Passions Update Monday 3/22/04

Passions Update Monday 3/22/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita   

Short one today!

Sam and Ivy try to get Charity to tell them why she is flunking all of her classes and what is at the root of her other recent behavior. Charity gazes at Kay and Miguel through the window. She wishes she could trade places with Kay, whom Ivy uses as an example of someone who has limited her options by not going to college. Sam asks Ivy to leave so he can talk to Charity in private. He tries to reason with her or get through to her, but nothing works. He reminds her about when she came there to live with them, and how he and Grace regarded her not as a niece, but as a daughter. He tells her that he loves her, but she tells him that if still believes in love after what happened with Grace, then he's an even bigger loser than she. He begs her to tell her what her problem is so he can help. She has a flashback to the demon telling her that in order to save Maria, she must stay away from Miguel. She tells him sadly that there are some things that even a policeman cannot fix. He leaves and she starts crying, whining that she lost Miguel and the life she wanted.

Simone tries to get Kay to see that working at the cannery long hours in order to help out Miguel is not the life she wanted and that she will be sick of it and resent her family. Kay doesn't agree and is more optimistic about her future. Simone paints a bleak picture of Kay working in the cannery forever. Kay is elated when Miguel shows her that Maria can say "mama". Simone points out that Kay is normally a lazy person. Kay says she's changed.

In court, everyone awaits Judge Sanders' verdict. Theresa sits next to her lawyer, Wally. Fox sits behind them. On the other side are Gwen and Rebecca, with Ethan nearby. In the back sit Chad and Whitney, and Eve and Julian. Ethan and Wally page each other. Ethan tells him to get ready for an appeal in case Theresa loses. Wally asks if he can tell her about Ethan's support, but Ethan replies, "no, never". The judge tells them that Rebecca and Julian get custody of Little Ethan for a year. Little Ethan is brought out and he runs to Theresa, who clings to him, crying. She begs the judge to reconsider. He tells her to cut the histrionics and get control of her life. Everyone seems touched by the scene, including Rebecca for a brief moment. Rebecca gets the nanny to take Little Ethan way with promise of ice cream. Little Ethan really doesn't want anything except his mommy. Rebecca tells Ethan to research boarding schools so she can ship Little Ethan off. Ethan is annoyed at Rebecca's casual attitude. She urges Gwen to use this chance to suggest that they adopt Little Ethan. Chad, Whitney, and Fox support a devastated Theresa. She begs Julian to give her back her son, and he seems tempted, but Rebecca rushes up and threatens him again with Eve's secret, so he can't. Theresa yells at him and says he's as bad as Theresa. Eve is upset that she is to blame for a mother losing her son. Fox, Chad and Whitney try to make Theresa feel better. Gwen suggests to Ethan that they adopt Little Ethan. Theresa hears and looks like she's been kicked in the stomach.

Beth and her mother are outside of the book cafe with Martin in a stroller. Pilar is there and she wonders why Beth didn't take the baby inside after seeing Sheridan there. Edna thinks Beth has been caught, but Pilar says that it must have been hard on Beth when Sheridan thought she was Martin's mother. Pilar gets a phone call from someone about the book cafe and then picks up Martin to hold him. She talks about how much he looks like Luis and will someday look just like Beth.

Inside the book cafe, Luis has a fantasy about kissing Sheridan and having her remember everything. He is disappointed when he snaps out of it. Sheridan tries to get him to visit Beth and the baby more. He is morose. They head outside when they hear Martin crying. At one point Sheridan says, "My baby!" When they go outside, Pilar has already left with Martin. Sheridan makes some small talk and then says she has to meet Antonio. She tells Beth that Luis will be by later to visit the baby. Beth is very excited and tells Luis he can come by any time. Edna tells Beth that sooner or later, Sheridan will see her baby and figure out the truth, and then Beth will be out in the cold as Sheridan, Luis, and their baby reunite.

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