Passions Update Tuesday 3/16/04

Passions Update Tuesday 3/16/04

By Suzanne
Pictures by Juanita

Reese and Charity meet up at her place. He had to stop to tell his parents about the party. They kiss and she takes his shirt off as they prepare to head upstairs again. Jessica comes in and sees them and objects. Charity says she has oil; she plans to give him a massage. Jessica stops her from passing and asks when she got so mean. Ivy comes in and tries to help Jessica, who pleads with her to make Charity stop. But before she can, Charity threatens to mess up Ivy's plans by having a fake vision. She tells them to shut up and that it's none of their business what she does. Jessica lets out a loud, frustrated scream. Charity laughs at her. Jessica calls her a slut and says she hates her. Ivy says that while Reese is a chiseled hunk, it's not just Charity's fault but also his. Jessica yells at them to get out.

Grace and David return from the party. He tells her that he got the tickets to Rome. She is surprised that it is so soon. She has a flashback to seeing Ivy and Sam kiss at the party. He asks if she changed her mind. She dithers, saying she didn't expect to leave right away. He tells her that he has been putting it off because of her but he has to take this job or he will lose it, and he needs the money. He reminds her about David's school tuition and says they will want to buy a house and settle somewhere. This seems to surprise her, as if she hadn't thought about it. He suggests Connecticut. He holds her hands and talks about going off on their trip. They hear Jessica's screams and go running over there.

Kay and Miguel return from the party. Tabitha asks them how it went, so they tell her that Charity and Reese were there causing a scene. Miguel talks about how Rebecca is throwing his family out and explains it was due to Theresa rebuilding the house after the fire. Tabitha makes a comment about how they never figured out how that started, looking at Kay knowingly. Miguel talks about the problems with the Cranes and his family. Kay says he can move in there with them. Tabitha looks reluctant but gives in. After Kay and Miguel leave the room, Tabitha talks to her baby, saying they will have to be more careful so he doesn't find out they're witches. She talks to the baby about the turmoil in town. She hears Jessica's scream, too. Kay and Miguel come in, she explains and they rush over to the house.

Grace, David, Kay, Miguel, and Tabitha (with the babies) arrive at Sam's house. Jessica keeps yelling about Charity and Reese. Grace tries to see the good in Charity once again, which her daughters take, as usual, as Grace taking her side over theirs. Kay and Jessica say that Grace is as big of a slut as Charity. Grace tries to help but they won't let her.

Sheridan addresses the group (Sam, Hank, Luis, Antonio, Pilar, T.C., and Eve) at the cottage. She apologizes for taking so long to make up her mind. Sam and Hank tell her that they all care about her and she has nothing to apologize for; she should say what she is feeling and not feel any pressure from anyone. She tells them that Whitney's song made her remember things about the past that confused her. Eve tells her to be honest. Julian listens through the door. He says to himself that Alistair will kill her if she chooses Luis. Sheridan says she doesn't want to hurt anyone. She said she used the time to think and look deep into her soul. Finally, she says she loves her husband and wants to stay with him. Antonio rushes over to hug her as Luis once again looks like he's been kicked in the stomach. Julian is relieved but wonders what is going on. Everyone is a little surprised because they expected her to pick Luis. Pilar expresses sympathy to Luis. Luis is broken-hearted, crushed. He says it doesn't make sense. He knows she remembered their love, so what happened? Sheridan explains that she did remember it, but it's in the past. It's over, finished, she says. Luis protests and she argues with him, repeating a few times that she's chosen Antonio. She suggests that Luis leave, so he says "okay" quietly. Hank offers to let him crash at his place for the night. They all leave. Sam gets a phone call from Grace that there's trouble at his place, so he, T.C., and Eve go there. Later, Sheridan and Antonio are alone, getting ready for bed. She is sorry about hurting Luis, but he tells her never mind, he will probably get back together with Beth and her baby. She agrees that he is probably right. They make love and promise to make each other very happy.

