Passions Update Wednesday 3/24/04

Passions Update Wednesday 3/24/04

By Suzanne
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Charity sits at home, still mooning over Miguel, who is across the way in Tabitha's house with Kay and Maria. Ivy comes in and tells her that she needs to get over Miguel. Charity denies it, but Ivy persists because she knows what it's like to lose someone you love. Ivy keeps pushing until she reaches the nicer Charity. She wants Charity to think about her future and what she might do. Charity doesn't really care. Ivy says that when she lost Sam, she got depressed, but she decided to do something with her life, so she starting running the Crane charities. Charity scoffs that she can't exactly do that. Ivy tries to help her figure out what she wants out of life, what her interests are, etc. Ivy reminds her that she almost died and got a miraculous second chance. She points out that Timmy would not have wanted Charity to waste her life. Charity is touched and has a flashback to when she was showing Tabitha that Timmy was living on in her. She feels guilty for how she's been acting. Charity shares that she has wanted to be Miguel's wife and have his children for a long time. She is an undeclared major in college and has few other interests. When Charity talks about Miguel and gets very sad, Ivy puts her arm around her and is very supportive, and for once Charity does not push her away or insult her. Ivy sees the computer and has Charity go on there. She looks at her bookmarks. Suddenly Ivy realizes that Charity is really into fashion. Charity admits that she does enjoy it. Ivy helps her to see that she should shoot for a career in designing clothes. Charity is skeptical, but she doesn't want to regret anything else in her life, so she agrees to go for it. Ivy plans to see what she can do to help, like get Charity into a design program.

Miguel, Kay, Maria and Tabitha are in their place. Kay wants to go to the Founder's Day dance; it's something she's always dreamed about going to. Miguel tells her that they just can't afford it. She is very disappointed but understands. At Kay's request, Tabitha puts Maria to bed. Kay sits with Miguel on the couch and they talk about being very tired. He surprises her by showing her that he rented a movie that she wanted to see. She is very delighted. They sit down to watch the movie, with Kay lying back in his arms, and they are enjoying it when Tabitha comes back. Miguel goes to make some popcorn. Kay tells Tabitha how happy she is to spend the evening with Miguel. The phone rings; it is the cannery. Kay has to go back into work. She discusses it with Miguel and Tabitha, who wonder if she can turn them down. She reaches for the phone but sees Maria's hospital bills. She can't turn the time and a half pay, so she has to go in. Miguel is very frustrated that she is the one to work, but she doesn't mind. Kay tells Tabitha how upset she is, so Tabitha urges her to just do what she can and not give up hope. When Kay goes to work, Dort and the other women give her a hard time again about how the job takes them away from their families and she is going to be stuck there. It seems almost like Dort wants her to wake up and realize she should be going to school or something.

Beth makes Luis wait outside while she and Pilar get the place ready inside for dinner (not really sure where Pilar went, or how the baby got inside!). They wonder where Precious goes on her day off; they have a vision of Precious at a male strip club. Beth asks her mother how she looks, and she replies that she looks like a bad imitation of Sheridan. When Edna reminds her that Martin is Sheridan's baby, Beth gets very angry and yells at her, which brings Luis running in to wonder what's wrong. Beth claims that Edna's hearing aid is not working right and so she sometimes has to yell at her. Edna plays along. She and Beth go to put the baby down. Luis looks around and can tell that Beth is trying to make him remember the good times they had together. But he can't forget Sheridan. Beth comes back and he starts opening the wine. She puts on the radio and it is the song that was "theirs" in high school. Edna watches from the hallway, saying to herself that Beth called the radio station 100 times to make sure they played it. She and Luis dance together. Then another song comes on and Luis stops because it is a song that once played while he and Sheridan were dancing. Beth gets up and shrieks at him, wondering when he will ever get over Sheridan. He looks shocked and we're wondering if he's finally realized how nutty Beth is. She starts to apologize but he says, no, he's the one who should apologize. He even thought he smelled Sheridan's perfume, and she admits that the dress was from Sheridan. He is surprised to hear that Sheridan is helping Beth out. He says he can't stay for dinner; he needs some time. She says she doesn't want to force anything. He leaves and she gets very upset, throwing things around. Edna comes in and starts in on her, saying she'll never be Sheridan, etc. until Beth is about to strangle her. Edna warns her that if she kills her, the police will know it's her. Beth blames Sheridan. Edna points out all of the things Beth has done to try to win Luis, and none of it has worked. She tells Beth that she ought to wise up. Instead, Beth swears that somehow, some way, Luis will come back to her.

Sheridan and Antonio are making love when she says Luis' name in a moment of passion. Antonio stops and puts on his pants, upset. She is mortified. He says that she was just thinking about Luis because of looking at his photos. She is relieved. They dance together, listening to the same radio station that Beth and Luis are listening to. Sheridan finds one of the photos, unburned, and wonders why Luis is always on her mind. She hides it when Antonio brings in some hot chocolate. He suggests they finish in the bedroom, so she agrees. She takes out the photo and puts it back in the fire, saying "I'm so sorry" to Luis.

Luis walks on the docks, thinking about Sheridan. He wonders if she will ever come back to him.

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