Passions Update Tuesday 3/23/04

Passions Update Tuesday 3/23/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

At the courtroom, Theresa attacks Gwen for suggesting that she and Ethan adopt Little Ethan. Ethan and Wally have to hold Theresa back as she threatens to kill Gwen. Wally keeps suggesting that she quiet down, especially after the judge returns, but she refuses to. Ethan assures Theresa that he would never do that, which pisses Gwen off. Ethan tells them that legally, no one can adopt Theresa's child without her giving up her parental rights. Meanwhile, Rebecca goes over to the judge and comes on to him very blatantly, acting like she and Gwen have been wounded, and suggesting that he take away Theresa's parental rights. The judge tells Theresa that rather than wait the year, he is going to take away her parental rights. Theresa gets very upset, and Wally tries to make the judge see reason. Ethan tells the judge that Theresa is a good mother, so Gwen gets very angry. She reminds Ethan about when Theresa stabbed her with scissors. and then she leaves. Theresa begs Julian to tell the judge that she's a good mother, too. He looks at Eve and then at Rebecca. He can't because of Rebecca's blackmail, so he tells Theresa that his hands are tied. The judge suggests that Theresa take some anger management courses before she has any more children. Rebecca points out that everyone in Theresa's family has illegitimate children, so Fox tells her to back off. Fox, Whitney, and Chad assure Theresa that they will make sure Theresa gets to spend time with Little Ethan. Theresa is bereft.

Seeing Theresa lose custody reminds Eve of when she and Julian had their child taken away. She feels guilty about not being able to stop this. Julian assures her that he will find their child before the year is out. He kisses Eve before Rebecca calls him to leave.

Charity is walking on the docks, thinking about Miguel and how much she misses him. She decides to call Reese but then sees Miguel, Kay, and Maria out for a stroll. Father Lonigan comes up and Charity tries to avoid him, but he can tell it's her standing there because she radiates an inner goodness. She tries to ditch him but he can tell she's been crying and begs her to unburden herself. She confides that she saw Death again and he told her that he would take away the baby unless she stayed away from Miguel. Father Lonigan says that Evil was probably working through Death. He assures her that Death doesn't have the power to mak bargains with mortals about life and death, so she doesn't have to stick to her bargain. She doesn't believe him because she has lost her faith in God. She rants that God has taken away everyone she's loved, so without love, how can she have faith? Father Lonigan keeps trying to get through to her, suggesting she pray, but she says she can't. She has lost all hope. She says unless God brings Miguel back to her, she will not have faith. Father Lonigan plans to keep praying for her.

Miguel thanks Kay for cheering him up when he's had a bad day (being tossed out of his home). He feels bad for Kay, working in the cannery. She has a flashback to working in the cannery, where these older women are giving her a hard time. They tell her that she's stuck there for the next thirty years. The leader of the women is Dort. Kay protests that she's not going to be stuck there, but the women laugh. Kay swears to herself that she won't end up like the other women.

Luis goes to see Pilar, who has the baby. He is cheered up by seeing little Martin. They talk about Sheridan, and Beth. He plans to spend more time with the baby and Beth, to be a real parent. He decides to go see Beth now.

Sheridan is looking at pictures of Luis in the photo album. Beth comes by and asks if Sheridan can give her a quick makeover because she is expecting Luis to drop by later. Sheridan is a little surprised but agrees to help her. She lends Beth a dress and some jewelry. Beth tells herself that she almost feels bad for all of the times she tried to kill Sheridan because she's so nice. Antonio comes home while they're doing this. He wishes Beth well. Sheridan seems kind of sad during the whole evening. After Beth leaves, Antonio wonders if Sheridan should have even this much contact with Luis. He sees the photos, so she tells him that she was putting some new ones in, since Luis is his brother. He doesn't want any pictures of Luis so he burns them, and she goes along with it.

Beth goes home and it surprised to see Luis and Pilar, with the baby, coming up to her house, too (he is early). Pilar and Luis compliment her on how pretty she looks. She asks them to wait while she tells her mother that they're here. She goes inside to get everything ready.

At home, Gwen and Little Ethan argue about what happened in court. He just doesn't want to see Theresa lose her child, but Gwen only sees it as a betrayal. She calls him a monster. Rebecca and Julian come home. Rebecca has brochures from a boarding school. She suggests to Julian that they can get a tour of the place. She is unconcerned by Ethan's suggestion that Little Ethan is too young to go to one and that it might scar him for life. Gwen and Ethan both agree that having Rebecca and Julian as parents are a bad idea. He suggests that they be substitute parents to little Ethan, but that is unacceptable to Gwen because she would be afraid that Rebecca or Julian could just take him away on a whim. When he defends Theresa again, she accuses him of still being in love with her. She tells Ethan that he would be a bad parent; he looks hurt.

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