Alistair watches the scenes with Sheridan on the TV from his limo, along with Doctor Ackland. He thanks Ackland for coming through for him. Ackland is not proud of what he's done to Sheridan. Alistair has a flashback. Apparently when Sheridan arrived at the grounds of the Crane estate, they kidnapped her and pumped her full of drugs. She struggles as Alistair tells her that she lived and her mother died, and that's why he hates her. Ackland injects the drug, which puts her in a semi-unconscious state. Ackland says something could still jog her memory, so Alistair warns him that better not happen. Ackland tells her that she loves Antonio, not Luis. Luis is a spoiler and will ruin her true love. She mumbles it back to him. In the present, Ackland remarks that it must have been hell for Julian and Sheridan to grow up in his household. He tries to get Alistair to see that it's not her fault that his wife Katherine died. He says he searched the records and discovered that Katherine died of kidney failure. She knew that carrying a baby to term was risky, but she wanted to give the man she loved a child. Alistair denies it and says she was a saint. Ackland believes it because she must have been to love such a "sick and twisted" man. Ackland says he also discovered that when she was a little girl, Sheridan claims she found a dead body, but she was sent away to Switzerland and unscrupulous psychiatrists brain-washed her to forget about it. He thinks that she really did a dead body and it has been bothering her ever since. Alistair threatens Ackland's family, saying he'd better forget what he learned. Ackland asks, "How evil are you?" and Alistair replies that he doesn't want to know. Ackland hates him. Alistair bids him goodbye and thanks him again for helping with Sheridan. Then we see that Sheridan and Antonio are making love, via his camera. He says that since she robbed him of his soul mate, he has done the same to her.

Eve gets her bag before leaving the cottage, so she talks to Julian. He says something is not right with Sheridan and he suspects Alistair had something to do with it. He fears for her.

At Sam's house, Jessica and Charity agree that Grace should stay out of their lives. Sam arrives. Grace and David tell them about the trip to Italy. She offers not to go, but they all tell her that she should leave (and not in a nice way), including Sam. Grace is very hurt. Eve questions her about the trip. Grace says she tried to take Eve's advice and tell Sam that she still loved him, but Ivy came up and interfered. She says it's too late for them. The kids are angry and it's best that she leave. She never thought that she would be in love with two men. Eve talks about T.C. and Julian. Grace tells her that one day she will have to make a choice. Grace says that what's done is done (as far as her own situation). Eve has a flashback to Julian asking her to run away and her agreeing. She looks over at T.C. Meanwhile, Ivy tells David that she's proud of him for his performance, despite his guilt, and now John will have a father and they will all live happily ever after. She says, "Take the casserole queen to Italy and never bring her back". David says he does love Grace. Grace pleads with Kay to let her hold the baby once before she leaves, but Kay says no and leaves with Miguel and Tabitha. Charity and Jessica tell Grace "good riddance". She is crying, deep in pain. She tries to say goodbye to Sam but it is very painful. She gives him her new cell phone number, asking him to phone her if they ever need her. He says he doubts that they will and shuts the door. She watches him hug Ivy through the window and walks away with David.

Luis crashes on Hank's couch. Pilar is there with them. Hank asks where she will be living and she says she's staying at the B&B while Grace is gone. They talk briefly about the problems at the Bennett household and how all their lives are in turmoil. Pilar says it is all so sad. Luis says that now that Sheridan has chosen Antonio, he will never be happy again. He tells Pilar not to worry, though, but she can't help it. He just can't fight any more and says that he lost Sheridan for good this time.

Charity, Reese, and Jessica have another confrontation in the hallways at home. Charity tells her to get a life and to leave them alone. Jessica puts on her pouty face.

Tabitha, Kay, Miguel, and the babies return to Tabitha's place. Miguel has decided to stay there and they are all thrilled that he can now put the baby down every night, along with Kay. Tabitha talks to her baby again about Miguel living there. They wave bye-bye to Grace through the window. Tabitha is very glad that it's taken her two decades, but there's finally no more threat to the dark side. She sings to her baby and dances around, "So many more lives to ravage and ruin..."

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