his job. He feels he will be returning to work soon. Pilar stresses her worries about Rebecca and what she may do to their family. Luis states he will fight the Cranes and win. Sam drops by to tell Luis he did all he could to convince them to give him his job back, but he explains to Luis they have turned him down. Sam gives Luis advice to find another career. Luis is very angry, expressing that he is a good cop. Sam informs them that the judge took Little Ethan away from Theresa. Pilar says she will take the baby to Beth and go visit Theresa at the Russell's. Luis tells Sam he is going to the Crane mansion to tell Rebecca this will never happen. Sam can't believe Luis is actually thinking about doing this. Luis blames the Cranes for all they have done to his family, he says he will rip Alistair's heart out.

Rebecca and Gwen, at the Crane mansion, share a toast on victory over Theresa. Gwen tells Rebecca she wouldn't celebrate just yet. Fox over hears their discussion and leaves. Rebecca insists after her evil stepmother stunts, Ethan will agree to adopt Little Ethan. Gwen confides in Rebecca that she would love to agree but is worried she is just dreaming. Ethan hears this and informs Gwen she is right he will never agree. Gwen says that's fine he can just let Rebecca and Julian adopt Little Ethan. He ask Rebecca to excuse herself so he and Gwen can talk. Of course she agrees but listens from the next room .Ethan claims he will not take any part in taking a little boy away from his mother. He expresses his feelings to Gwen by saying he hopes Theresa gets her son back. Gwen debates that she and Ethan have already bonded with the child, she claims Ethan is taking Theresa's side over his own wife's again. Ethan expresses that its not because of Theresa but he wouldn't agree no matter who the mother or child was. They agree to disagree about Little Ethan for the time being. Ethan kisses Gwen goodbye and says he must attend his appointment. Rebecca enters the room, saying she heard everything. She brags about trying to push Theresa over the edge, claims she will dig her own grave.

Theresa is asleep at the Russell's house. She has a dream of Ethan, Gwen, and Rebecca coming in the room saying Little Ethan belongs to them now. They mock and ridicule her calling her pathetic. Whitney and Eve wake her up and she explains, while hugging Whitney, she had a terrible dream. They try to comfort Theresa. She reminds them Rebecca wants Gwen to adopt her son, but says at least Ethan said no. The three of them continue to blame Rebecca. Fox knocks on the door, concerned because he sees Theresa crying. Fox comforts her for a second but breaks the news about Rebecca and Gwen's conversation, regarding the adoption. Theresa is devastated and cries. Fox advises Theresa's to get a job and walk the straight and narrow. He suggest she presents herself as rock solid. They decide to go downstairs for breakfast. Theresa's promises, while looking at Little Ethan's picture she will never let him go. Downstairs Whitney has a attitude with her mother. Eve offers to get Whitney some orange juice, however Whitney snaps at her saying doesn't need anything from her . They all gather in the living room, where Fox searches on the computer for Theresa a job and a apartment. Pilar comes by to see Theresa and comforts her. Pilar is so weak she almost falls over. They rush to get her some orange juice , while Pilar visits her daughter. Eve discovers Pilar looking for pharmacy online, she questions her why she needs medicine. Pilar confides in her about her health. Pilar worries about the expense, but Eve talks her into letting her take some blood test and send them to the lab just to be safe. Meanwhile Fox confirms Theresa's promise to him to walk the straight and narrow. Theresa's ask for time alone. Fox and Whitney discuss their honest feelings about what Theresa is really up to. Theresa sits on the stairs in the living room, thinking to herself and making promises to her son. She states that walking the straight and narrow is what got her to the point she is now. She decides to take matters into her own hands and says she must kidnap her son. She plans to run away with him so nobody can ever take him away again.

Eve receives a call in the kitchen, from the lab, concerning the lab results. She ask the lab if they ran the test results again and asks about levels. Eve says to herself, after all her family has gone through, how can she tell them the results.?

Ethan drops by Woody's office. He wakes him up and begs him to help Theresa. He tells Woody he will not leave the office until they think of a way to help her get her son back. Woody complains to Ethan that he can't find any way around the judge's ruling. He reminds Woody to not say a word about his helping Theresa and suggest he hire someone to watch her. Ethan admits his worry about what Theresa may do, he says she is going to do something stupid. They agree Theresa is her worse enemy. Ethan shows a lot of concern for Theresa.

Rebecca is drinking mixed drinks when Luis runs in. She tells her security guard to rip Luis's shirt off. Luis is threw out by the guard and is told to never come back. The guard receives a call from his cell phone and its Alistair. He tells Luis to meet him on the pier. As Gwen arrives back to the Crane mansion, Rebecca makes comments about Luis and Antonio, she thinks they are so sexy, Gwen is so disgusted by this. Gwen tells her mother that Sheridan has chosen Antonio, then ask about the plan for Theresa. Once again they talk about Theresa hanging herself when it comes to her son.

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